The Connected Worker Platform to Create Frontline of the Future

Tap into the hidden problem-solving potential of your frontlines. Make them connected by creating an ecosystem where workers can access real-time communication, work-instructions, and training from your top experts, anytime and anywhere.

The Challenges

Fueled By Lack of Training & Skill Shortage, Your Workers are Feeling Burnout

Why act now? Despite the enormous potential of connected work, many industrial enterprises continue to struggle with outdated paper-based systems, resulting in burdened workers who lack the crucial expert guidance they need.


About 81% of frontline workers highlight frequent miscommunication, which makes them feeling left out.


Frontline workers spend up to 30% of their time looking for information in papers, which can lead to delays, mistakes


Only 12% frontline workers have access to training outside the workplace, which leaves a huge skill-gap to fill.

The Solutions

Equip Your Frontline Workers with Connected Worker Solutions

Plutomen is a connected worker software suite that seamlessly unite your operations digitally, empowering your workforce with cutting-edge tools. Equip your team with remote assistance, work instructions, and training, all in the palm of their hands. No more boundaries, just boundless skills!

Communicate & Resolve-Affectively with Remote Assistance

Communicate & Resolve Affectively with Remote Assistance

Avoid any miscommunication. Leverage AR powered remote assistance to connect experts with workers and streamline knowledge transfer.

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Digitize maintenance &-troubleshooting checklists

Digitize maintenance & troubleshooting checklists

Get rid of paper. Digitize your maintenance, production, and troubleshooting checklists. Complete them and download instant reports.

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Transform ‘On-the-job

Transform ‘On-the-job’ learning with Immersive training

Training with AR/ VR made easy. Get immersive experience on smart wearables by 3-D visualizing machines and step-by-step training instructions.

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Benefits of Our Connected Worker Platform

Our connected worker app cover the important aspects of communication, inspection, and training for your frontline deskless workers.

Knowledge Management
Knowledge Management

Capture, create, and update a detailed knowledge management inventory that comprises digital work instructions, training materials, and 1:1 communication.


Plutomen suite can be integrated with your IoT sensors, salesforce, microsoft cloud, and SAP based IT systems. We keep on adding our integrators.

Skill Management
Skill Management

Now reskill and upskill your employees, on-demand. Your workers can either connect with experts, access work instructions, or immersive training.

Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation

With us, you evolve your organization digitally. So no longer rely on traditional paper-based systems, & make your workers digitally connected.

No-code solutions

With Plutomen, your workers are not forced to work with one type of advice. Our solutions can be accessed on mobile, tablet, web, and smartglasses.

Secure Information Exchange
Secure Information Exchange

Your workers identity and operational data is secure with us. We encrypt your data so it cannot be leaked and compromised.

Increase Profitability With Increased Productivity Of Your Workforce


Productivity Improvement


Reduction in Training Time

Give More Power To Connected Workers with Real-Time MROs


First Time Fix Rates


Reduction In Downtime

Connected Worker Frontline
Use Cases

Top Use Cases of Our Connected Worker Platform

Our connected worker solutions cater to almost all industrial use cases from field service to MRO to Customer service.

Learning & Development

  • Assisted and Guided Assembly Process
  • Tribal Knowledge Transfer through Experts
  • Immersive Training of New Worker
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  • Step-by-step Workflow for 1st time Right
  • Digital and Maintenance Checklists
  • Integrated Multi-media Training Docs for Audits
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Audits & Inspections

  • Digital Inspection Processes
  • Remote Visual Inspection through AR
  • Immersive Inspection training
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Field Service

  • Remote Collaboration Between Experts
  • Step-by-step Field Service Instructions
  • Training for Assets Installation in Fields
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Installation & Commissioning

  • Step-by-step guided installation instructions
  • Remote Visual Assistance
  • Immersive training for installation
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Customer Service

  • Operating Instructions & Remote Service
  • Digital Operating Manuals for Customer Resolutions
  • Guided Training Materials with Multimedia
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Connect Your Workers Across Various Devices

Our device agonistic platform helps you stay connected to your onsite-and off-site teams from various devices.


Smart Phones



Smart Glass

Smart glasses




The connected worker platform enables industrial companies to equip their workforce with digital software tools, enhancing their work performance within industrial environments. These tools establish connections with mobile and wearable devices, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence. By doing so, workers can stay connected, while organizations can provide appropriate support, training, and opportunities for growth.

Connected worker solutions include remote collaboration & communication tools, digital work instruction tools, and training support tools.

Picture a scenario where a worker effortlessly accesses real-time data, leverages advanced analytics, and collaborates seamlessly with both colleagues and experts remotely. These are the Connected Workers, the trailblazers who embrace technology like AR/ VR, AI, IoT, and Wearables to do their job and resolve faster. Connected worker platforms like Plutomen offer a system that combine these technologies and enhance workers productivity by providing “on-the-job knowledge” transfer with remote assistance, digital work instructions, and immersive training.

Following are the benefits of using connected workers:

  • Improved frontline workers morale
  • Improved work efficiency
  • Improved ‘on-the-job’ safety
  • Real-time collaboration between workers
  • Paperless technology
  • Quick access to information
  • Seamless Knowledge Transfer
  • Greater Mobility
  • Greater products quality

You can make frontline workers connected and empowered by employing them with digital tools that can make their work easy and secure.

Connected worker platforms are built with various technologies like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, AI, and IoT. These technologies are called as connected worker technologies.