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The Smart City Industry

From fossil fuels to nuclear power plant, power and renewable energy companies provide support to every economy to stand tall in the world. However, now it’s time to include safe working environment with an augmented reality smart city software, to churn out the slow burn of retiring employees.


Challenges Faced by Smart City

Market Transformations

Market Transformations

Rapidly changing systems and latest technologies can help in building the cities of future. However, to gain such transformative results, enterprises need to invest in technology and frontline workers to proceed with their new operations in full swing.

Shortage Of Staff

Shortage Of Staff

Not having enough staff to keep operations running is another challenge that an enterprise may come across. This challenge becomes harder with the ageing of employees and their constant job rotation. Thus, the need to on-board and train new employees become very crucial for the enterprise.

Technical Glitches

Technical Glitches

Consistent glitches and delayed MROs not only create a negative impact on your daily operations but also increase your expenses. Not able to troubleshoot issues on-time can lead to interrupted operations and more downtime of your machines. Thus, you must try your best to avoid the situations and save your enterprise from technical glitches.

Infrastructure Maintenance

Infrastructure Maintenance

The smart city industry is its well-defined and built infrastructure. It requires regular inspection of power lines and water supply happens regularly. Thus, enterprise must try hard to be in the game and create digital work instructions, SOPs, checklists and schedule quality audits.

How AR in Smart City Can Help Your Build Urban Cities?

Overcome the challenges of creative a smart city, with innovative industry-ready solutions. With us, get remote assistance from experts and resolve all your issues anytime.

Give remote assistance and guidance to your team

Assure your frontline workers with 24×7 assistance and connectivity to diagnose their issues in real-time and help them run uninterrupted operations. You can connect with experts via live video sessions, phone calls, and chats.

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Bring change in your workflows with smarter and safer ecosystem

Reduce risks and errors to get smarter workflows for your enterprise. We provide you digital checklists, step-by-step SOPs, guides and manuals. With these access points you can conduct seamless MROs, troubleshoot issues, and check the quality of audits and inspections in real-time.

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Onboard new employees with proper AR training

Fill in the technical and skill gaps of your off-site teams with proper training and assistance. At Plutomen, we provide a self-assisting platform to all your frontline workers to onboard new employees with less to no technical gaps. With us they get hands-on-experience with 3D AR annotations to diagnose and use complex machines.

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Know How Augmented Reality Smart City Software Is a Game-Changer

Next-gen Healthcare

Next-gen Healthcare

Plutomen Connect will help you connect to healthcare experts and get access to their guidance in less than a few seconds to conduct significant surgeries or operations. With AR-powered AR annotations and freeze options, you can take an expert opinion in a critical case.

Quick Response to Disasters

Quick Response to Disasters

With digital manuals and step-by-step SOPs, you will know exactly what to do when a disaster occurs. You will have an intelligent plan handy to maintain the safety and security of your frontline workers in times of natural disaster, calamities or fire breakdowns.

Futuristic Navigation

Futuristic Navigation

Diagnose and troubleshoot any issues in your machinery with regularized MROs. They will help you identify the key issues and areas with a reasonable solution to improve your frontline worker’s productivity and efficiency of your operations in real-time.

Urban Planning

Urban Planning

Collaborate with industry experts through Plutomen Connect and plan your smart city’s infrastructure more smartly. From visualizing accommodation and transportation to education, provide the best amenities in a safe and secure environment.

Smart Education

Smart Education

Plutomen Assist will help you tap into unrealized potential of AR technology through immersive and engaging learning methodologies. Get access to smart classrooms to make on-the-job learning easy for your frontline workers. Provide them with digital manuals, step-by-step SOPs, 3D annotations, and expert guidance.

Improved Workforce with Improved Productivity


digitalization to accelerate process


less time on documentation

No Extra Cost on Remote Assistance


Improved quality products


less travelling cost

Remove Downtimes from Your Enterprise today


rise in phone fix rates


increase in faster resolutions


Why Choose Plutomen's AR Smart City Software?

Give your enterprise an edge over your competition with Plutomen. We give you access to a no-coded required platform that gets your remote assistance and AR-support at your fingertips. With us, you incur no extra maintenance charges on expert visit, travel cost and more. From digital workflows for uninterrupted operations to AR training sessions for improving your daily productivity, we provide you everything within Plutomen.


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