Augmented Reality in HVAC Industry

Train technicians in HVAC industry and assist them in the field with Augmented Reality solutions

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The HVAC Industry

Smart devices and latest technology has created its mark in many industries including HVAC. With AR in HVAC industry, enterprises can get hands on experience to a productive and efficient technology to create and share knowledge repositories, conduct MROs, & troubleshoot issues with ease.


Challenges Faced by HVAC Industry

Labour Shortage

Labour Shortage

Like many other industries HVAC industry also faces shortage of workforce from time to time. The reasons for this shortage can be as simple as fewer people in the new generation are pursuing the trade and retiring of experienced officials.

Productivity of Team

Productivity of Team

The training of HVAC industry is both costly and lengthy. It can take almost 6 to 12 months for an HVAC worker to be fully ready for the industry. During this whole time of acquiring knowledge and filling the knowledge gaps, a worker is not able to work to its full productivity that influences the productivity of the enterprise too.

Monitoring the Workforce

Monitoring the Workforce

Being available to help your frontline workers or to track down their daily performance you need AR tools in place. With them, you can monitor your workforce’s performance in real-time and give them constant suggestions and feedbacks.

Fluctuating Business Periods

Fluctuating Business Periods

The marketing dynamics for the HVAC industry keeps on shifting as per the season. Due to these instant changes in demands of HVAC products, enterprises need to be ready for the season. Any shortcoming on it will give an edge to your competitor and make you stagnant in the market.

How AR in HVAC Industry Can Help Your Frontline Workers?

Get the latest and the best AR remote collaboration tool and assistance to guide your frontline workers.

24×7 assistance for your frontline workforce

Give round-the-clock assistance and guidance to your frontline workers by being connected to them through live video calls and chats to diagnose issues in real-time. With us, you get experts feedbacks, opinions, and suggestions run your business operation smoothly

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Give smarter workflows to your frontline workers

Avoid errors, downtimes, and risks that can put a full stop to the seamless working of your daily operations and workers’ productivity. With us, you can give your frontline workers intelligent workflows to improve their productivity and monitor y and monitor their progress. Introduce them to Plutomen workflow and get step-by-step SOPs, digitized manuals, and paperless guides at your fingertips.

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Onboard employees with immersive AR training

Make your frontline workers ready to solve any complex issue with ease through Plutomen Assist. We offer you a self-assisting platform with secure knowledge repositories, AR training, and 3D AR annotations of complex machines so that you get all the unfiltered knowledge about it.

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Integrate remote collaboration into your HVAC company with Plutomen

Reduce downtime

Reduce downtime

Instantly connect with HVAC experts through live video calls and resolve issues remotely with Plutomen Connect. Instant resolution of issues means less downtime and improvements in customer satisfaction.

Real-time decision making

Real-time decision making

Plutomen’s AR software makes it efficient to plan out and execute the installation of HVAC systems. It provides both newcomers and established HVAC professionals with crucial information such that they can work with fewer errors, thus cutting down the need for expensive reworks.

Access to self-guided instructions

Access to self-guided instructions

Accelerate industry training and bridge the skills gap with AR guided instructions and encrypted knowledge repository through Plutomen’s Assist. With us, you can troubleshoot all complex issues with ease.

Stimulate installation process

Stimulate installation process

HVAC freshers often face issues in the installation and repairing process due to low knowledge. Plutomen’s AR Assist helps HVAC technicians directly visualize HVAC ducts mapped out in real-time. The app displays 3D models of where the ducts should be so that installation processes can closely match the whole plan.

Empower Your Off-site Teams with Improved Productivity


increase in digitalization


less time on documentation

Incur No Hefty Costs for Quality Products


production of quality products


less cost on travelling cost of expert

Get Rid of Unnecessary Downtimes


rise in phone fix resolutions


faster resolutions to solve issues


Why Plutomen?

Plutomen is a no-code, AR-led platform. It helps frontline workers to connect, collaborate, and coordinate with experts and receive remote assistance from anywhere at any point. Not just that you get access to smarter workflows and AR training to make your workforce ready for any upcoming challenges. We help you minimize your downtimes and avoid errors by conducting regular MROs, troubleshooting of issues, running quality inspections and audits to check the progress.


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