Remote Visual Assistance for Frontline Workers

Resolve remotely & instantly in real-time. Increase first-time fix rate for your front-line issues with Remote Visual Support.

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See and Guide On-site Remotely, with AR and Live Video Stream

Frustrated with on-site challenges like recurring daily visits, increase travel costs, and limited access to technical experts? Fret not, as Plutomen Connect eliminates such challenges for you by connecting technicians in a real-time augmented environment where they can visually see, communicate, and resolve critical issues as they arise. Leverage AR-powered camera stream to guide your technicians in real-time with hand-drawing, marking, or writing texts in the form of AR annotations to get a quicker TAT and FTR.

Reduced Recurrent Visits with Increased First-time Fixes


First Time Resolution


Travel Time

Increased Throughput with Increased Collaboration




1:1 Interactions

Increased Safety with Reduced Service Costs


Workers Safety


Repair Cost


Receive Remote Assistance Anytime, Anywhere with AR.

Securely deliver remote resolution, annotate live video, and offer visual remote support to your internal and external employees anywhere anytime with Plutomen Connect.


Connect, Communicate, and Collaborate in Real Time

One click connect with technicians, augmented with AR and live video on mobile devices and wearables. Escalate issues to experts or agents to virtually see and guide resolutions remotely, as if they're actually on-site.


Instantly Refer to a Knowledge Base for Easier Resolution

Capture content of images and recordings from service sessions automatically into service tickets or knowledge base for proof of work or compliance. Access a repository of knowledge base & eliminate the need to go back and forth, while fixing technical issues.

Features of Our Remote Visual Assistance Software

AR Annotation
AR Annotations

On-screen overlay & display of real-time annotations

Text Chat over VoIP
Text Chat over VoIP

Chat with colleagues or peers in real-time over VoIP

3D Object Detection
3D Object Detection

Leverage enhanced support with live 3D object detection

1 1 or Group Calling
1:1 or Group Calling

Interact with your colleagues either one on one or via video call

Freeze & Screenshot
Freeze & Screenshot

Pause the screen in real-time, while you instruct technician on call

Media Storage
Media Storage

Store Video files for efficient revision of information transferred on calls

Guest Invite
Guest Invite

Invite anyone on call, without having to create user account

Low Bandwidth support
Low Bandwidth support

Automatic call-quality adjustment with available network bandwidth

Call logs
Call logs

View/ record detail call-logs to track device usage

Unleash the Power of Visual Assistance for Your Frontline Workers!

Live Video, Augmented Reality and Real Time Insights.

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Where our Remote Visual Support Software Adds Value?

Plutomen Connect, our remote visual support solution is widely used and entertained across industry 4.0, healthcare, telecom, and smart-cities. Some of the major use-cases of Plutomen Connect are:

Audit, Inspection, and Assembly operations in Industry 4.0;

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Instruction & repairing of spare parts and machines in Field Service;

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Remote issue resolution over video calls for Customer Service;

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Immersive Learning and Training with Augmented Reality;

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Production and Maintenance of Big Machineries in Industrial Enterprise;

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Installation & Commissioning of devices and products.

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Why choose Plutomen Connect as your Remote Visual Assistance Solution


Plutomen Connect help industrial enterprises by solving real-world & challenging problems like:

  • Retain and Upskill frontline workers with the help of Augmented Reality;
  • Maintain sustainability efforts by lowering down carbon footprints and material usage in heavy industries;
  • Keep crucial powerplants and machineries up & running without recurring on-site visits & bearing travel costs;
  • Save 1000 hrs of time and plenty of resources required to train & onboard bigger teams for plants commissioning & installation.

Seamless Integration Across All Devices

Leverage Plutomen Connect to communicate, coordinate, and collaborate with Frontline Workforce, anywhere and anytime.


Smart Phones



Smart Glass

Smart glasses



Remote Visual Assistance with AR, Simplified!

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With the help of Remote Visual Assistance, Technicians in the field can receive advise and direction directly from their mobile device, such as a smartphone, tablet, or even a pair of augmented reality glasses such as RealWear.

Through AR, field professionals can get real-time augmented visuals that can give them instructions as they maintain or repair the equipment. Likewise, customers can also leverage AR to self-serve using real-time video collaboration and support to minimize asset downtime, particularly in emergency or pandemic like circumstances.

Plutomen Connect is an AR enabled remote collaboration tool that connects your frontline workforce. With its remote collaboration capabilities, frontline workers can quickly and efficiently resolve frontline issues by connecting with an expert.

To enable faster troubleshooting and maintenance, you can leverage Plutomen’s Visual Remote Assistance features as listed below.

  • Add custom annotations on real world objects to help the team with better understanding.
  • Capture the ongoing maintenance activities for future references.
  • Send videos and documents to team members while on live calls, through chat function.
  • Leverage two-sided AR based drawing on live stream for instant knowledge transfer

Yes. Plutomen Connect is compatible with all typical devices such as smartphones, laptops, PCs, and tablets. It’s also compatible with industrial devices like headset, smart glasses etc. Good news is, you can connect with experts from any device. There are no restrictions.

Plutomen Connect has a two-way login function. One for registered members and another for guest login. Non registered members can join through the link generated by Connect app. Any registered members can share this link with guests.

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