Embrace Augmented Reality &
Boost Sustainability in your Smart City

From connecting to industry experts to know the reasons behind declining urban biodiversity to enhancing the security of your smart cities - you can do it all with Augmented Reality Smart City.

Costly Visits Of Experts
Audits and inspections from experts are time-consuming and very heavy on the pockets, especially when it comes to developing smart cities. Thus, you need a solution to help you connect and coordinate with a professional. Plutomen Connect is here to help you. Our AR-powered Plutomen solution gets your assistance from the pro-level of experts without commuting. You can connect with them on video calls, show them problems in real-time, and get the answer as soon as possible. Through this, you can run your operations seamlessly and save on the costly visits of experts
Infrastructure Maintenance
One of the best things about the smart city industry is its well-defined and built infrastructure. But to keep it smart, you need to make sure that it’s appropriately maintained and inspection of power lines and water supply happens regularly. We can connect you with industry experts through Plutomen Connect and take care of all your audits and inspections through Plutomen Workflow. The best thing about this AR-powered tool is you can use it from remote locations and adhere to the SOPs and checklists anytime you want.
Timely Repair and Maintenance
Often new and young engineers lack the skills or do not have the correct information to run effective MROs. Due to this, the downtime of machinery and productivity of employees suffer. Not anymore! Plutomen Workflow offers you visual work instructions, digitized manuals, and collaboration with experts to repair machines and decrease prolonged downtimes.
Water & Waste Management
While developing a smart city, you need to make sure precise operational & inspection tools and a very efficient MRO in place. Unfortunately, due to scarcity of qualified on-field frontline workforce they struggle with daily troubleshooting MRO and operational challenges. With Plutomen Workflow, you get step-by-step SOPs, digitized manuals, visual work instructions, and diagnoses to troubleshoot your problems in a limited time. Overlaying images can help with complex troubleshooting like wiring ground networks or handling complex machinery.
Shortage of Skilled Engineers
As more and more skilled engineers, technicians, and frontline experts retire, it is troubling for the smart city industry to find a suitable replacement to fill the gap. Due to this, the shortage of skilled experts is unable to train new engineers and transfer knowledge in a timely & effective manner. But with Plutomen Assist, you can connect your young frontline workers to soon to be retiring industry experts and get them directly by AR training with a robust platform. This way, you can improve the productivity of your workforce and minimize your downtime.
Troubleshoot Smart City Problems With Expert's Help Via Video Chat.

Support your field engineers, technicians, and remote workforce by connecting them in real-time with an expert on video calls, chats, and phone calls.

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Know How Augmented Reality in Smart Cities Is a Game-Changer

Plutomen Connect, Plutomen Workflow, and Plutomen Assist helps you simplify the digital transition of your ordinary cities to smart cities. We provide you with step-by-step SOPs, end-to-end diagnosis, and remote troubleshooting of your smart city machines and equipment.

Next-gen Healthcare
Plutomen Connect will help you connect to healthcare experts and get access to their guidance in less than a few seconds to conduct significant surgeries or operations. With AR-powered AR annotations and freeze options, you can take an expert opinion in a critical case.
Quick Response Time to Disasters
With digital manuals and step-by-step SOPs, you will know exactly what to do when a disaster occurs. You will have an intelligent plan handy to maintain the safety and security of your frontline workers in times of natural disaster, calamities or fire breakdowns.
Futuristic Navigation
Diagnose and troubleshoot any issues in your machinery with regularized MROs. They will help you identify the key issues and areas with a reasonable solution to improve your frontline worker's productivity and efficiency of your operations in real-time.
Urban Planning
Collaborate with industry experts through Plutomen Connect and plan your smart city’s infrastructure more smartly. From visualizing accommodation and transportation to education, provide the best amenities in a safe and secure environment.
Smart Education
Plutomen Assist will help you tap into unrealized potential of AR technology through immersive and engaging learning methodologies. Get access to smart classrooms to make on-the-job learning easy for your frontline workers with digital manuals, step-by-step SOPs, 3D annotations, and expert guidance.

Smart City Use Cases

Sustainable Transformation

Balance the present and future concerns of development with IIoT and IoT smart devices and minimize your downtime.

Remote Repair and Maintenance

Enable repair and maintenance of intelligent utilities in real-time so that your workers never face downtime due to machinery failure.

Troubleshooting in Real-time

With step-by-step SOPs, collaborate and communicate with your remote workers and help them troubleshoot their issues in a limited time.

Regular Audit, Inspection, and Compliance

Facilitate remote audits, inspections, and compliances to check that all your operations are running smoothly. You will also save time and money on travel.

On-the-job AR Training

Provide remote guidance and on-the-job AR training to newly appointed technicians and engineers with the help of retired professionals.

High Impact Benefits

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Remote Assistance
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3D Annotations
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Remote MROs
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Real-Time Troubleshooting
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Quality Audits & Inspections
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Step-by-step SOPs
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Paperless Digitized Manuals
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AR Training

Client Testimonials

Test Bring your technicians, workforce and experts together on mobile devices and wearables with Live Video and AR abilities Bring your workforce and experts technicians...


The app and website launched on time and met all the requirements. Plutomen Technologies Private Limited delivered top-notch products that satisfied a list of highly precise specifications. Their timely delivery and full grasp of the project needs allowed for a successful collaboration.

Shrirang Shah Thermotech Systems Ltd

The apps and website met all requirements and have since launched. Plutomen Technologies Private Limited delivered high-quality products on time and at an excellent value. Their consistent communication, in-depth expertise, and flexibility made for smooth collaboration.

Harshvardhan Patel Prima Automation (India) Pvt. Ltd

The project is available on the App and Play stores. Plutomen Technologies was flexible and available to work on-site. They’re a results-oriented firm with strong technical competency in AR and VR.

Sharad Kabra Arvind Envisol
Implement Urban Mobility, Safety, and Training with AR Technology

Offer AR training, instructions, and service procedures to your front-line team working at construction sites which can drastically minimize the human-error risks and optimize on-field processes.

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Empower Your Frontline Workforce with AR Remote Assistance

Plutomen is a no-code AR remote assistance suite that makes remote collaboration faster with Augmented reality solutions. Our industry-grade AR platform offers visual remote assistance, improved workflows, and immersive AR learning-based training to frontline workers. Utilize our device-agnostic platform to collaborate with your remote workforce efficiently.