Digital Work Instructions for Frontline Teams

Bring industrial 4.0 augmentation to life with digital work instructions, accurate checklists, and step-by-step SOPs.

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Guide your Frontliners with Real-time, Accurate Digital Work Instructions

Are you facing internal management and productivity issues with printed work instructions? Worry not! Empower your front-line workers with Plutomen Workflow’s paperless and digital work instructions. Our Work Instructions can make your workflow seamless with digitized guides, manuals, and step-by-step SOPs. By using our solution, your frontline workers can be productive, safe, and accurate with a digitized version control to decrease your TAT and improve your resolution time.

Decreased Repetitive Visits for Conducting MROs


Faster Resolutions


Commute Time

Increased Resolution Time with Digitized Workflows


Mobile Fix Rates


First Time Fix Rates

Ensured Workforce Safety with Smart Workflows


Safety of Frontline Teams


Servicing Cost


Leave printed work instructions behind. Go Digital!

Printed work instructions are a thing of past as they become outdated faster! With AR powered Digitized Work Instructions, you can let your frontline workers utilize the updated information. Augment, transform, and digitize your MRO guidelines to offer instant assistance to all your frontline workers with AR-based visual work instructions software.

Feature 01

Efficient Digital Process & Paperless Workflows

Run your operations seamlessly with Plutomen workflow. The step-by-step SOPs and integrated quality control help in easy streamlining of operations. With us, proactively avoid economic damages like machine times and get faster resolutions.

Feature 02

Maintenance & Inspections To Enhance Productivity

Gone are the days when complex maintenance manuals were a thing. Plutomen Workflow offers you innovative AR solutions to improve planned and maintenance processes with guided diagnostics, troubleshooting, and checklist reviews.

Feature 03

Transfer Knowledge Throughout The Process

Plutomen Workflow streamlines maintenance and assembly procedures in real-time by providing AR work instructions anytime and anywhere. You get access to configure workflows, secure knowledge repositories, digitize checklists, and guided troubleshooting.

Features of Our AR-Based Digital Work Instructions Software

Scan QR Code
Scan QR Code

Simply scan the QR code of the machine and get training module, SOP, and tool library

Maintain Training Modules
Maintain Training Modules

Update training modules in multiple formats like video, images, and pdf on various…

Manage SOPs
Manage SOPs

Add and administer step-by-step SOPs for conducting quality audits and inspections

Create Checklists
Create Checklists

Admin can create checklists for the whole team and keep track of their progress

Tool Library
Tool Library

Arrange and organize all digitized manuals and guides for your frontline teams

Task Management
Task Management

Manage your teams at all levels with our digitized workflows


Customize any functionality and make the product appear like it’s yours

Data Analytics
Data Analytics

Capture & analyze critical device data with a powerful dashboard

Visual Work Instructions
Visual Work Instructions

Get work instructions annotated directly on your smart glasses & devices

Go Paperless with Digital Work Instructions & Optimize Productivity Of Your Workforce!

Regularize, monitor, audit, and evaluate your daily MRO operations with Plutomen Workflow.

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Use Case Benefits of Our Digital Work Instructions Software

Plutomen Workflow, our AR-based digitized work instructions solution is widely used across various industry 4.0 related initiatives. Some of the major use-cases of Plutomen Workflow are:

Audit and Inspection related work instructions for smooth operations;

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Remote troubleshooting of spare parts/ machines in field service;

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Customer service resolution via step-by-step AR annotations over video calls;

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Immersive learning with augmented reality work instructions;

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Production and Maintenance of complex machinery with step-by-step instructions;

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Installation & Commissioning of machines with visual work instructions.

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Why you Need a Digital Work Instructions Software?


A Digital Work Instructions Software like Plutomen Workflow helps you boost the productivity of your frontline workers and provides real-time performance tracking by:

  • Provide step-by-step SOPs to escort quality audits and inspections
  • Eliminate carbon footprints with sustainable growth by providing apt diagnosis
  • Conduct regular MROs to troubleshoot issues and solving issues in real-time
  • Give secure knowledge repositories – like paperless manuals and guides to run smooth operations
  • Elevate the productivity of your frontline teams through digitized checklists and keeping a check on performance.

Stay Connected On All The Devices With Your Frontline Workers

Adopt Plutomen Workflow to make your day-to-day operations smart and seamless from any device.


Smart Phones



Smart Glass

Smart glasses



Plutomen Workflow

Learn How Plutomen Workflow Is The First Step To Improve Your Industry 4.0 Operations.


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Digital Work Instructions are digitized version of organizational information that can be utilized for various Industry 4.0 related operations and assembly. They are standardized step-by-step SOPs, manuals, or guides that can be accessed on your devices for necessary visual aids and guidance by your frontline workers to simplify complex tasks

The concept of augmented reality (AR) involves overlaying the real world with digital data. Despite the fact that digital work instructions can provide easy-to-understand instructions, they are not mapped into augmented reality. However, with Plutomen Workflow, you get AR-based digital work instructions so that you can conduct your processes smoothly.

Plutomen Workflow is your one stop solution to provide digitized AR-based digital work instructions and manuals to help your frontline workers assist better. It provides them with step-to-step SOPs to increase the productivity and efficiency of your remote employees. Also, it helps you to run your operations seamlessly without any disturbance

To upgrade the skills of your frontline workers, Plutomen workflow provides you:

  • Digitized manuals
  • Secure knowledge repositor
  • Step-to-step SOPs
  • End-to-end Tool Library
  • Checklists to boost TAT

Yes, on Plutomen Workflow you can add and manage SOPs in a systematic way to provide work instructions to your remote teams and help them operate on new techs without much hassle.

The benefits of AR powered workflows are:

  • Checklist dashboards to make sure your frontline workers complete their work on time.
  • Step-to-step SOPS so that your remote workers are in line with new technologies, machinery, and devices.
  • Tool & libraries where you can add and manage resources for your workforce.
  • Increase the productivity of your employees and streamline your operations
  • Gives you accessibility to train your workforce anywhere and anytime.
  • Cuts down travelling cost and downtime of your resources

Plutomen Workflow is compatible with all your devices like smartphones, laptops, PCs, tablets, Realwear smart glasses. Another amazing thing about us is, you can access Plutomen from any device, you can even start on one and finish on another device, as per your comfort.

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