State-of-the-art Connected Worker Platform for Frontline Teams

Creating a connected ecosystem for workers to enhance their productivity and skillset on-site with AR.

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Increase Profitability With Increased Productivity Of Your Workforce


Productivity Improvement


Reduction In Training Time

Increase Your ROI & Run Your Operations Seamlessly


Decrease In Re-work


Reduction in Scrap & Network Cost

Give More Power To Connected Workers with Real-Time MROs


First Time Fix Rates


Reduction In Downtime


Connect Workers Across Machines with Smart AR powered tools

Plutomen is a no-code Augmented & Connected Worker suite of smart tools that help industrial enterprises to accelerate their frontline capacities. Our suite consist of tools like remote visual assistance, digital work instructions, and AR training that help enterprises increase quality, safety, and productivity in their digital operations.

Our Connected Worker Tools

Collaborate remotely and efficiently with AR.

Extend expert guidance to your frontline workforce with AR annotations, video captures, and live messaging. With us, you can boost your first-time fix rates and troubleshoot issues in real-time. Our device agonistic platform seamlessly integrates your devices without any third-party integrations. We handle all your critical emergencies smartly with immediate MROs.

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Create Work Instructions with AR to resolve critical field issues.

Create visual work instructions to resolve critical issues rapidly. We provide proactive digital solutions like digitized manuals, paperless guides, and step-by-step SOPs to avoid downtime. With us you can conduct regular troubleshoots, MROs, audits and inspections to diagnose issues in real-time and a healthy ROI.

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Leverage the Power of Immersive learning with AR.

Give your frontline workforce the best AR training with Plutomen Assist. With us, you can connect to industry experts and get instant AR training on any device near you. You can also impart highly detailed 3D AR models and curate specialized modules to train your frontline workers. Monitor, train, educate, and track ROI of your connected workforce’s performance.

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Monitor & Facilitate With Connected Worker Solutions In Real-Time

Impart connected worker solutions to respond and resolve issues in real-time with visual assistance from experts, digitalized workflows, and AR training sessions.

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Configurable & Easy-to-use, Connected Platform Features


Instant solutions, Just a Call Away

Connect with your team using real-time collaborative assistance! Communicate effectively and securely through video calling and instant messaging. Share workflow instructions and knowledge bank for enhanced output.

1.AR remote assistance

It allows real-time intervention and support to your team no matter where you are. Break down the organizational silos with an AR-enabled powerful platform.

2.Integrated digital workflows

One-stop solution for MRO, training, inspection and field service needs. Live video sessions, instant messaging, workflow instructions and more on a single platform.

3.AR training sessions

Give AR training sessions and learning modules to your frontline workers for productivity-driven performance.

Admin features

Admin-centric features allow greater control for synchronized performance and hassle-free execution of tasks. Admins can manage users through an interactive dashboard that provides them with a range of administrative options for rendering secure control and task assignment for execution.


Centralized user management


Admin dashboard & user analytics


Knowledge Bank


Managed admin permissions


Smart features for Industry 4.0

We helps in augmenting and connecting frontline workforce with smart AR solutions for industry 4.0 operations, assistance, and maintenance. Get access to smart AR-based features that help your teams to connect, collaborate, and coordinate in real-time.

offline Access

Offline Access

Invite guest users to video sessions with easy-to-use user interface

custom annotations

AR-based drawing and annotations

Draw and annotate over real-life objects with an AR-based drawing tool

3D Models View

3D Models View

Add/ view 3D models in Augmented environment, with accurate size & scale.

Doc share

Document sharing

One-click document sharing in real-time for better collaboration.

Manage Security Of Your Workforce, Data & Knowledge Repositories

Security is the vital component of Plutomen’s AR-led connected worker solution. We are designed to give security controls in your hand. With us, you alleviate risk and increase security of your enterprise.

256-bit Data Encryption at User’s Level

Encrypt all your data whether in rest or in motion with guaranteed privacy and authenticity at the user levels.

Role-based Access Control

Our role-based, finely tuned access control software, deploys groups of users more easily.

Admin Managed Access Permission

Plutomen administrators create and manage users, groups, permissions, and content they see on their home screens.


How Plutomen Helps Eleviate the Potential of Your Connected Workforce?

We facilitate organizations with improved first-time fix rates, decreased downtimes and better impartation of knowledge.

Boosting Productivity
Boosting Productivity

Get cross-plant experts and timely assistance to improve the productivity of your workers.

Remote Inspections
Remote Inspections

Run your operations seamlessly with instant remote cause analysis to improve first time fix rates.

Real-time Resolutions
Real-time Resolutions

Cut down on travelling hindrances with remote availability of experts at anytime from anywhere

AR Training
AR Training

Upskill and reskill your workforce with just a click away and resolve field issues easily

Time Saving
Time Saving

Get remote expert assistance, cut down on commuting time, and increase your machine uptime

Cost Reduction
Cost Reduction

Reduce your travelling and logistics time to save costs for the company

Enhabce Safety
Enhancing Safety

Remain safe from hazardous environment and maintain social distancing to enhance safety of your workforce

Be Connected To Your Remote Workers With Plutomen

Our device agonistic platform helps you stay connected to your onsite-and off-site teams from various other devices.


Smart Phones



Smart Glass

Smart glasses



Monitor & Facilitate With Connected Worker Solutions In Real-Time

Impart connected worker solutions to respond and resolve issues in real-time with visual assistance from experts, digitalized workflows, and AR training sessions.

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