Augmented Reality in Defense Industry

Enhance warfare and military training through AR-powered solutions. Connect and collaborate with experts to increase productivity and efficiency of the defense workforce.

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The Military & Defense Industry

The military & defense industry is the flag-bearer of constantly changing technology that improves the productivity of armed workforces and keeps up with the latest military trends to be ahead of the enemy. With augmented reality in defence industry solutions and systems, you can revolutionize how soldiers gather information and conduct their daily operations with swift MROs, audits, and inspections.


Challenges Faced by Military & Defense Industry

Unique Experience to Trainees

Unique Experience to Trainees

Sometimes even the most conservative training provided to soldiers fails to provide training for real-life combat situations. But with newly developed technologies of AR and VR enterprises can create a training module that is both unique and caters to 100% security of the workforce.

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Scalable and Safer Training System

Unlike other industries, the defense industry needs to prepare troops for war and combat situations. However, providing training in a physical working environment is both tedious and difficult. It not only impacts their productivity but also puts a big question mark on their security.

Tracking and Engagement

Tracking and Engagement

Monitoring and tracking down the real-time performance of each soldier is a hard task to do. Not only does it require perfect precision but is also time-consuming, as you need to constantly give suggestions, feedback, and training to work seamlessly and smoothen their daily operations.

Infrastructure Maintenance

Infrastructure Maintenance

Maintaining a safer and more secure system to train and assist your troops is another challenge that many defense systems face. They require regular inspections and MROs of equipment for a well-built infrastructure and run their operations seamlessly without any hassle.

How AR in Defense Industry Can Help You Provide Better Training?

Revolutionize the working system of your armed forces for better battlefield management, navigational and ballistic data, and a safer ecosystem.

Receive remote assistance for your frontline armed forces

Provide 24×7 assistance and connectivity to industry experts, technicians and engineers to diagnose issues in real-time and maintain the security of the nation. With us, you can run uninterrupted operations, procedures, and processes to align your nation’s security.

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Give smarter and safer ecosystem and workflows to your defense systems

Minimize risks, errors, and downtimes of your equipment and machines with smarter workflows. With us, you can track and improve the productivity of your system and soldiers through digital checklists, step-by-step SOPs, guides, and manuals. We help you conduct seamless MROs, audits and inspections in real-time.

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Hire new soldiers with Proper AR training for combats

Make your soldiers ready for any situation with immersive and customized AR training. We provide you 3D AR annotations and secure knowledge repositories so that armed workforces know every tiny detail of their equipment and can use it with an impact. Our self-assisting platform leaves no technical gaps unfilled, give it a try today!

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Enhance Your Defense Systems By Introducing AR In Defense

Execute Defense Operations in a Secure Way

Execute Defense Operations in a Secure Way

With AR-powered Plutomen, you can be connected to your frontline workers in real time and get remote assistance from experts. Plutomen also helps work in a safe environment. Book your demo soon!

Chat in Real-Time with Experts

Chat in Real-Time with Experts

With just one call, connect to a defense expert on a chat or video assistance whenever required. A dedicated team of professionals and experienced experts will be available to answer your queries and transfer their knowledge to your workforce.

Give Aid to your Downtimes

Give Aid to your Downtimes

Use Plutomen to provide your workers with AR-led step-by-step SOPs and increase the productivity of your workforce. Expand their knowledge base and ensure seamless operations in different defense systems.

Smarter and Improved Workflows

Smarter and Improved Workflows

Get digitized manuals and expert guidance augmented with AR to increase the productivity of your workforce. We will also provide you with hands-on training on complex machinery to reduce any downtime you may encounter while operating machines.

Resolve Real-Time Issues

Resolve Real-Time Issues

Plutomen’s first-time fixing rates, 3D annotations, quality audits, and inspections can quickly diagnose and troubleshoot any problem with ease and improve your operations.

Give AR Training to Soldiers

Give AR Training to Soldiers

Up-skill your remote workers, from retired technicians, engineers, and industry experts by filling knowledge gaps of newly hired remote workers. You will also get 3D AR annotations and AR training from experienced professionals to make your soldiers combat-ready.

Empower Your Solders with Improved Productivity


digitalization in


Save time on documentation

Save Cost on Remote Assistance for Defense


Assure of improved quality of products


Save travelling cost of expert for assistance

Remove Unnecessary Downtimes of Your Military Operations


Get rise in phone fix rates


Give faster resolutions


Why Plutomen?

Make your defense systems more secure, compatible, fast, and smart with Plutomen. Plutomen, is a no-code, AR assistance platform that helps you connect and collaborate with your off-site teams and soldiers. With us, you can give remote assistance and top-graded AR training to your frontlines forces instantly. We help you minimize downtimes, extra costs, errors, and more to smoothen your daily procedures and operations. Our tools and secure knowledge repositories help you conduct MROs, audits, inspections, and troubleshooting of problems in real-time. So, what are you waiting for? Get us today and solve all your issues!


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