Get on-time remote support needed to get equipment back up and running faster

Ensure uninterrupted energy control systems operation with Plutomen and offer exceptional AR heating and air conditioning HVAC service

Complete Live Support Video Calling Solutions
There are times when field HVAC technicians would get stuck in between processes unable to move forward, thus increasing downtime. Waiting for other team members to arrive at site and resolve the issues would just delay the whole process resulting in loss of revenue. But through Plutomen’s Connect app your field technicians can Instantly collaborate with your team members with support video calls. Team members can then guide the on-site worker on the right path to resolve issues immediately.
Draw On-Call 3D Annotations
When planning HVAC maintenance, front line team needs to manage multi-zone variable air volume (VAV) system and various constant air volume (CAV) systems. Not just this, but experts have to control HVAC systems face leaks, blockages, and deterioration on a regular basis, and ensure that there are no malfunctions in an HVAC system. Now ease all these processes by introducing Plutomen Connect to your frontline teams and ensure that the maintenance checks, which can take weeks, can be done in a few minutes remotely. The team can draw AR annotations and follow the precise instructions right on the live call.
Guest Invite to Offer Step-By-Step Guidance
Some issues in HVAC and commercial refrigeration equipment are too complex and may need immediate expert attention. However, the non-availability of HVAC experts in the area can make the job more difficult and increase the hardship of tasks like air filtration and food and medical supply preservation. Use Plutomen Connect which lets you invite HVAC experts through the guest login so they can offer step-by-step guidance to your HVAC technicians remotely and timely adjust the HVAC systems.
Well-Organized Checklist & Sops
When it comes to HVAC, no one thinks of SOP and workflows. However, that’s where HVAC companies stay behind. The majority of HVAC workers follow a project-based model, which is a difficult model to sustain the regular cash flow. But with well-organized SOPs, HVAC companies can adapt to customers’ needs and demands on time and strengthen customer relationships. Plutomen’s Workflow technology helps HVAC companies take ownership of each step of the HVAC process from installation to monitoring to meet the ever-changing demands of consumers while developing strong customer relationships and higher cash flow.
Education & Training Functionality with Curb-To-Curb Experience
New hires in HVAC fields often face issues with the installation and repairing process, as it requires attention to detail and great precision. Also, many experienced employees are going to retire soon while new joiners find the HVAC industry challenging. One wrong installation could increase the need for expensive reworks in the near future. Plutomen’s Assist helps HVAC companies avoid such scenarios by helping organizations develop a central knowledge repository for newcomers that they can access whenever they are stuck in some work. They can follow the instructional videos while performing maintenance to brush up on their basics. It also enables them to perform tasks that would otherwise require expert guidance.
Reinvent the HVAC Service Experience Powered with AR Technology

Make expertise remotely accessible to your front-line team with real-time visuals and AR interaction & offer time-sensitive resolutions with complete safety

Enable AR Technology in HVAC Industry

Integrate remote collaboration into your HVAC company with Plutomen

Drastically improve scheduled maintenance of Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) and keep them up and running by remotely handling difficult repairs conducted out in the field.

Improve comprehension and reduce downtime
Instantly connect with HVAC experts through live video calls and resolve issues remotely with Plutomen’s Connect. Instant resolution of issues means less downtime and improvements in customer satisfaction.
Real-time decision making with long-term accuracy
Plutomen’s AR software makes it efficient to plan out and execute the installation of HVAC systems. It provides both newcomers and established HVAC professionals with crucial information such that they can work with fewer errors, thus cutting down the need for expensive reworks.
Offer access to self-guided instructions and bridge skill gap
Accelerate industry training and bridge the skills gap with AR guided instructions and encrypted knowledge repository through Plutomen’s Assist.
Stimulate installation process
HVAC freshers often face issues in the installation and repairing process due to low knowledge. Plutomen’s AR Assist helps HVAC technicians directly visualize HVAC ducts mapped out in real-time. The app displays 3D models of where the ducts should be so that installation processes can closely match the whole plan.

Augmented Reality Use-Cases in HVAC Industry

Detect issues in advance & troubleshoot

Incorporate planned maintenance strategy into your commercial HVAC business using well-defined workflows and SOPs to map out issues in advance with Plutomen’s Workflow.

Execute HVAC equipment performance analysis

HVAC equipment runs on varying load conditions and thus they require constant performance analysis to ensure maximum efficiency. Now let your team remotely collaborate to measure energy modeling metrics & achieve optimum results with your HVAC project.

Quickly identify components, specifications, source parts

Leverage Plutomen to help HVAC technicians identify components, specifications, source parts and scan barcodes during maintenance and repair activities.

Boost the lifespan and performance of assets

Let your frontline team offer timely support to avoid larger technical problems due to simple wear and tear without spending much time diagnosing the problem. This is possible with Plutomen Workflow & Plutomen Assist wherein you can effectively document your procedures and can train your team.

Fall back on your history

Over the years, your HVAC team may have managed multiple servicing and assets maintenance projects without recording calls or progress. Now with Plutomen Connect, you can finally record and keep track of all the call logs of your past jobs and reuse these instructions to identify solutions to common issues in the future.

High Impact Benefits

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3D Annotations
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Remote MROs
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Real-Time Troubleshooting
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Quality Audits & Inspections
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Step-by-step SOPs
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Paperless Digitized Manuals
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AR Training

Client Testimonials

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The app and website launched on time and met all the requirements. Plutomen Technologies Private Limited delivered top-notch products that satisfied a list of highly precise specifications. Their timely delivery and full grasp of the project needs allowed for a successful collaboration.

Shrirang Shah Thermotech Systems Ltd

The apps and website met all requirements and have since launched. Plutomen Technologies Private Limited delivered high-quality products on time and at an excellent value. Their consistent communication, in-depth expertise, and flexibility made for smooth collaboration.

Harshvardhan Patel Prima Automation (India) Pvt. Ltd

The project is available on the App and Play stores. Plutomen Technologies was flexible and available to work on-site. They’re a results-oriented firm with strong technical competency in AR and VR.

Sharad Kabra Arvind Envisol
Improve Productivity at Construction Sites with AR Technology

Offer AR training, instructions, and service procedures to your front-line team working at construction sites which can drastically minimize the human-error risks and optimize on-field processes

Train Your Workforce Today!

Empower Your Frontline Workforce with AR Remote Assistance

Plutomen is a no-code AR remote assistance suite that makes remote collaboration faster with Augmented reality solutions. Our industry-grade AR platform offers visual remote assistance, improved workflows, and immersive AR learning-based training to frontline workers. Utilize our device-agnostic platform to collaborate with your remote workforce efficiently.