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Get to improve frontline team’s productivity, accelerate the process and reduce unplanned downtime just by introducing augmented reality in oil and gas

Advanced, AR-powered Video Assistance
To stay competitive in the markets, crude oil and refined product offering companies need to focus on maximizing production efficiency and reducing the costs of extraction and refining. However frequent breakdowns onsite unplanned shutdowns, decreasing throughput, and troubleshoots in the industrial assets are major causes of soaring costs. Now effectively monitor and troubleshoot issues related to generators, pumps, compressors, and shale shakers in real-time with Plutomen Connect. Our revolutionary AR solution allows remote collaboration with engineers so that you can achieve 100% reliability of your plants. This quick and on-time two-way communication also helps you fetch real-time information, take actions related to task support, and store contextual information.
Scheduling, Recording, And Playback
Oil and gas are one of the most adherent consumers of water and energy resources and thus companies operating in this industry are required to follow stringent environmental standards. Also, experts need to constantly come up with the latest extraction, production, and distribution methods for which one needs to connect frequently with the frontline teams. If these concerns are your biggest challenges, now we have a solution for you. With Plutomen Connect let your team schedule calls and record them for future usage. You can also use the playbacks to ensure maintaining your licence to operate. You can directly access the call records between remote experts and the frontline team to plan & execute mobile water treatment solutions and manage waste (including hazardous waste).
Live And Still Annotations
While dealing with oil and gas heavy equipment, the front line team needs time to time visual clues and indicators, guidance to follow processes & steps, and an external eye to ease the repair and operation procedures. However, the locations are too far, thus waiting for experts to reach these sites can result in huge breakdown costs and also with every second increase the safety threats owing to long distances. In such a complicated situation, if your frontline team can get help in real time - you can not only save the costs but also get your plant up and running. With Plutomen Connect, the team can draw live and still annotations during live calls and address solutions with experts' interventions right from the worker's augmented display available on their mobile devices.
Regular Audits, Inspections, And Surveys
One wrong practice or move can cause billions to oil and gas manufacturing companies also while audits, one mistake can lead to a complete plant shut down. Now never let your business suffer from such issues - equip your frontline teams with Plutomen Workflow and let them follow pre-defined paperless SOPs, maintain a digital log, prepare and refer to a checklist of completed activities, and plan varied notations while performing repair activities. When you store the best practices your team can implement them globally and you will face no challenges during audits and inspections.
Onboarding & Training, Support For Technicians
From the last few years, the oil & gas industry is witnessing price collapse, and volatility has resulted in companies being more cautious and saving costs. To enhance the value, one of the most prominent solutions is leveraging highly skilled individuals. But, with the frequent crew changes and significantly soaring numbers of older employees leaving, the industry needs to fix a strategy that can help do more with less and tighter budgets. \ Plutomen has a solution for you that will require people to travel less and enable remote training to support technicians. Introducing Plutomen Assist, a dependable augmented reality in the oil industry solution designed to train frontline workers right from many experienced forces from different directions. Experts can pull in specific training modules to make the team ready by stimulating digital elements onto the physical world.
Leverage AR and VR In Oil and Gas Industry With Plutomen

Establish a two-way direct remote communication channel between experts on one end and general-support technicians on the other in real-time with high-definition video

Enable AR Technology in Industry

Introduce AR-based application on a smartphone To Your Frontline Teams

Boost efficiency by visualizing complex processes so that problems can be addressed in a timely manner

Fast-paced collaboration to maximize the industry’s safety achievements
Oil & Gas fields being located in remote locations poses communication and travel issues. With Plutomen Connect, field workers can instantly collaborate with an off-site team and access essential data to maximize safety
Increase equipment reliability and decrease downtime
Let your frontline team get on-time support to address equipment-related issues quickly and expertly under guidance from anywhere with Plutomen Connect.
Offer access to a series of visual steps
For quick troubleshooting, advent the AR/VR technology and let the subject matter expert walk the technician through the troubleshooting process and minimize the transportation costs.
Access to several safety precautions for frontline teams working on pipelines
Plutomen's AR Workflow can improve the safety of workers by providing visual cues, indicators, process steps, repair and operation instruction, etc
Effortlessly Onboard fully-trained new employees and contractors
Provide remote training to your new workers and make them ready to handle the heavy machines, follow complex instructions and maintain safety before they even step on the field with Plutomen's Assist

Augmented Reality Use-Cases in O&G Industry

Ensure safe troubleshooting

Let your field operatives connect with experts and leverage the pre-programmed information and directives to get a real-time feed of the assets and equipment ensuring the safe undertaking of any problems.

Lower The Costs of Maintenance

Using AR technology experts can give on-call support guidance from anywhere to the frontline team which reduces the expenses incurred during the downtime of any asset.

Easy installation of cable in a complex environment

While setting up a new plant, deploy Plutomen’s AR solution which will help mechanics visualize exactly where the cable needs to run and get answers to frequently faced challenges.

Easy access to SOPs helpful in resolving oil & gas machinery

With the AR technology systems that Plutomen Workflow brings, the team can monitor and control processes, & follow SOPs to upstream and downstream applications required at O&G sites.

Cope with the shortage of experienced personnel using real wear headsets

Reduce the need to transport expert personnel to remote places and train new joiners for days by introducing Plutomen Assist which can dramatically expedite the team's ability to perform best on-site by interacting with a piece of equipment virtually.

Train Frontline teams for Rescue Operations in Adverse Events O&G teams can leverage

Occupational and environmental safety is of extreme importance to field technicians, who handle heavy equipment and hazardous materials. Now train the amateurish front-line team for adverse events and incidents by simulations and scenario-based training which will help them perform the right measures during site incidence and execute swift responses resulting in foolproof safety.

High Impact Benefits

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Remote Assistance
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3D Annotations
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Remote MROs
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Real-Time Troubleshooting
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Quality Audits & Inspections
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Step-by-step SOPs
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Paperless Digitized Manuals
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AR Training

Client Testimonials

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The app and website launched on time and met all the requirements. Plutomen Technologies Private Limited delivered top-notch products that satisfied a list of highly precise specifications. Their timely delivery and full grasp of the project needs allowed for a successful collaboration.

Shrirang Shah Thermotech Systems Ltd

The apps and website met all requirements and have since launched. Plutomen Technologies Private Limited delivered high-quality products on time and at an excellent value. Their consistent communication, in-depth expertise, and flexibility made for smooth collaboration.

Harshvardhan Patel Prima Automation (India) Pvt. Ltd

The project is available on the App and Play stores. Plutomen Technologies was flexible and available to work on-site. They’re a results-oriented firm with strong technical competency in AR and VR.

Sharad Kabra Arvind Envisol
Improve Productivity at Construction Sites with AR Technology

Offer AR training, instructions, and service procedures to your front-line team working at construction sites which can drastically minimize the human-error risks and optimize on-field processes.

Train Your Workforce Today!

Empower Your Frontline Workforce with AR Remote Assistance

Plutomen is a no-code AR remote assistance suite that makes remote collaboration faster with Augmented reality solutions. Our industry-grade AR platform offers visual remote assistance, improved workflows, and immersive AR learning-based training to frontline workers. Utilize our device-agnostic platform to collaborate with your remote workforce efficiently.