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Chirag Yadav

March 9, 2023 8 minutes to read

What are Digital Vehicle Maintenance Checklists and How are they created? 

What are Digital Vehicle Maintenance Checklists and How are they created? 

The market of the automotive industry is ready for its most significant switch with digital vehicle maintenance checklists and smart factory initiatives. By 2023, it will turn its manufacturing plants into smart factories worth up to $167 billion. Due to this, multi-million-dollar investments are pouring into smart facilities that cost more than $250 million.  

A research conducted by Capgemini claims that automotive manufacturing companies will see a rise of 2.4%-4.4% in their annual productivity through smart factories initiatives. Despite the potential, only a few OEMs and suppliers can achieve the necessary scale. Why? Because they are unable to take advantage of smart factories and digitalize their business. If they want a piece of the digital automotive market, they need a comprehensive strategy to integrate solutions and reach their goal much faster.  

The current value delivery models need to upgrade to increase your vehicles’ LTV (lifetime value) at a better cost and quality of service. Remote automotive maintenance services like digital vehicle maintenance checklists offer the capability to provide preliminary diagnosis, technician-free resolution, 24×7 operations, reduced cost of operations, and improved efficiency.  

What is a Digital Vehicle Maintenance Checklist?  

A digital vehicle maintenance checklist helps enterprises and vehicle owners analyze and track all their automotive maintenance tasks. The checklist can help vehicle owners to track routine and one-time maintenance tasks and repairments of complex machines.  

Furthermore, a digital checklist can help streamline maintenance operations by eliminating the need for paper-based checklists, which can be time-consuming to manage and prone to errors. 

Moreover, a digital checklist can be customized to include specific maintenance tasks for each type of vehicle, ensuring that all critical components are inspected and maintained according to manufacturer recommendations. 

An automotive maintenance checklist includes all the information you need to complete specific tasks, like 

  • Name of the frontline worker responsible for completing a task 
  • Step-by-step SOPs and digital instructions 
  • Turn Around Time (TAT) to complete a task 
  • When a needed task needed to be done   
  • All the necessary tools and supplies needed  

Why use a Digital Vehicle Maintenance Checklist?  

One of the main reasons for using a digital vehicle checklist is to maintain the safety and security of your workforce. Apart from that, it also helps you save time and run all your operations efficiently and effectively.  

Some other reasons for creating automotive maintenance checklists are 

  • Decreasing vehicle downtime: Keeping a check on vehicle maintenance tasks will ensure they are working sustainability and reduce the time the vehicle will spend out of service.  
  • Increasing predictive maintenance: Conducting regular inspections and maintenance of automobiles will help you identify, analyze, and fix issues before the situation leads to expensive and extensive repairs.   
  • Staying organized: A digital checklist will help increase your employee’s productivity, check who is responsible for the task, and put a digital stamp as soon as a task is completed.   
  • Ensuring the safety of your workforce: With regular vehicle maintenance, you can ensure that your vehicles and production center complies with the standards set by the government. 
  • Preventing Vehicle Damages: Save your vehicles from damage by conducting regular MROs and troubleshooting all your complex problems. 

What are the things to include in an automotive maintenance checklist? 

Here are a few things you must include in your vehicle maintenance checklist: 

  • Description of the vehicle

    The admin must include the vehicle’s make, model, and year to assist the frontline worker. Through this, it will become easier for the worker to identify the vehicle and troubleshoot issues without further delay. 

  • Maintenance Task

    The task list must include all the different maintenance tasks that need to be completed on the vehicle.  

  • Due time

     With digital checklists, you can get step-by-step SOPs to complete a specific task. Once you complete the step, it automatically updates the time stamp.  

  • Responsible Worker

    The admin using the software to create a digital checklist will update the name of the worker who is responsible for completing each task.  

  • Tools and supplies

    The checklist will include all the tools and supplies the off-site worker needs to complete the task in a specified time frame.   

  • Digital Instructions

    The set list of instructions and guidelines will instruct the frontline worker on completing a task. 

How to use a vehicle maintenance checklist? 

