Let Your Telecom Business Processes
Never Stop With AR annotations

Invest in immersive AR technology to keep pace with rapidly changing customer and business demands. Plutomen offers AR collaboration tools to transform quality inspection, maintenance, and other operations and save your business from stumbling.

Provide Quick and Personalized Remote Assistance
Most telecom service providers receive millions of requests for assistance. With ever growing number of requests from different frontline workers, technicians, and engineers, inability to go to physical stores and work from home culture, it has become challenging to deliver quick and empathetic assistance and when needed. But now you don’t need to worry! With Plutomen Connect get connected to your experts on calls, video chats, and chats to communicate your concerns and get assistance instantly. You can also connect to multiple experts in single go and avail remote assistance on the go.
Handle Complex Operation Process Integrated
Different types of machinery and variety of operational processes makes it challenging for your frontline workers to perform daily operations. With no face-to-face assistance option it has become difficult for workforce to finish their operational tasks. However, we have AR platform Plutomen Connect for your enterprise that ensures you never face any issue when performing your daily tasks. From provide a direct line of communication with experts in real-time through video calls to digitalized checklists we have got you covered to resolve your operational issues and troubleshoot them.
Digitalized & Paperless Manuals
Paper Manuals and outdated guides makes it difficult for your frontline workers to get assistance on the go. It not only compromises on your employees productivity but also increase the downtime of your enterprise. At Plutomen, “show, not tell" is our mantra for technical documents. Our experts designed AR-powered Plutomen Workflow to simulations and training module with integrated documents of digital manuals, training modules, step-by-step SOPs, and secure updated knowledge repositories. Not just that it also helps you take a step forward to sustainable development with paperless digitalization.
Intelligent Workflow Management
Telecom businesses aren't easy to run. There are decisions to be taken, compliance to adhere to, and most importantly, expectations to be managed. It can quickly become overwhelming to overlook several things altogether, increasing the chances of errors. Amidst all this chaos, there is one thing that most telecom businesses forget to optimize. Its workflow management. Plutomen's AR workflow management tools eliminate inconsistencies with real-time troubleshooting, MROs, audits and inspections.
AR Training
With more and more retired technicians, engineers, and frontline workers, it is becoming difficult for telecom enterprises to train their newly hired workforce. With no training to delay in training an enterprise go through a series of downtimes in operations and unproductivity among employees. But with Plutomen Assist, you can provide AR training to your employees through 3D AR annotations. With us, you can fill the skill gaps of your field technicians and troubleshoot issues in complex equipment through specialized training, skills, and education.
Share Notes And Video Feeds – Consult Your Team Remotely With Plutomen

Create digital checklists, manuals, and guides to assist your frontline workers in their daily routine tasks with AR-powered Plutomen

Start Immediately With Your AR-Transformation

Explore Tremendous Potential Which Plutomen’s AR Technology Can Bring In Healthcare

Bring the true immersive & AR led experience to your telecom business in your business with Plutomen's Augmented Reality in telecom

Reduce Time To Resolve Issues
Most technicians are typically booked out for a month in advance. The downtime is a ticking clock of loss each minute. Instantly resolve troubleshooting with advanced features like AR annotations on liveonlive calls, freeze screen mode video, audio, and secure private chats.
Improve Self Service Efficiency
Plutomen provides an advanced frontline worker remote collaboration platform with device-agnostic capabilities including AR-based digital instructions. The technician can promptly resolve tedious tasks in self-assist mode too.
Reduce Cost and Scale Revenue
Maximize revenue growth while simultaneously reducing operating costs associated with constant traveling, equipment maintenance, and inventory management. The lower the downtime or lesser the number of equipment breakdowns, the better the chances of the site incurring unnecessary costs and increasing profits.
Train Your Frontline Teams
With Plutomen Assist, offer sophisticated experience to your team by enabling them to get digitized virtual AR training and support to operate heavy industrial machinery. You can even simulate real-time scenarios to make learning enjoyable and more effective.

Immersive AR Solutions To Tackle Business Challenges

Connect To Your Workers Anytime

Stay connected to your on-field workers from any part of the world and provide them the assistance they need to carry out their daily operations. With us, you are just a call or chat away to resolve your business operations and increase your employee productivity. Provide assistance and resolve queries of your frontline workers in real-time without any hassle.

On-site Equipment Installation

For decades, equipment installation has been handled by equipment engineers. However, these installations are dependent on engineers' availability. Getting engineers on-site is expensive and time-consuming. Plutomen's remote AR-led platform help engineers to guide your customers through the installation process virtually. This saves penalty costs and expenses on the breakdown as you virtually get engineers’ advice in real-time and honor your SLAs during audits.

Troubleshooting In Real-Time

Eliminate regular visits of experts on-site by troubleshooting your problems in real-time. Our AR-based platform help with troubleshooting common issues. It’s completely remote and real-time technology that saves costs and reduces troubleshooting time. Remote collaboration also allows the technicians and experts to solve the problems without being present on site.

Immersive Job Training with AR

Plutomen's AR training solution, you can provide your new employee with immersive job training. Our AR-based platform can help you train your staff anywhere at any time. The training will help them identify common problems and rare mistakes and eradicate them before going out of control. Our solution reduces operating costs, improves hardware uptime, and reduces during downtime.

High Impact Benefits

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Remote Assistance
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3D Annotations
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Remote MROs
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Real-Time Troubleshooting
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Quality Audits & Inspections
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Step-by-step SOPs
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Paperless Digitized Manuals
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AR Training

Client Testimonials

Test Bring your technicians, workforce and experts together on mobile devices and wearables with Live Video and AR abilities Bring your workforce and experts technicians...


The app and website launched on time and met all the requirements. Plutomen Technologies Private Limited delivered top-notch products that satisfied a list of highly precise specifications. Their timely delivery and full grasp of the project needs allowed for a successful collaboration.

Shrirang Shah Thermotech Systems Ltd

The apps and website met all requirements and have since launched. Plutomen Technologies Private Limited delivered high-quality products on time and at an excellent value. Their consistent communication, in-depth expertise, and flexibility made for smooth collaboration.

Harshvardhan Patel Prima Automation (India) Pvt. Ltd

The project is available on the App and Play stores. Plutomen Technologies was flexible and available to work on-site. They’re a results-oriented firm with strong technical competency in AR and VR.

Sharad Kabra Arvind Envisol
Improve Productivity at Construction Sites with AR Technology

Offer AR training, instructions, and service procedures to your front-line team working at construction sites which can drastically minimize the human-error risks and optimize on-field processes

Train Your Workforce Today!

Empower Your Frontline Workforce with AR Remote Assistance

Plutomen is a no-code AR remote assistance suite that makes remote collaboration faster with Augmented reality solutions. Our industry-grade AR platform offers visual remote assistance, improved workflows, and immersive AR learning-based training to frontline workers. Utilize our device-agnostic platform to collaborate with your remote workforce efficiently.