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The Telecom Industry

The multi-dollar telecom industry is ready to welcome uninterrupted business workflows to increase your enterprise's connectivity and efficiency. Get to collaborate with your off-site remote teams and industry leaders to handle issues without any hassle. Get AR-led solutions to collaborate intelligently with technology and integrated systems to run your business processes smoothly.


Challenges Faced By Telecom Industry

Lack of Assistance

Lack of Assistance

Your off-site teams are still waiting to receive precise assistance and guided workflows to carry on their daily work smoothly. However, sudden breakdowns of machines and no assistance led to more TAT and bad telecom network.

Slow Response to Queries

Slow Response to Queries

Telecom networks and teams settled in remote locations find it very difficult to receive guided work instructions, especially if there is a natural calamity. Delayed responses to queries make this situation more awful and increases diagnosis time.

Improving efficiency

Improving efficiency

Telecom industries are in appalling need of AR-led solutions to improve their performance, output, network, and connections to increase their efficiency and be a step ahead of their competitors.

Skilled Labour Gap

Skilled Labour Gap

The retirement plans of existing workers and the skill gap of newly hired workers have resulted in closing the knowledge gap among employees. They need AR-led solutions and self –assisting modules to rise from this challenge.

Start Welcome Remote Audits and Inspections With AR In Telecom

Get top-rated AR solutions to condemn your daily work with full efficiency and productivity.

Round-the-clock assistance to empower your enterprises

Get guided assistance and work instructions from industry experts via live video sessions, calls, and chats to decrease your downtime and enhance your workflows. We also give quick solutions to your queries so that you get faster fix rates to all your issues.

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Get paperless digitalized work instructions today

Grab step-by-step SOPs, digitized work instructions through manuals and guide to resolve issues much faster than what you anticipate. You can also conduct MROs, audits and inspections to run business processes smoothly.

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Get well-equipped and trained workforce with us!

From providing digitized tools to giving AR training to your workforce, Plutomen Assist does it all. We fill the knowledge gaps of your frontline workforce through AR training, self-assisting modules and 3D annotations so that they can do their work hassle-free.

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Explore The Potential Plutomen’s AR Technology Brings In Telecom

Resolve Issues Faster

Resolve Issues Faster

Most technicians are typically booked out for a month in advance. The downtime is a ticking clock of loss each minute. Instantly resolve troubleshooting with advanced features like AR annotations on live calls, freeze screen mode video, audio, and secure private chats.

Self Assist Mode

Self Assist Mode

Plutomen provides an advanced frontline worker remote collaboration platform with device-agnostic capabilities including AR-based digital instructions. The technician can promptly resolve tedious tasks in self-assist mode too.

Reduce Cost & Upscale Revenue

Reduce Cost & Upscale Revenue

Maximize revenue growth while simultaneously reducing operating costs associated with constant traveling, equipment maintenance, and inventory management. The lower the downtime or equipment breakdowns, the better the chances of the site incurring unnecessary costs and increasing profits.

AR Training To Your Teams

AR Training To Your Teams

Give your team a sophisticated experience with virtual AR training and support to operate heavy industrial machinery. You can even simulate real-time scenarios to make learning enjoyable and more effective with 3D AR annotations.

Reduce Cost & Save Time With Plutomen


Digitized Workflows


Decrease In Documentation Effort

Decrease In Documentation Effort


Rise In Quality Output


Rise In Employee Productivity

Quality MROs From Any Part Of The World


Increase in Phone Fix Rate


Reduction in TAT


Why Plutomen?

Plutomen – an AR-led, no-code platform to provide remote assistance and digital collaboration tools to empower your frontline workers and outgrow your business. Augmented Reality in Telecom is safe and effective to increase your productivity and lead you to sustainable changes. Our paperless guides, remote assistance, AR training is everything that you need to enterprise needs to be a part of Industry 4.0 revolution.


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