The essential thing in the automotive maintenance checklist is how you use it once you have access. Here are a few ways to ensure that you are using your checklist correctly: 

  • Organize and Assign tasks

    Make sure you have assigned tasks on your checklists to specific people so you can track their productivity and the time taken to complete a task.  

  • Set due dates

    Ensure that all your tasks have a set date for completion so that you can complete them in a specified time.   

  • Keep your records safe

    With a planned digital vehicle checklist, you can keep a record of all your data. These data will include the date of accomplishing a task, the name of the worker, and any additional notes or assistance required to complete the task. Through this data, it will become easier to complete tasks promptly.    

  • Conducting assessments of your vehicle

    Remember to conduct regular assessments of your vehicle so that they run safely on the road.  

Following these tips, you can ensure the safety of your workforce and vehicle owner. It will also help you to keep vehicle downtimes at bay.   

How to create a vehicle maintenance checklist?  

The most important question is how you will create a digital vehicle maintenance checklist. Well, it’s pretty simple! So, do not worry! You just need to mind a few things while creating them for your workforce: 

  1. Include all the crucial vehicle maintenance tasks.

    When creating a checklist, including all the critical tasks required for its maintenance. Through this, you will be able to avoid any downtime. Here are a few items you should take care of while developing your checklist: 

    • Oil change 
    • Tire rotations 
    • Brake checks 
    • Fluid levels 
    • Windshield wipers 
    • Lights and bulbs 

2. Schedule all your tasks.

Create a schedule for all your tasks on the checklist so that you complete the vehicle maintenance on a set time. This can reduce your TAT and overcome all the issues with regular MROs. Not just that, you don’t need to worry about the productivity of your workforce, as all your tasks will be completed efficiently. 

3. Always include the person responsible for the completion of the task. 

While creating your digital checklist, include the person responsible for completing the task. This will ensure that you appoint a responsible person for the task, and he/ she can finish it.  

4. Include all the special instructions needed to complete a task. 

While creating the checklist, you will realize that some tasks need special instructions, reference points, and assistance – either they are new to the checklist, or a new worker is appointed to complete the task. Thus, mention all the special instructions a worker should take care of while carrying out a task.  

5. Ensure all tasks are inspected and audited thoroughly. 

Always ensure that all your completed tasks are thoroughly audited and inspected by an inspector so that all your operations work efficiently. Further delay in the task will result in decreased automobile quality; thus, follow instructions imperatively.  

Create a Vehicle Maintenance Checklist with Plutomen 

Here are some ways how Plutomen – your remote assistance platform enables maintenance operators to follow a digital vehicle maintenance checklist more effectively: 

  1. The self-assisting platform, Plutomen has rich training tools, digital manuals, guides, and SOPs that enable the frontline worker to have a deep understanding of the checklists and how to troubleshoot machine problems without any external supervision.  
  2. Automated notifications for predictive maintenance schedules are sent to the responsible frontline worker. This helps them to follow the checklists teams and improve the quality of work and the vehicle’s LTV. 
  3. Managers and supervisors can maintain their data in real-time to improve operations and implement predictive maintenance. 
  4. Manufacturers can now track and measure deviations from standard checklists to analyze root cause whenever manufacturing problem arises.  
  5. When maintenance operators deviate from routine procedures stated on the maintenance checklist or something unexpected occurs, remote assistance can resolve the issue. 
  6. During the execution of maintenance work, the use of digital technology improves real-time data capture and operational visibility and reduces human error. 


An optimized digital checklist can effectively avoid equipment failure, reduce high operational costs, and enhance the safety of your workforce in manufacturing plants.  

Designed for businesses in different industries, Plutomen Connect, Plutomen Workflow, and Plutomen assist uses the best remote assistance technology to help off-site workers to perform their operations efficiently.  

The remote assistance platform provides your workforce with a range of resources to optimize your operations and workers’ productivity to provide the best result possible. These resources include digital work instructions, paperless guides, maintenance checklists, and regulated inspections.  

With Plutomen, you can positively impact your bottom line and elevate machine monitoring activity to another level. You can enhance your performance and quality by streamlining your operations, shortening the time to train your workforce, and elevating your training methods with our no-code platform. 

Chirag Yadav

Chirag Yadav

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