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The Power & Renewable Energy Industry

From fossil fuels to nuclear power plant, power and renewable energy companies provide support to every economy to stand tall in the world. However, now it’s time to include safe working environment with an AR in renewable energy industry, to churn out the slow burn of retiring employees.


Challenges Faced by Power & Renewable Energy

Market Transformations

Market Transformations

Drastically changing systems and new technologies lead to transformative results in the industry. Due to these rapid changes, enterprises are always in the need to hire skilled and experienced workers to manage new processes in a sophisticated way.

Staff Shortages

Staff Shortages

Finding skilled and experienced labor to run your daily operations is a task in itself. Further add-ons like job rotation and ageing of employees also impacts the on-boarding of employees and their training. However, the process in itself is very lengthy and need expert’s attention at all times.

Technical Glitches

Technical Glitches

Machine downtimes and delayed operations in power and renewable energy sector is not only costly but also life threatening. One wrong move or diagnosis can interrupt the operations of the whole enterprise and damage it heavily. Thus, enterprises need to avoid these situations and led their enterprise towards uninterrupted operations.

Change In Rules & Regulations

Change In Rules & Regulations

The power and renewable sector is prone to changes, from both national and international level. An enterprise must track and follow each and every guideline, rules, regulations, and compliances they come across this sector. It is crucial for every employee to know the rules and adapt to them.  

How Our AR Solutions Help in Power & Renewable Energy Challenges

Get innovative industry-graded solutions to implement Augmented Reality in renewable industry to troubleshoot issues through remote assistance, digital workflows, and training.

Empower your frontline teams with remote assistance and guidance.

Secure your business against any unexpected events through concurrent AR assistance from video sessions, chats, and calls. With us, you get 24×7 expert guidance and visual assistance to troubleshoot issues around the globe.

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Get digitized work instructions to run your operations smoothly.

Minimize your risks and errors with digital checklists, step-by-step SOPs, guides and manuals. Plutomen Workflow helps you conduct seamless MROs, troubleshooting of issues, and predictive maintenance to avoid any breakdowns or unnecessary interruption of compliances.

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Recruit new employees and provide AR training with 3D AR annotations

Assist your frontline workers with our self-assisting platform – Plutomen Assist. We provide you AR training support to onboard new employees and fill in the gaps of ageing and retiring workforce. Get access to secure knowledge repositories and AR trainings to fill any uneven knowledge gap.

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Get Remote Collaboration Tools with AR in Renewable Energy Industry

Easy Business Decisions

Easy Business Decisions

Right assistance and virtual guidance from experts, will help you make informed business decisions and choose innovative measures to resolve any issue. It makes your resolution time faster and your first-time fixe rates better.

Secure Knowledge Repositories

Secure Knowledge Repositories

Plutomen offers you a series of ways to create secure knowledge repositories – from taking notes on remote assistance with experts to step-by-step SOPs. We also make sure that all your data is easily accessible to other frontline workers as and when needed so that they can increase their productivity.

Get Flawless Workflows

Get Flawless Workflows

Digitized guides and manuals will assist your frontline workers to run smooth operations and have flawless workflows. The step-by-step SOPs will also provide virtual guidance to your workforce on how to work on complex machines without any issue.

Conduct Faster MROs

Conduct Faster MROs

We offer you a 360- degree approach when it comes to maintaining your complex machines. From regular MROs to quality audits and inspections Plutomen helps you conduct it all with the assistance of industry leaders and experts.

Offer Operational Safety

Offer Operational Safety

Power and energy ecosystems are highly delicate and thus everyone present on the site needs to be very careful with the surroundings. However, Plutomen helps you troubleshoot problems on the first go and allows visual understanding of underground assets and complex components resulting in reduced accidents.

Manage Ageing Workforce

Manage Ageing Workforce

The ageing workforce creates an issue for many enterprises as it becomes difficult to train newly hired frontline workers. However, with Plutomen you can provide AR training with 3D AR annotations to your workforce and make them experience how to work on complex machines in real-time.

Improve Productivity of Your Workforce


Digitalization (+ve)


Documentation Time (-ve)

Incur No Extra Cost with Plutomen


Quality Products (+ve)


Travelling Cost (-ve)

Improve Downtimes of Your Enterprise with Us


Phone Fix Rates (+ve)


Resolution Time (-ve)


Why Choose Plutomen's AR in Renewable Energy Industry?

Plutomen is your AR-powered solution to save extra maintenance charges that you might incur on expert guidance, their travel cost and more. With us, you get remote assistance and AR-support at your fingertips. We give you access to digital workflows and AR training sessions with experts, to improve your daily productivity. Our no-code platform provides you the golden opportunity to begin your digital transformation.


AR in Power & Renewable Energy
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