Augmented Reality in Aviation Industry

From pre-flight planning to post-flight analysis, quality checks for FAA & CAA, solving time-sensitive and critical issues with AR

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The Aviation Industry

The Aviation industry is growing at a skyrocketing speed. The strategic industry of the world economy is responsible for the research, development, and production of aircraft and other aerospace machines. The frontline workers working in the industry need to take care of uncrewed aerial vehicles, assembling and manufacturing aircraft. All these operations are very costly and require precision and guidance from experts. With our AR-led remote assistance platform, you can guide and train your frontline workers to resolve any issues. We offer you quick MROs, real-time troubleshooting of issues, and more.


Challenges Faced By Aviation Industry

Skill & Knowledge Gap

Skill & Knowledge Gap

Training your frontline workers and staff to make them more equipped, experienced, and professional is challenging for many enterprises. They need to provide continuous training to the next generation of aviation workers so that they can perform their tasks efficiently without depending too much on others.

Management Of Data

Management Of Data

Carrying out operations in the aviation industry calls for more secure and efficient ways to conduct MROs, audits, inspections, and troubleshooting of issues. Adhering to the highest security standards might sound challenging but if done right will result in managing data safely and efficiently.

Digitalization Of Manufacturing Units

Digitalization Of Manufacturing Units

Aviation industry is one of the most dynamic industries when it comes to implementing innovations and adopting new technology. The new and upcoming digitalized solutions help enterprises in being competitive and relevant when manufacturing and providing aviation facilities.

Assured Quality Products

Assured Quality Products

The slightest ignorance in the aviation industry can cost hundreds of lives. Every operation of the industry is critical and thus frontline workers must ensure the highest standards and quality of aircraft they produce for safe manufacturing.

Address Complex Challenges of Aviation Industry With AR

Achieve comprehensive optimization and add value to your airline business with Plutomen’s AR assistance solutions.

Get remote guidance from industry experts!

Collaborate, connect, and coordinate with your remote teams to get quick MROs and diagnosis to your issues. With our device agonistic platform, you can receive remote guidance and work instructions from any part of the world.

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Accelerate productivity of your enterprise with digitized work instructions

Plutomen workflow offers you digital work instructions through paperless manuals, guides, step-by-steps SOPs to conduct in-house MROs, audits and inspections. With our no extra cost incur platform you can run all your operations efficiently. 

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Give AR training to employees and make them feel empowered

Get your frontline workers an immersive experience to learn more about new machines and tools. We offer your frontline workers, Plutomen Assist, a self-assisting platform to provide them AR training and 3D annotations and fill their skill gaps.

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Benefits of Augmented Reality in Aviation Industry

Enhanced Communication

Enhanced Communication

Stay connected with the onsite team 24/7 and minimize the risks of catastrophic accidents by getting constant updates with Plutomen Connect.

Reduction In Downtime and Operation Costs

Reduction In Downtime and Operation Costs

Leave no room for mistakes with Plutomen’s AR-powered app that provide engineers with real-time visual information to quickly assemble and repair parts, thus reducing downtime and operational costs.

Access To Vital Data and Instructions at Anytime

Access To Vital Data and Instructions at Anytime

Use digitalized data & instructions to bid goodbye to the hassle of maintaining paperwork and documentation. Get access to critical information anywhere at any time with Plutomen’s Assist.

Streamline Operations

Streamline Operations

Streamline the inspection, maintenance and repairing process of aircraft and enhance the speed and accuracy of operations through Plutomen’s AR-enabled Workflow.

Enhance Your Productivity With Time-saving Operations


AR Digitalized Workflows


Less Time On Documentations

Streamline Operations & Processes Efficiently


Rise In Quality Products


Increase In Productivity

Quick MROs To Resolve Issues


Rise in Mobile Fixes


Decreased Time To Run Operations


Why Plutomen?

Strengthen the connection and coordinate of your frontline teams –both on-site and off-site with Plutomen. We help you increase your enterprises and worker’s productivity and efficiency through remote assistance and collaboration tools. Our AR-led, no-code platform offers you digital transformation and a golden chance to be part of Industry 4.0. We give you a device agonistic platform to digitize your daily operations and conduct quick MROs to solve all your issues in real-time. With us, you get to optimize your daily efficiency and ROI!


AR in Aviation
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