Plutomen Connect

Augmented Reality Remote Assistance Software

Connect workers with experts seamlessly, using an easy-to-use, “see-what-I-see" based solution. Real-time video and augmented reality insights.

AR Remote Assistance Software

Do Your Frontline Challenges Include...


Incurring costly on-site visits and truck dispatches for technical support?


Pinpointing complex machinery and equipment issues to expert?


Communicating with workers using poor quality video calls?


Minimizing Downtime During Troubleshooting?


Streamlining Onboarding and Training Processes?


Experiencing slow First Time Fix Rates (FTFR) due to incorrect fault diagnosis?

AR Remote Assistance

Connect, See, and Guide Remotely with AR Remote Assistance.

Plutomen Connect is an advance AR powered video assistance solution that connect your workers with technician in a real-time augmented environment. Empower your remote experts to instantly see what the worker sees, guiding them using real-time visual assistance. Cut unnecessary costs, including redundant on-site visits and truck dispatches.

Resolve Issues Faster While Minimizing Downtime.

Don’t let unplanned downtime hinder your frontline operations. Establish one-click remote support session, identify the exact issue, and dispatch your highly skilled worker with the right knowledge and equipment to ensure minimized downtime. Experience seamless AR powered remote assistance session on your device browser in a single click. No downloads, no installations. Streamlined experience, ample time for collaboration.


Not Your Regular Video Call, But AR Powered Insights.

With Plutomen Connect, transcend the boundaries of traditional video calls. It's like teleporting your expert directly to your side, without them physically being there. Create a whole new dimension of collaboration, where augmented reality and on-screen annotations are your medium to convey real-time issues.



With Regular Video Call

Your frontline workers struggle to hold the camera standstill with fuzzy camera angles, let alone convey the issue. Poor network issues cause miss-communication.

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With Plutomen Connect

Your workers easily show surroundings to expert, fix the screen, and highlight the issue with AR annotations. They use “self-assist” mode to record the call offline.

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I like the feature that it helps boost the capabilities of field management workers remotely, plus that front-end groups can get help from specialists and help customers anytime, anywhere, regardless of outage.

– Cristina
C Field Operational Human Manager

Connect Workers With Experts in Three Simple Steps.

Plutomen Connect brings your expertise to your frontline workers with an AR powered HD video call.




First, the worker initiates a call & send invitation via text or email. The expert or the customer can join the session via their mobile, laptop, tablet or even smartglasses.




Next, the expert can see what the worker is seeing & assist him using AR-based features by marking or placing annotations on live screen.




Finally, frontline worker resolve the issue by taking the visual-guided instructions from expert and confirm the fixing of the issue.

Powerful Pre and Post Call Features to Connect in Jiffy

Revolutionize AR powered remote assistance and empower your onsite workforce with Plutomen Connect's pre- and post-call features.

Pre-plan Your Schedule or Connect on the Fly

Share a call link to schedule a session whenever you need it or schedule a session in advance for a more organized approach. Break down distance barriers and work together seamlessly to achieve your goals.

Guest Invite

Guest Invite

Invite anyone on call, without having to create user account

invite Calender

Calendar invite

Share calendar invite on WhatsApp or other social channels

Join session

Join session

Ask your colleagues to join session by sharing 6-digit code

Schedule call or Invite

Streamline Post-call Collaboration Using AR Annotations

Enhance remote visual assistance with AR powered video, paused images, and shared documents. Use powerful AR annotations to highlight information and overcome language barriers. Access a repository of knowledge base & fix technical issues at dime.

AR Annoation

AR Annotations

On-screen overlay & display of real-time annotations

Freeze Screen

Freeze Screen

Pause the screen in real-time, while you instruct technician.

Data Sharing

Document Sharing

Share important documents over the call, seamlessly.

Live Chat

Real-time chat

Chat with colleagues or peers in real-time over the call.

AR Annotations for Remote Assistance

Refer a Knowledge Base for Easier Resolution.

Capture content of images and recordings from service sessions automatically into service tickets or knowledge base for proof of work or compliance. Access a repository of knowledge base & eliminate the need to go back and forth, while fixing technical issues.

Asset 47Media Storage

Media Storage

Store video files for efficient revision of information transferred on calls

Asset 44Call logs

Call logs

View/ record detail call-logs for future reference.

Asset 41video Recording

Video recording

Access and refer to video recordings of your calls


Easily Integrate and Collaborate through Smart AR Glasses

Integrate our solution with smart glasses to quickly diagnose failures with expert assistance. Correct minor faults collaboratively, reducing downtime and on-site service calls. Experience increased revenue and decreased costs.

Asset 54RealWear

RealWear Integration

Easily access Plutomen Connect from RealWear marketplace.

Asset 53 Smart Glass

Other smartglass integration

Integrate other brand smartglasses with our solution.

Smartglass Integration

First Time Fix Rates


Travel Time




1:1 Interactions


Workers Safety


Repair Cost

Reduced Recurrent Visits with Increased First-time Fixes

Boost First Time Fix Rates (FTFR) by establishing one-click remote visual support session between technicians who can troubleshoot and diagnose faults right away.

Increased Throughput with Increased Collaboration

Elevate your workflow with enhanced collaboration and increased throughput. Foster seamless teamwork and witness productivity soar.

Increased Safety with Reduced Service Costs

Prioritize safety while cutting down on service expenses. Achieve a win-win situation with a notable reduction in service costs and an amplified focus on safety measures.

Access Seamless Integration Across All Devices.

Plutomen’s AR remote assistance solution can be deployed and used across a variety of devices, ranging from your web, smartphones, tablets, and smartglasses.


Smart Phones



Smart Glass

Smart glasses




With the help of Remote Visual Assistance, Technicians in the field can receive advise and direction directly from their mobile device, such as a smartphone, tablet, or even a pair of augmented reality glasses such as RealWear.

Through AR, field professionals can get real-time augmented visuals that can give them instructions as they maintain or repair the equipment. Likewise, customers can also leverage AR to self-serve using real-time video collaboration and support to minimize asset downtime, particularly in emergency or pandemic like circumstances.

Plutomen Connect is an AR enabled remote collaboration tool that connects your frontline workforce. With its remote collaboration capabilities, frontline workers can quickly and efficiently resolve frontline issues by connecting with an expert.

To enable faster troubleshooting and maintenance, you can leverage Plutomen’s Visual Remote Assistance features as listed below.

  • Add custom annotations on real world objects to help the team with better understanding.
  • Capture the ongoing maintenance activities for future references.
  • Send videos and documents to team members while on live calls, through chat function.
  • Leverage two-sided AR based drawing on live stream for instant knowledge transfer

Yes. Plutomen Connect is compatible with all typical devices such as smartphones, laptops, PCs, and tablets. It’s also compatible with industrial devices like headset, smart glasses etc. Good news is, you can connect with experts from any device. There are no restrictions.

Plutomen Connect has a two-way login function. One for registered members and another for guest login. Non registered members can join through the link generated by Connect app. Any registered members can share this link with guests.

Take One Step Closer to Digitally Transform Your Worker

Fix technical issues on time, without compromising the safety of your frontline workforce.

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