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Transform manual processes used in the healthcare industry with Plutomen’s life-saving augmented reality solutions.

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The Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is all set to get technical novelties and augmented reality solutions to fuel the fast-growing sector and help medical centers globally. Healthcare industry is collaborating with futuristic technology to conduct better training for their workforce, inspections, and audits for drug research and manufacturing healthcare equipment.


Challenges Faced by Healthcare Industry

Skill Gap

Skill Gap

Healthcare workers need continuous training to provide the highest quality of services to their patients. Thus, they need constant maintenance and regular updates to address the challenges they face in the ever-changing ecosystem of technology and digital world.

Reducing Paperwork

Reducing Paperwork

The burden of paperwork on staff is outdated, time-consuming, and obsolete. Performing patient-related formalities in the traditional manner wastes the potential of employees and wastes their time on unnecessary things.

Operational Cost

Operational Cost

In the healthcare industry, expenditures exceed funds received, so they often don’t have the assets to buy the latest technology to provide their services. Also, there are certain operations that are performed in outdated ways and result in unnecessary costs.

Audits Of Work

Audits Of Work

A deviation from established norms can pose health risks, so healthcare processes must maintain the highest standards and quality. To meet these changes, the need for continuous upskilling of frontline workers is inevitable.

How Our AR Solutions Help in Healthcare Challenges

We offer you solutions to digitalize and standardize your daily healthcare procedures and processed. Our augmented reality in healthcare industry solutions will not only help you save lives through remote assistance but also make your work easy through AR training and digital workflows.

Save lives with AR-powered remote assistance

Plutomen Connect offers you remote assistance and collaboration with industry experts, senior employees and more through live video sessions, chats, and calls. With our round-the-clock solution, you can connect with expert anytime and get answers to all your queries. One more thing – we are connected globally!

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Get access to paperless work instructions and save the planet too

With our no-code required platform you get access to secure digital repositories like pdf, recorded video call sessions, chats, images, manuals, guides, and step-by-step SOPs. Not just that, you can also create digital checklists and keep a tab on your frontline teams.

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Give training to newly hired employees to match your productivity levels

New trainees and employees might find it difficult to adjust with a new ecosystem. However, Plutomen Assist can help them be familiar with their working environment and train them through AR training and 3D augmented annotations.

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Digitizing Healthcare With Precision Perfect AR-Powered Plutomen

Remote Healthcare Maintenance

Remote Healthcare Maintenance

Minimize risk and provide the fastest support services with Plutomen’s AR-powered keeps running. With AR remote collaboration technology, field technicians can guide medical engineers to help with installations of machinery or troubleshoot issues.

Reduce Breakdowns & Downtimes

Reduce Breakdowns & Downtimes

Healthcare facilities can equip field service technicians with AR-guided knowledge to deploy machines and replace outdated paper manuals with digitized manuals. Thus, improving service efficiency and system uptime.

AR Powered MRO Solutions

AR Powered MRO Solutions

Now swiftly enhance the efficiency and safety of machines like MRI, X Rays, and more by reducing human error through Plutomen’s AR-enabled technology and MRO solutions.

Execute Operations With Smart Workflows

Execute Operations With Smart Workflows

The healthcare industry is waiting to experience smart workflows. But with AR-led Plutomen you can provide them faster resolutions rates, 3D annotations, quality audits, and inspections to improve their daily workflows.

Enhance Productivity Of Frontline Team

Enhance Productivity Of Frontline Team

Rapidly digitize and augment step-by-step SOPs and checklists and based on these SOPs and real-time insights from the field to run your operations smoothly.

Get Skilled Workforce

Get Skilled Workforce

Promote virtual AR training for the entire frontline workforce through Plutomen’s AR Assists and end the unskilled labor crisis. Upskill and reskill your remote workforce from industry experts’ guidance and work instructions.

Reduce Your Cost & Improve Your Efforts


Deline in Documentation & Attestation


Decrease in Cost

Run Daily Operations Seamlessly


Rise in Quality


Growth in Daily Productivity

Get Quality MROs & Resolve Issues With Ease


Rise in Mobile Phone Fix Rate


Decline in TAT


Why Plutomen?

Plutomen delivers your enterprises AR-led solutions and remote collaboration tools to connect and provide remote assistance to your off-site teams. With us, you revolutionize and evolve the way you connect with your industry experts and give your frontline workers guided work instructions from any part of the world.


AR in Healthcare
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Other Industries Where Our AR Solutions are Adopted

Other Industries Where Our AR Solutions are Adopted

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