Augmented Reality In Oil & Gas Industry

Optimize operations and enhance safety with Augmented Reality in oil & gas.

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The Oil & Gas Industry

The oil & gas industry is employing more than 1.7 employees globally and a market worth $2.1 trillion, which is enough to shake the global economy. As the major energy sector, it includes a lot of business processes like exploration, refining, transporting petroleum, and other derivatives. With our AR-led product Plutomen, you can provide uninterrupted workflows and real-time virtual assistance to your frontline workers. So, what are you waiting for? Get Plutomen today and increase your enterprise’s efficiency and productivity with us.


Challenges Faced By Oil & Gas Industry

Security & Life Risks

Security & Life Risks

The oil and gas industry is related to highly flammable and explosive fuels and energies. Not just that it consists of complex processes and constant threats to security, life, health, and property. Thus, when dealing in the oil and gas sector, an enterprise needs to take all the safety measures.

Continuity Of Business

Continuity Of Business

The ever-changing dynamics and the demands of the enterprises lead to instability in the enterprise and a threat to the continuity of business. However, to overcome this challenge an enterprise must maintain their businesses profitability, equity position, and advantages.

Operational Downtimes

Operational Downtimes

Each time the oil and gas industry face downtime or interruption in its daily operation it creates a hindrance. Technical failures, lack of maintenance, and human errors lead to delays and halts in mining and other operations.

Disruptions In Flow Of Information

Disruptions In Flow Of Information

Uneven staff expertise, lack in standardizing to retain knowledge and sharing the unprocessed knowledge across the enterprise leads to wider knowledge gaps. With no tools aims to gather data and retain it the flow of information gets disturbed.

Decrease TAT To Resolve Issues With AR In Oil & Gas Industry

Bring evolution and standardization to business processes by welcoming Augmented Reality in oil and gas industry. Train employees effectively with AR-powered tablets. By using Plutomen's AR solutions, employees receive hands-on knowledge transfer with remote assistance, work instructions, and 3D training. AR technology on tablets or wearables provides on-the-job assistance with digital overlays on the real environment.

Reach expert guidance in less than 5 minutes!

Call, chat, live session, record and schedule remote guidance from experts with Plutomen Connect. We help you collaborate and cooperate with your frontline teams and get expert opinion to resolve issues and troubleshoot issues without any delays.

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Your frontline workers best digitalized work instructions await you.

Step-by-step SOPs, digitized work instructions, paperless manuals, and guides help you conduct MROs, audits, inspections, and troubleshooting issues in real time – Plutomen Workflow offers you all this and more.

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Complete your workers knowledge gaps with us.

Get your remote workers AR trainings that give them an immersive experience in real-time. Plutomen Assist offers you self-assisting platform and 3D AR annotations to fill the uneven gaps between new and old workforce.

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Benefits of Plutomen's Augmented Reality Solutions for Oil & Gas Industry

Fast-paced Collaboration With Experts

Fast-paced Collaboration With Experts

Oil & Gas fields being located in remote locations poses communication and travel issues. With Plutomen Connect, field workers can instantly collaborate with an off-site team and access essential data to maximize safety.

Increase Equipment Reliability

Increase Equipment Reliability

Let your frontline team get on-time support to address equipment-related issues quickly and expertly under guidance from anywhere with Plutomen Connect to decrease your downtime efficiently.

Offer A Series Of Visual Steps

Offer A Series Of Visual Steps

For quick troubleshooting, advent the AR/VR technology and let the subject matter expert walk the technician through the troubleshooting process and minimize the transportation costs.

Access To Safety Precautions

Access To Safety Precautions

Plutomen’s AR Workflow can improve the safety of workers by providing visual cues, indicators, process steps, repair and operation instruction, etc. Plutomen offers you a safer ecosystem for frontline teams working on the pipelines.

Decrease Costs & Invest In Time-saving Operations


Digitized Work Instructions & Flows


Decrease In Documentations

Run Uninterrupted Operations Smoothly


Rise In Products Quality


Rise In Workforce’s Productivity

Resolve Issues With Quick MROs From Any Part Of The World


Increase in Phone Fix Rate


Reduction in Time Taken To Conduct Operations


Why Choose Plutomen's Augmented Reality in Oil & Gas Industry?

Get Plutomen a no-code, AR-led remote assistance and guidance platform to accelerate your digital transformation and participate in the Industry 4.0 revolution. We offer you AR collaboration tools and guided work instructions from experts to run your operations without maximizing your TAT. Apart from that, we help you increase your business’s efficiency and the productivity of your frontline workers.


AR in Oil & Gas
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