Downsize Your Carbon Footprints With Augmented Reality


Plutomen Helps You Meet Your Sustainability Goals

Evolve your journey and operate sustainably according to Environmental, Social, and Governance Criteria, and meet mandatory climatic targets while creating value for the environment and improve lives.

What Do We Do To Adopt Sustainability?


Reduce Service Visits to Save Fuel And Poisonous Gas Emissions

Augmented Reality offers virtual remote assistance that saves the travel cost of your experts, fuel spend on travel, and emission of poisonous gases.

However, our AR-powered platform reduces service visits and gives you assistance on phone calls, video calls, and chats. All this helps in reducing 4,500 carbon footprints annually.


Improve Your Efficiency & Manage Your Waste Better

Be it time, equipment, or resources – nothing will go waste when you have AR-powered platform Plutomen. Increase your first-time fix rates and optimize your performance with videos.

The “See-what-I-see” concept helps you know the parts or the equipment you must carry to diagnose an issue. Plutomen offers you an environment where you can work hassle-free and be more efficient.


Get Sustainable Benefits To Inspire Customer Loyalty

Meet your customer expectations and ESG goals by improving the ability to attract and retain talent. We support the growth of companies in their sustainable efforts.

With Plutomen, you can be a step ahead of your competition and work towards sustainable growth. We help you feel empowered!

Increased Sustainability With Increased Security


Eliminat of CO2E (negative)


rejected dispatches (negative)


First Time Fix Rate (positive)


decreased Truck rolls (negative)


Decrease in Fuel Consumption


Decrease in Climate Risk


Increase in Waste Management


Decrease in Green House Emissions


Discover Sustainable Benefits By Plutomen

Decrease Truck Roll Outs

Decrease Truck Roll Outs

Get instant visual work instructions to troubleshoot problems

Get Sustainability Metrics

Get Sustainability Metrics

Reduce fuel consumption and take your first step towards sustainable development

Boost Your Customer

Boost Your Customer’s Loyalty

Change your sustainability process to gain an edge over your competition

Reduce Your Waste

Reduce Your Waste

Optimized first-time fix rates and get real-time MROs

Enhanced Employee Experience

Enhanced Employee Experience

Get innovative tec-enriched sustainable growth and AR training to employees

Enriched Service Experience

Enriched Service Experience

Engage in sustainable development and enhance the experience