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The easiest way to digitize your frontline checklists, SOPs, and instructions - all in one place.

Digital Work Instructions Software

Do Your Frontline Challenges Include...


Dealing with inaccurate and unreliable data due to recurring human errors?


Spending more time creating manual reports rather than solving problems?


Struggling to convey important tasks to your workers using pen and paper?


Worrying about losing crucial expertise with experts nearing retirement age?

Digital Work Instructions

Your Frontline SOPs, Checklists, and Instructions – All in One Place

Your frontline workers at job sites or in the field are criminally underserved by technology. This often comes with consequences like human errors that are too important to be overlooked. Digitization can help fix that.

Plutomen Workflow is an all-in-one software that digitizes your SOPs, checklists, and work instructions. Get your frontline workers to do the right things, in the right order, and at the right time.

Say Goodbye to Excel and Paper Based Instructions!

Human errors cause 90% of workplace accidents. Excel and paper-based instructions worsen this issue with their length and difficulty to manage. Plutomen Workflow offers a centralized dashboard for creating, updating, and sharing smart paperless instructions. Add to that the ability to download the reports in one click and you have the overall operational transparency at your fingertips.


Evolve to Smart Digital Work Instructions

Eliminate time-consuming maintenance tasks, simplifies updates, and replaces huge stacks of paper with a user-friendly digital work instructions software.


Paper Work Instructions

With Excel & Paper Work Instructions

Your frontline workers waste upto 30% of their time searching for information in papers & word files.

Result: productivity hampers; frustrated workers.  

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Plutomen Digital Work Instructions

With Digital Work Instructions

Your frontline workers work faster realizing they are following step-by-step instructions by default.

Result: productivity improves; delighted workers.  

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Every company should empower their frontline workers by giving them access to work instructions that are standardized and rich in media. Plutomen is our goto platform for quality work.

– Elina Z, Director of Manufacturing Ops at an OEM company

Assign Work Instructions to Frontline Workers in Three Steps.

Accelerate inspections and ensure compliance with standardized work instructions and process audits. Equip your frontline workforce with instant digital access to information and support, in simple 3 steps.




Effortlessly publish standard work format to the device of your choice, including videos, audio, and text instructions.




Capture actionable data from workers, turn it into images, video and assign it to all your department silos.




Allow your workers to access and validate instructions, directly from the smart-glass lens.

Configure Existing Instructions to Manage Workflow and Reduce Errors.

With Plutomen’s Work Instruction Software, configure already owned instructions or convert contextual information of operations into instructions or checklists. Enable frontline tasks & processes to run smoothly and consistently, while reducing mistakes.

Simplify the Creation of Instructions/ Checklists

Eliminate the hassle of juggling paper forms, excel sheets, and emails. Opt for a single, user-friendly dashboard that simplifies the creation and distribution of checklists, SOPs, and instructions. Save time and ensure optimal performance across all your service sites with streamlined processes.

01 Create Checklists

Create Checklists

Admin can create checklists for the whole team and keep track of their progress.

02 Choose Datatypes

Choose Datatypes

Choose from pre-defined datatypes to easily convert the data into checklists, SOPs, or instructions.

03 Tool Library

Tool Library

Arrange and organize all digitized manuals and guides for your frontline teams.

04 Task Management

Task Management

Manage your teams at all levels with our digitized workflows.

Creation of Instructions_ Checklists

Get a Real-time Overview of Operational Execution

Plutomen workflow revolutionizes inspection, troubleshooting, & maintenance operations for frontline teams, digitalizing everything from checklists and audits to SOPs. Gain a real-time overview of operational execution, allowing you to effortlessly analyze compliance and swiftly be productive.

Download Reports

Download Reports

After the instructions are completed, download the report in one click.

Visual Work Instructions

Visual Work Instructions

Get work instructions annotated directly on your smart glasses & devices.

Data Analytic

Data Analytics

Capture & analyze critical device data with a powerful and centralized dashboard.

White labelling

White labelling

Customize any functionality, including logo branding, colours. and instructions.

Real-time Overview

Transfer Knowledge Throughout the Process

Plutomen Workflow streamlines maintenance and assembly procedures in real-time by providing digital work instructions anytime and anywhere. You get access to configure workflows, secure knowledge repositories, digitize checklists, and guided troubleshooting.

Smart Glass

Smartglass integration

Integrate and access checklists and configurations directly in the front of your eyes using assisted reality glasses.

Knowledge repositories

Knowledge repositories

Leverage a centralized repository, which includes photos, videos, and documents.

Smartglass Integration

Standardize and Create Work Instructions as Per Requirements

Digitize audits or inspection checklists and share across your departments so that your frontline workers never miss any critical task. Let your frontline workers work handsfree as they inspect any equipment or machine by using smartglasses.

Ensure smooth functioning of your remote field service tasks, by digitizing your troubleshooting or maintenance sequences. Leverage a centralized dashboard to download the performance reports and access analytics.

Set clear service expectations and ensure your customers are treated well by your customer service agents as they complete all the pre-define checklists. Download performance reports in one click.

Conduct engaging L&D programs by providing structured guidance, sharing pre-defined SOPs, and promoting efficient knowledge transfer for learners. Analyze the performance by downloading performance reports.

Digitize your production and maintenance sequences with our cutting-edge work instructions software. From crystal-clear instructions to foolproof checklists and meticulously crafted SOPs, streamline your operations for flawless outcomes.

Transform your installations and commissioning process digitally. Effortlessly follow step-by-step instructions, ensure compliance with dynamic checklists, and master the process with expertly crafted SOPs.






Digital Transformation


Usage of Papers


Human Errors


Frontline Productivity

Reduced Documentation With Increased Transparency

Enhance transparency while reducing the burden of documentation. Simplify your processes, improve communication, and build trust throughout organizational silos.

Paperless Operations with Digital Transformation

Leave behind the excess use of paper and enter a more sustainable digital future. Simplify workflows, reduce environmental impact, and improve accessibility.

Reduced Human Errors With Increased Productivity

Streamline processes, enhance accuracy, and optimize outcomes. Embrace a more efficient and error-free approach to conduct operations.

Access Digital Work Instructions on the Device of Choice

Embark on a new journey of frontline productivity, right at your fingertips! Whether you prefer the reliability of your PC or Mac, the convenience of your handheld Android or iOS device, or the versatility of your trusty tablet, our solution works everywhere.


Smart Phones



Smart Glass

Smart glasses




Digital Work Instructions are digitized version of organizational information that can be utilized for various Industry 4.0 related operations and assembly. They are standardized step-by-step SOPs, manuals, or guides that can be accessed on your devices for necessary visual aids and guidance by your frontline workers to simplify complex tasks

Plutomen Workflow is your one stop solution to provide digital work instructions and manuals to help your frontline workers assist better. It provides them with step-to-step SOPs to increase the productivity and efficiency of your remote employees. Also, it helps you to run your operations seamlessly without any disturbance.

To upgrade the skills of your frontline workers, Plutomen workflow provides you:

  • Digitized manuals
  • Secure knowledge repositor
  • Step-to-step SOPs
  • End-to-end Tool Library
  • Checklists to boost TAT

Yes, on Plutomen Workflow you can add and manage SOPs in a systematic way to provide work instructions to your remote teams and help them operate on new techs without much hassle.

Plutomen Workflow is compatible with all your devices like smartphones, laptops, PCs, tablets, Realwear smart glasses. Another amazing thing about us is, you can access Plutomen from any device, you can even start on one and finish on another device, as per your comfort.

Take One Step Closer to Digitally Transform Your Worker

Fix technical issues on time, without compromising the safety of your frontline workforce.

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