Elevate Your On-site Project TAT &
achieve the Highest Level of Engineering Precision with AR

Plutomen brings revolutionary AR technology to empower your architects, engineers, subcontractors, vendors, and workforce wherever they are onsite, offsite, on-road, or in the office.

Offer Remote Support to On-Site Teams
Right from the start all construction project progresses, we understand that you require precise monitoring to match the design and timeline. Now, get high-precision monitoring with Plutomen Connect and bid goodbye to constant on-site traveling. Instantly connect with onsite teams from anywhere and discuss BIM models or troubleshoot breakdowns through AR collaboration and take proactive steps to resolve issues like clash detections.
Capture Every Call Every Time
Meeting the tight deadlines at your construction sites is of utmost priority. So next time when you connect with experts on calls, you can save them for future references so that you don’t face longer breakdowns. Offer your team the best AR software that saves the team’s time by capturing important calls and organizing them with well-categorized tags. With Plutomen Connect, allows your frontline workers to access expert calls and accomplish their tasks more efficiently.
Adopt Agile Process with Auto Augmented Reality
On-site mechanical failure can result in huge dangers like buckets drop, booms swing, tires spin or more. This not only becomes a risk to lives at crowded and noisy jobsites but also can stop construction work for endless days. Now, whether it's a mechanical failure that stops the construction work or a remote location that's making it hard to get expert support, Plutomen is here to help. With Plutomen, you can eliminate barriers and ensure that your team is never stalled on the job. Introduce Plutomen Connect to your team, where they can draw or add AR annotations while on call and right from their mobile phones. Offer support to multiple users, at many locations, and ease real-time capabilities, your site will never be down.
Design Step-by-Step AR instructions & SOPs for Your Tea
The construction of huge buildings, houses, and malls depend largely on two things - people and processes. But access to skilled manpower is a limitation that can hinder processes. Now let every second of your team be impactful. Offer clear working guidelines to remote engineers and architects through step-by-step AR instructions designed with Plutomen's Workflow. Also, create SOPs to help your frontline workers
Knowledge Transfer to Train Frontline Construction Engineers
Having skilled and experienced engineers and workers is of utmost priority as their skill results in delivering the right impact and achieving productivity. Their hands-on experience also helps in minimizing human errors and mitigating several life-threatening risks. But the challenge is how to secure this talent and pass on the skills to new joiners? Plutomen Assist is your one-stop solution which helps you accelerate knowledge transfer and offer AR-driven training to your team. With AR-technology in hand, prevent on-site errors and bring clarity to construction projects by importing 3D AR models to train engineers and field workers.
Eliminate the Top Challenges of the Construction Industry with Plutomen AR Solutions
Enable AR Technology in Construction Jobsite

Get real-time visualizations through AR and End the Guesswork Forever

With Plutomen avoid breakdowns at your construction site with remote collaborations and monitor your job site from anywhere

Get Real-Time Project Information
Plutomen Connect brings you AR technology which helps you boost productivity and efficiency by offering real-time project information to cross-site experts.
Offer virtual workspace to team at different locations
Get done with your Audits, Maintenance & Inspections, and enable paperless SOPs for construction engineers with Plutomen Workflow. You can offer AR-enabled step by step directions which reduces your operational efforts and saves your team’s commuting time.
Train Your Construction and Engineering Team to Perform Best On Construction Sites
Having trained frontline construction teams can resolve many practical issues which they might have to deal with on the construction site. With Plutomen Assist, let your team learn inspection procedures through smart glasses and visualize annotations in real-time.

Augmented Reality Use-Cases in Construction and Engineering Industry

Augmented Reality Use-Cases in Construction and Engineering Industry

Streamline remote communication through 3D images and video sharing features. Let off-site team members and stakeholders access the site details, so they can identify errors without having to visit the construction site physically.

Resolution with 3D annotations

Efficiently guide on-site employees from anywhere, at any time, and assist them in resolving key issues with the help of 3D annotations which you can draw live on calls.

Construction Training

Accelerate construction training by using immersive 3D AR models to show new field workers how to operate sophisticated machinery before they move to the job site.

Digital Workflows

Enhance the visibility into construction work and efficiently trace the root cause of errors and delays in projects with digital workflows.

Revitalization of existing buildings

Use Plutomen Workflow and pre-plan the SOPs which will help your onsite team to bring the new structures into functioning in harmony with the existing buildings.

High Impact Benefits

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Remote Assistance
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3D Annotations
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Remote MROs
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Real-Time Troubleshooting
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Quality Audits & Inspections
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Step-by-step SOPs
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Paperless Digitized Manuals
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AR Training

Client Testimonials

Test Bring your technicians, workforce and experts together on mobile devices and wearables with Live Video and AR abilities Bring your workforce and experts technicians...


The app and website launched on time and met all the requirements. Plutomen Technologies Private Limited delivered top-notch products that satisfied a list of highly precise specifications. Their timely delivery and full grasp of the project needs allowed for a successful collaboration.

Shrirang Shah Thermotech Systems Ltd

The apps and website met all requirements and have since launched. Plutomen Technologies Private Limited delivered high-quality products on time and at an excellent value. Their consistent communication, in-depth expertise, and flexibility made for smooth collaboration.

Harshvardhan Patel Prima Automation (India) Pvt. Ltd

The project is available on the App and Play stores. Plutomen Technologies was flexible and available to work on-site. They’re a results-oriented firm with strong technical competency in AR and VR.

Sharad Kabra Arvind Envisol
Improve Productivity at Construction Sites with AR Technology

Offer AR training, instructions, and service procedures to your front-line team working at construction sites which can drastically minimize the human-error risks and optimize on-field processes

Train Your Workforce Today!

Empower Your Frontline Workforce with AR Remote Assistance

Plutomen is a no-code AR remote assistance suite that makes remote collaboration faster with Augmented reality solutions. Our industry-grade AR platform offers visual remote assistance, improved workflows, and immersive AR learning-based training to frontline workers. Utilize our device-agnostic platform to collaborate with your remote workforce efficiently.