AR in Automotive Industry

Let AR in automotive be the key driver of boosting productivity, shrinking downtime, and continuously improving the performance of your frontline team’s.

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The Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is one of the many sectors that drive the global economy. Every year, millions of automotive units are supplied to thousands of users in the market. Almost 50+ countries participate in manufacturing and assembling the vehicles and then supplying them to other markets of the world. However, to handle the manufacturing and assembling of vehicles a company needs uninterrupted workflows to collaborate and work efficiently with off-site teams. Our AR-powered solution helps you in working with industry experts and run your workflows smoothly.


Challenges Faced By Automotive Industry


Retention of Knowledge

Lack of skill gap is one of the most common issues affecting manufacturing plants of different industries. After a certain age and time experienced employees start retiring and a new set of talent is hired to fill the vacancies. However, it becomes challenging to keep up with the production demands and often timelines overlap.


Safe Ecosystem

No workers would like to work in a workplace that doesn’t take security seriously or lack safety precautions in their ecosystem. A company requires a responsible approach to carry out their daily operations and minimize risk of any injuries or accidents.


Processed Efficiency

Poor data management, low efficiency, and bad analysis lead to lower efficiency, profitability, and productivity of your enterprise. These analyses and reports are crucial to design products as per customer needs, react to new changes, and forecast demands.


Arrival Of New Technologies

Increasingly new technologies play an important role in bringing automation to the automotive industry. However, adapting to these new technologies is a challenging and time-consuming event for both new and older workers. It becomes difficult to fill the knowledge gaps and train employees.

Troubleshoot All Your Repair Issues With AR In Automobile Industry

Start revolutionizing your business processes to bring automation to your enterprise.

Guided remote assistance is awaiting you!

Empower your off-site remote teams and get guided AR-powered digital work instructions from industry professionals and experts. Your experts are just a live video session, call or chat away from your frontline workers. With us, you get quick solutions and diagnosis to resolve issues in limited time.

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We give you the best digitalized work instructions.

Plutomen Workflow offers you work instructions, manuals, guides, step-by-step SOPs in real-time to conduct regular MROs, audits, inspections, and troubleshooting of problems. We help you run your daily operations seamlessly.

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Fill your workers knowledge gaps with us.

Give your frontline workers a break from dull trainings and let them have an immersive experience with Plutomen Assist. We offer you engaging AR training, self-assisting platform, and 3D AR annotations to fill the knowledge gaps.

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Uncover New Opportunities With AR in Automotive Industry Business


Run Seamless Operations

Harness the power of augmented reality technology to enable true transformation between remote collaboration and front-line team. You can stay connected 24*7 with us and get access to all our smart workflows.


Reduce Costs with Lean Manufacturing Initiatives

Save on overall operational costs by reducing scrap and downtime by designing AR-powered SOPs matching your industry needs. You also get access to digitized guides and paperless manuals to troubleshoot issues without any further delays.


Accelerate Frontline AR Training

Enable faster upskilling of frontline workforce with immense AR training. Reduce the time to complete the training process with advanced AR tools and 3D AR annotations.


Drive Safety In Your Operations

Offer digitized manuals and expert guidance to your front-line team and minimize the manufacturing errors in your automotive plants. With us, you can conduct regular audits and inspections to ensure the quality fo your automobiles.

Decrease Unnecessary Costs & Save Time With Us


Digitized Workflows


Decrease In Manual Documentations

Run Business Operations Seamlessly


Rise In Quality Of Products


Growth In Employee Productivity

Troubleshoot Issues From Any Part Of The World


Growth in Mobile Fix Rate


Reduction in Operating Processes


Why Plutomen?

Plutomen – an AR-led, no-code platform that will help you accelerate your digital transformation and participation in Industry 4.0 revolution. We offer you AR collaboration tools and remote assistance from experts to run your operations without any delays. Apart from that, we will help you increase your business’s efficiency and the productivity of your workforce.


Know What Our Clients Say

Have a look to know how we empower your enterprise!

Plutomen has helped us set a standard digital workflow. The AR assistance platform has helped us manage our time more effectively and had a positive impact on the productivity of our business.

I was surprised to see the report from the Development Administration Department. The reports stated the substantial improvements such as faster first-time fix rates, a rise in productivity of workers, and a decrease in downtimes. Adopting Plutomen as our partner in growth has helped us in accelerating our digital transformation.

We are able to see the problem and assist our workforce with expert guidance at lightning speed. With the help of AR-led Plutomen, we can pinpoint problems and get real-time solutions to them. Plutomen has made us more prepared to face issues and that has worked wonders for us and our clients.

AR in Automotive
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Draw annotations on the live video stream and communicate in real-time to resolve all troubleshoots.

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