Augmented Reality Training for Frontline Workers

Impart technical skills and industrial knowledge in your frontline workforce with immersive AR training. Schedule highly engaging training programs from any location, irrespective of distance & connectivity.

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Look Past Printed Manuals! Adopt Augmented Reality Training for Maximum Productivity.

Look past using printed training manuals and utilize the efficiency of AR to provide immersive learning to your frontline workers! Plutomen Assist is the most dynamic Augmented Reality Training software, which enable industry experts to develop their own training model. The unique step-by-step interactive instructions appear directly in front of an employee's eyesight. It reduces the workload and self-assist with processes like assembly, manufacturing, QA, and immersive learning.

Increased Employee Engagement with Reduced Learning Barriers


Employee Engagement


Learning Barriers

Reduced Training Costs with Reduced Travel Time


Training Costs


Travel Time

Increased Safety Measures with Increased Training Sessions


Safety Measures


Training Sessions


AR Technology Designed to Train Frontliners, Anywhere & Anytime.

Let the industry experts offer valuable augmented reality based training to onboarding front-line professionals and accelerate ramp-up times to see soaring results. Allow retiring experts to deliver precise knowledge transfer to young minds and overcome the scarcity of young skilled workers.

Feature 01

Ease the On-boarding Training Processes with 3D Models

Effortlessly import AR 3D models of your machines and train front-line workers without actual machines. Each 3D model is highly detailed, which helps in better knowledge transfer and comprehension.

Feature 02

Access a Knowledge Repository for Proof-of-work compliance

Rapidly close information gaps by developing a knowledge repository. Enable new hires to gain knowledge fast and see what's working and what needs improvement. Increase training speed or efficiency whenever required, until you hit proficiency targets.

Feature 03

Scan Barcodes. Get Training Manuals, Instantly

Scan the barcode or QR code on machines to quickly access the training materials and guides linked with specific machines or specific parts. Augment your frontliners to access training materials even in the complex emergencies.

Features that Make our AR Training Software Stand Apart

The more your team grows, the more training they need. Plutomen Assist boast of smart features to incorporate augmented training that engage your frontliners fast and make them job-ready in days, not months.

3D Models
3D Models

Develop or import 3D models of machines or spare parts that resemble like real objects.

Mobile Compatibility
Mobile Compatibility

Use assist on a mobile application and provide training to your workers effectively.

Zero code
Zero code

Build a training repository with drag and drop components that are fully customizable.

Training Modules
Training Modules

Train a single person or a group of people with your company training modules.


Leverage animations to visually guide your workers about maintenance process.

Step-by-step Instructions
Step-by-step Instructions

Let your trainees self-train themselves with step-by-step training instructions.

Maintenance Modules
Maintenance Modules

Digitize your maintenance modules so that your workers can utilize them affectively.

Decimate 3D files
Decimate 3D files

Make 3D files visible and usable on your mobile/smart phones by decimating them.

Template libraries
Template libraries

Utilize readily available template libraries and themes or customize as per your brand needs.

Reduce Costs & Travel Time On-site with AR-powered Training

Incorporate AR training for your workers to make them work-efficient and productive when it matters the most.

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High-impact Usage of Our Industry-wide Training Solution

Plutomen Assist, our AR-powered training software, is widely used across several industry 4.0 learning initiatives, smart-cities, healthcare, aviation industries, and more. Some of the major AR training use-cases of Plutomen Assist are:

Audit, Inspection, and Assembly training in Industry 4.0;

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Training Instructions to repair spare parts and machines in Field Service;

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Remote training over video calls for Customer Service;

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Immersive employee learning and training with AR;

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Production and maintenance related training and skill development;

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Step-by-step learning of installation & commissioning of products.

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Why choose Plutomen Assist as your Augmented Reality Training Solution?


Plutomen assist help industrial enterprises by solving real-world & challenging problems like:

  • Retain and upskill frontline workers with hands-on learning in a structured manner;
  • Sustain safety procedures & allow frontliners to perform delegate tasks by using AR;
  • Replace the need to schedule costly training webinars & classes with AR headsets & training application;
  • Remove cognitive learning barriers & eliminate the need to be present on-site with the help of AR powered training.

Deploy on any Device, anytime.

Experience Plutomen Assist on any device your front-line team use.


Smart Phones



Smart Glass

Smart glasses



Plutomen Assist

Immersive Training made Simple, with AR! Learn How Plutomen Assist can boost your learner's engagement and performance with the help of AR-based training.


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Augmented Reality Training brings digital augmentation to life by creating a real-life interactive environment through which learners can access the training information on their smart-glasses, tablets, phones, or PCs.

Augmented Reality (AR) Training gives several benefits ranging from safety, practical learning, better employee engagement, low training costs, step-by-step task implementation, etc.

With Plutomen Assist, frontline workers can implement technical training, operations training, safety training, product/ machine knowledge training, and seamless employee knowledge transfer & onboarding.

Plutomen Assist is AR software that helps you train your front-line teams with AR guided instructions and allows experts in your team to pass on knowledge to new joiners. With the software, all the registered users can develop their own training modules and even keep all the information insight for future use whenever necessary. Pre-built knowledge repositories are one of the best ways to reduce employee workload while supporting manufacturing processes like assembly, QA and initial training.

Plutomen Assist can ease frontline training in many ways including:

  • Developing AR guided training guides that reduce the manual dependency to train employees at every step.
  • Designing training modules and editing them as necessary.
  • Scan the barcodes or QR codes on the machine to gain instant information about them or the environment.
  • Save both time and money required for initial training in plants.

Admins can select an existing template or create a new template for uploading guide and for better usage, they can create subcategories and add tags. Initially for a new guide, you will require to add a topic or a machine. Once done, use the Barcode/ QR code Scanning option to identify the machines. For safety reasons, only admins can create, edit, and manage guides created on Plutomen Assist.

To find any specific AR-based instruction guides or training modules, all you need to do is navigate to the category and look for the documents you specifically need. This makes MRO easier and is extremely helpful in preserving the knowledge bank for future references.

See Plutomen Assist in Action.