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The Construction & Engineering Industry

Participate in the growth of a billionaire industry with AR in Construction and engineering. Deliver world-class infrastructure and buildings with the latest arising technology to maintain the highest standards of quality output and safe ecosystem for your workforce.


Challenges Faced by Construction & Engineering Industry

Shortage of Staff

Shortage of Staff

The construction and engineering industry largely relies on manpower. Due to this, the employee turnout rate is higher. It takes time to train employees for the industry and replace the retired ones. Not just, that churning out employees and hiring new ones is not a cost-effective solution.

Serious Risk

Serious Risk

The construction and engineering industry is one of the life-threatening industries. Why? Because one wrong move, one slight human error can cost a life or a whole project from business perspective. Thus, the ability to have a safe ecosystem becomes a challenge for the enterprises working in these industries.

Changing Rules & Regulations

Changing Rules & Regulations

With new technologies and the awareness of local bodies to have more security focused rules, construction and engineering is an everchanging industry. Enterprises not only need to keep up with the challenges but also need to adhere to the rules set up by both – local and national bodies.

Level Of Productivity

Level Of Productivity

Enterprises find it difficult to improve productivity at construction site. Staff shortage only adds up to this challenge and lead to failure in meeting the deadlines. Thus, enterprises need to be vigilant about the new technology and its adoption to overcome this issue.

How Our AR Solutions Help in Construction and Engineering Challenges

Get innovative industry-graded solutions to implement Augmented Reality in Construction and Engineering industry to troubleshoot issues through remote assistance, digital workflows, and training.

Embrace the power of AR through remote assistance

Plutomen Connect provides you AR-led real-time assistance from experts via live video sessions, chats, and calls. We give you round-the-clock remote and visual guidance from any part of the world to resolve issues.

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Give digitized work instructions to your frontline workers

Working on a construction site is only hard and carrying hefty manuals to the site makes it harder. Get Plutomen Workflow, to offer work instructions to your employees through step-by-step SOPs, paperless guides, visual work instructions, and digital manuals.

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Hire new employees and onboard them with AR training

Give your frontline workers the power of AR training and 3D AR annotations to assist your frontline workers. Plutomen Assist is a self-assisting platform that focuses on providing AR training support to your workforce along with the knowledge repositories.

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Achieve Highest Level of Precision with AR in Construction

Remote Support to On-Site Teams

Remote Support to On-Site Teams

A construction project requires precise monitoring to match the design and timeline. Now, get high-precision monitoring and bid goodbye to constant on-site traveling. With us, you can instantly connect with onsite teams from anywhere and discuss BIMs. You can troubleshoot breakdowns through AR collaboration and take proactive steps to resolve issues.

Capture Every Call Every Time

Capture Every Call Every Time

Meeting the tight deadlines at your construction sites is of utmost priority. We offer your frontline workforce the best AR software that saves the team’s time by capturing and organizing important calls. It manages tasks efficiently with digitalized checklists and provide you real-time assistance whenever you need.

Troubleshoot with AR Annotations

Troubleshoot with AR Annotations

On-site mechanical failure can result in huge dangers like buckets drop, booms swing, tires spin or more. It’s risky on jobsites and can also stop construction work for endless days. Eliminate mechanical failure that endangers the frontline worker’s safety or puts a halt to the construction work with AR annotations.

Design Step-by-Step SOPs for Your Team

Design Step-by-Step SOPs for Your Team

The construction of huge buildings, houses, and malls depend largely on two things – people and processes. But access to skilled manpower is a limitation that can hinder processes. Create digital work instructions and step-by-step SOPs designed to optimize your daily operations.

Knowledge Transfer to Construction Engineers

Knowledge Transfer to Construction Engineers

Having skilled and experienced frontline engineers is of utmost priority to achieve productivity. The challenge is how to pass on the skills to new joines. Fill the knowledge gaps and accelerate knowledge transfer with AR-training. Now prevent on-site errors and bringing safety – clarity to construction projects by importing 3D AR models.

Offer Virtual Workspace to Remote Teams

Offer Virtual Workspace to Remote Teams

Bring your entire team onsite and in-office into a virtual workspace and let them communicate efficiently to discuss review designs and add markups. Plutomen Connect will help you speed up the operations at construction sites without being your troubleshooting experts in the same room.

Avoid Unnecessary Cost & Effort with Us


Decrease in Documentation Time


Decrease in Travelling Cost

Get Quality Output with Seamless Operations


Increase in Producing Quality Products


Higher in Workforce’s Productivity

Troubleshoot Issues from Anywhere in the World


Increase in Phone Fix Rates


Decrease in Resolution Time


Why Plutomen?

Plutomen is a cost-effective solution for your enterprise. We help you cut costs of human errors, overcome limited access to experts, and automate new AR training for your employees. With us, you can get digital worklow and improve the security of your workforce. Our platform, helps you grant hand-free access to technical documentation like digitized guides, manuals, and step-by-step SOPs. In all, we help you accelerate the digital transformation of your enterprise.


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Improve Productivity at Construction Sites with AR Technology

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