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The Manufacturing

The multi-billion manufacturing market is waiting to welcome automated business processes to increase their productivity. Manufacturing industry is collaborating intelligently with futuristic technology and converting itself into an intricate system that facilitates on-the-go instructions, seamless knowledge and skill distribution through an easily accessible platform.


Challenges Faced by Manufacturing Industry

Lack of Guidance

Lack of Guidance

Not getting precise guidance in remote locations leads to more downtime and breakdown of machines. Thus, companies need expert guidance at their fingertips to save time and expenses on travel costs.

Slower Response to Queries

 Slower Response to Queries

Every minute counts when diagnosing issues in the manufacturing industry. Companies are in need of faster response time to queries with real-time guidance to reduce diagnosis time.

Improving efficiency_

Improving efficiency

Manufacturing companies are in the dire need of AR solutions to improve production, assembly line, and performance to get an edge on the competition and be more efficient.

Skilled Labour Gap

Skilled Labour Gap

The outflow of experienced workers in the companies has resulted in the need for efficient training. Today companies need AR training, 3D AR annotation models, and self-assisting modules to train the newly hired workforce.

How Our AR Solutions Help in Manufacturing Challenges

Our industry-graded solutions can help you implement Augmented Reality in Manufacturing through on-job remote assistance, digital workflows, and training through tablets & wearable devices.

Unleash the power of AR-powered remote assistance

Plutomen Connect offers you AR-powered assistance via live video sessions, chats, and calls with experts. By using our solution, you get 24×7 remote guidance from any part of the world and increase your first-time fix rates ratio.

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Get digitized work instructions with AR technology

Our no-code platform offers you workflows, step-by-step SOPs, and paperless guide to assist your frontline workers. So now you don’t need to carry hefty manuals because Plutomen will provide you digitalized manuals and visual work instructions.

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Onboard new employees efficiently using AR-enabled training

Facing issues in training your newly hired workers? Not anymore! Plutomen Assist is a self-assisting platform to provide AR training and 3D augmented visuals to your frontliners. With us, you get the best AR training support and knowledge repositories.

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Get Benefits of Leveraging AR in Manufacturing Industry

Execute Operations in Safer & Smarter Way

Execute Operations in Safer & Smarter Way

With AR-powered Plutomen, you can be connected to your frontline workers 24×7 and help them optimize their time, learn more smartly, and work in a safe environment. Book your demo soon!

Real-Time Connect with Experts

Real-Time Connect with Experts

With just one call, connect to a manufacturer expert, chat with them, and take video assistance if and when required. A dedicated team of professionals will answer your queries and transfer their knowledge to your remote workers.

Step-by-step SOPs

Step-by-step SOPs

Put Plutomen to work and provide your workers with AR-powered step-by-step SOPs to increase their productivity, expand their knowledge base, and ensure seamless operations while manufacturing products for different industries.


Smart Workflows to Uplift Performance

Digitized manuals and expert guidance augmented with AR offer your frontline workers hands-on training. With us, improve the productivity of your workers and reduce downtime you encounter while operating on complex machines.

Fix Troubleshooting Issues

Fix Troubleshooting Issues

Plutomen’s first-time fixing rates, 3D annotations, quality audits, and inspections can quickly diagnose your manufacturing problems and improve your operations.

Faster Onboarding & Training

Faster Onboarding & Training

Up-skill & re-skill your remote workers, from retired technicians, engineers, and manufacturing industry experts to new frontline workers. Get quality learning from the experience of retired or soon-to-be-retired experts.

Cost Reduction & Time Saving for All Resources


Decrease in Documentation Effort


Decrease in Network Cost

Running Operations Seamlessly with Quality Output


Increase in Quality


Higher in Productivity

Resolve Your Issues with Quality MROs From Anywhere


Increase in Phone Fix Rate


Decrease in Time Resolution


Why ChoosePlutomen's AR Solutions in Manufacturing?

Plutomen’s AR solutions are capable of delivering a fully integrated platform to connect off-site teams with the AR-based remote collaboration tools, which they can use to be more effective and safer at their jobs. To put it more succinctly, we revolutionize the way industrial leaders provide assistance to all their front-line teams, no matter where they are.


Know What Our Clients Say

Have a look to know how we empower your enterprise!

Plutomen has helped us set a standard digital workflow. The AR assistance platform has helped us manage our time more effectively and had a positive impact on the productivity of our business.

I was surprised to see the report from the Development Administration Department. The reports stated the substantial improvements such as faster first-time fix rates, a rise in productivity of workers, and a decrease in downtimes. Adopting Plutomen as our partner in growth has helped us in accelerating our digital transformation.

We are able to see the problem and assist our workforce with expert guidance at lightning speed. With the help of AR-led Plutomen, we can pinpoint problems and get real-time solutions to them. Plutomen has made us more prepared to face issues and that has worked wonders for us and our clients.

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Other Industries Where Our AR Solutions are Adopted

Plutomen’s Augmented Reality solutions can be utilized in a variety of Industrial scenarios to streamline your business processes.

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