Augmented Reality in Food Industry

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The Food & Beverage Industry

The Food and Beverage Industry is one of the most diversified networks of companies. The daily operations of the industry include production processes, packaging, transportation, and distribution. Thus, they require hassle-free operations and regular MROs to handle issues effectively. Therefore, our AR solution, Plutomen is the perfect platform for the industry to carry forward uninterrupted workflows. Moreover, the food and beverage industry is linked with many other sectors and has a deep impact on the economy.


Challenges Faced By Food & Beverage Industry


Shortage Of Labour

Even though the food and beverage industry has welcomed automation in their production process, they still need labor for labor-intensive operations. However, due to peak season, they might face shortage of labor, that can impact their productivity.


Quality Of Products

In the food and beverage industry, each process needs to be strictly controlled to maintain the quality throughout the batches and keep contaminated food items at bay. An enterprise also needs to ensure that they provide the right storage and transportation conditions so their food doesn’t turn stale.


Production Efficiency

The FMCG industry holds price competitive market. Thus, enterprises try hard to improve the efficiency of their production and produce quality products at a minimum cost without neglecting the hygiene or health of its customers.


Time = Money

The food and beverage industry often deals with fresh fruits, vegetables, and other products. In those crucial times – machine downtime, disruptions in supply chain, and interrupted workflows can result in companies spending more money.

Revolutionize Food-Tech Manufacturing With AR

Leverage augmented reality in the food and beverage industry to digitize your business operations and feel more connected to your teams - anywhere, anytime.

Receive expert guidance around-the-clock!

Schedule your calls and live sessions with experts to receive remote guidance with PLutomen Connect. With us, you can collaborate with your off-site teams and resolve your issues in time.

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Get the best digitalized work instructions to your remote teams

Our digital workflows are your gateway to conduct remote MROs, audits, inspections, and troubleshooting of issues. We provide you digital work instructions, paperless manuals, and step-by-step SOPs in real-time.

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Empower your frontline workers with AR training.

Give more power to your remote workers with AR trainings and 3D AR annotations. Make their experience more immersive experience with Plutomen Assist, a self-assisting platform to fill the uneven knowledge gaps in your team.

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Boon AR in Food Industry – To Stay Ahead Of Competition


Reduce Equipment Downtime

Don’t want to lose your revenue to unplanned downtimes? Well, now you don’t need to! Get Plutomen Connect and communicate with an expert and get faster resolutions.


Quick Remote Inspections and Audits

Perform a quick inspection at your F&B factory, which has several connected machines and equipment, and never let your plant face any breakdowns or delays.


Boost Your Production Efficiency

Plant operators can now visualize the production line process with our customizable AR Workflow software. Give operators a holistic view of how they can optimize the industrial process and reduce any errors.


Streamline Training Of Frontline Workers

Give your new trainees the opportunity to practice their learning with Plutomen’s Assist. Access virtual representations of real-world world machinery with 3D AR annotations and help your workforce train faster.

Decrease Costs & Utilize Your Time In Time-saving Operations


AR Digitalized Workflows


Downsize Time Spent On Documentations

Avoid Interrupted Operations & Processes Smoothly


Increase In Production Quality


Rise In Worker’s Productivity

Resolve Issues With Quick Internal Audits & Inspections


Rise in Phone Fixes


Less Time Taken To Run Operations


Why Plutomen?

Empower your frontline workers with Plutomen a no-code, AR-led remote assistance and guidance platform. The platform will help you accelerate your digital transformation and participate in the metaverse revolution. Our platform offers you AR collaboration tools and guided workflows from experts to optimize your daily operations and productivity. With us, increase your profits and efficiency today!


Know What Our Clients Say

Have a look to know how we empower your enterprise!

Plutomen has helped us set a standard digital workflow. The AR assistance platform has helped us manage our time more effectively and had a positive impact on the productivity of our business.

I was surprised to see the report from the Development Administration Department. The reports stated the substantial improvements such as faster first-time fix rates, a rise in productivity of workers, and a decrease in downtimes. Adopting Plutomen as our partner in growth has helped us in accelerating our digital transformation.

We are able to see the problem and assist our workforce with expert guidance at lightning speed. With the help of AR-led Plutomen, we can pinpoint problems and get real-time solutions to them. Plutomen has made us more prepared to face issues and that has worked wonders for us and our clients.

AR in Food & Beverage
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