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Ravi Patel

December 8, 2022 10 minutes to read

10+ Best Remote Assistance Use Cases for Industrial Enterprises

10+ Best Remote Assistance Use Cases for Industrial Enterprises

The past few years have been really tough for many businesses. They were amidst the challenges like the emerging skill crises, aging workforce and yes how can we forget the social and economical impact of Covid-19. Hence to compete and succeed in this world, it has become necessary to transform digitally across industries. But how? Is there an easy solution for this?

Fortunately, remote assistance has proved a boon for organizations and helped them enhance their value.  

Industries ranging from aviation to field service to customer service, all have benefitted from using remote assistance.  

In this article, let’s uncover a list of 10+ remote assistance use cases and learn where remote assistance can be used.  

Before we jump directly to use cases, let’s understand the meaning of remote assistance.

What is Remote Assistance?  

Remote assistance enables frontline workers to visually connect, see, resolve critical issues and collaborate with the experts. This bridges the physical and virtual world and solves your issues in real time. Meaning, organizations now no longer need to wait for the experts to come and visit on-site to solve their issues. Isn’t it great? They can even share all the necessary information from anywhere in the world.  

Customers will get assistance easily and effectively through Remote Assistance. Connect with field technicians on smartphones, tablets or wearables like smart glasses or with HoloLens. You just need to showcase your issues to experts and get remote assistance in the snap of the fingers, as if they are actually present on-site. This will not only save organizations valuable time but also money.  

Remote Assistance Use Cases

With Remote Assistance, organizations are transforming their frontline workers in the digital era.  Frontline workers get visual assistance anywhere in the world, this boost service profitability.  

Organization use remote video assistance to assist their team members. This solution can create value in your company and saves your time/ money.  

Following are the 15 remote video assistance use cases that you should consider: 

Installation and Commissioning

In any organization, production machines need installation and commissioning. Hence, in this situation, Remote video assistance can be helpful. Remote assistance guides the frontline workers through a step-by-step installation process. This can troubleshoot all the problems with minimal errors. The great thing is also that, remote video assistance enhances efficiency and productivity. Hence, quality is maintained in a more effective way. 

For smooth functioning of machines need to determine the most effective settings for installation, known as commissioning. At this stage, remote assistance is beneficial. Because this generally takes time, and there are chances of some issues. So, connect remotely with experts whenever you feel that something isn’t working properly.   


The use of remote assistance has increased among customers for technical training and product/machine knowledge training.  By this, new learners can have real-life interactive environments by accessing training information on their smart glasses, tablets, or smartphones. The experts can onboard multiple people simultaneously at their convenience.  

With Plutomen Connect, you will get step-by-step learning of the installation & commissioning of products. These remote training instructions allow frontline workers to perform delegated tasks efficiently.  

Introducing Plutomen Connect


Maintenance is necessary, as no one wishes their machine gets unnecessary downtime. There are also some cases where you don’t want to rely on an outside expert during the unexpected downtime. Every single hour can be quite expensive for many manufacturing industries.  

So to cope up with this situation, Remote assistance is useful where you can easily connect with the experts whenever needed. In any organization, two types of maintenance are carried out. And remote assistance works great in both:  

Planned Maintenance 

For such maintenance, you may evaluate the condition prior to an on-site visit, provide additional information, and ensure that everything is well set. If necessary, visually connect with an expert if an unexpected event occurs. 

Unexpected Maintenance 

Instantly connect with experts when any unexpected issues arise. They will provide you with step-by-step instructions and will try to solve your issues as soon as possible.   

Audits and Quality Checks

To ensure productivity and safety, your equipment must be up to standards. And inspections play a significant role in your quality control procedures. One can remotely perform audits and get virtual work instructions from experts via chat, call, or video conferencing rather than sending any person on-site. Furthermore, it also monitors all issues your organization is facing. Enterprise will receive guided work instruction and virtual assistance.  

Moreover, AR in audits & inspection improves the productivity of field service workers by conducting operations flawlessly. This remote visual assistance avoids delayed timelines and diagnoses issues instantly.  

remote visual inspection process

Internal Support Between Colleagues

Lack of internal support among colleagues may harm the productivity and efficiency of the organization. Companies may have skilled workers; however, sharing knowledge and supporting each other can be challenging. Most probably, some geographic barriers or organizational structures may separate workers. Hence, remote visual assistance can be a helping hand for assisting coworkers. It transfers technical knowledge faster among the team and shares instructions for technical maintenance. Also, capture images and record instructions to use as training material or compliance.   

Field Service Technician Support

Generally, field service technicians visit on-site when they require more assistance. They may lack the skills and knowledge to complete the given task. Or they don’t have proper information prior to the visit, which would be helpful to them to prepare in advance. And to send additional support to the job can be costly for the organization. It emphasizes the need for technicians to be on site ready to solve the issue right away. 

Field technicians with remote visual assistance can resolve issues remotely & instantly in real time without sending people to the site. Field workers can visually see, communicate, and resolve critical issues instantly as if they’re actually on-site. You can connect with technicians via mobile devices and wearables.   

Fixing Utility Outages

The Covid-19 guidelines made life very challenging. Many organizations faced problems in dispatching field technicians on site to solve the issues, which was expensive and time-consuming too. However, this doesn’t mean there is no other way to deal with this. Remote video assistance software has made it possible to virtually guide resolutions remotely to the customers, as if they are actually present on-site.  

Handling customers is not everyone’s cup of tea. To connect with customers skilled technicians are needed. Through video assistance, experts can troubleshoot issues remotely & instantly in real-time.  

Production Line Optimization

For production line optimizations there are numerous variables that must be taken into consideration. One faulty section can impact the rest of the production line. So here remote video assistance plays an important role. It helps research & development engineers to support industry engineers. Experts can solve issues in real time no matter where they are. They analyze the production line and provide you with effective production solutions. Through remote video assistance software equipment effectiveness is enhanced and you will get better quality product output. To ensure smooth functioning of the operation, the production line should be effectively audited.   

Industrial Equipment Service

Having technicians on-site generally consumes a lot of time and resources. And in any company, it is obvious that they do not have any specialists available onsite. So, who will be available when some problem occurs? Hence, in this difficult situation, Remote video assistance can be your savior. Experts virtually see and guide remotely, which will solve issues in real-time.  Also, with digitized manuals, it can smoothen your daily processes.  

Transfer of Information in Real Time

First off, sharing useful information among teammates, colleagues, and coworkers was impossible. But now, with the help of remote assistance, this is possible now. Users now connect and collaborate with the team via video calls and can receive assistance and work instructions. Remote virtual assistance is useful in sharing various information. This is more beneficial for those who are not available on-site. 

Factory Equipment Installation

Factory equipment installation is the most common remote visual assistance use cases. Due to the increase in the skill gap, factory installations are facing risks pertaining to safety, operational processes, and project timelines. Maintaining project schedules on time may be difficult. And sending field teams to the site is very costly. So remote assistance software will be helpful in this situation, enabling fast and effective factory installation. Experts do not need to visit on-site; they can solve issues from their desk itself. With AR in installation, one can examine the installation process with minimal errors. Step-by-step SOPs help the organization to get accurate guidance and process for installation.  

Field Service Collaboration

Strong communication is essential for any field service collaboration. Poor communication may result in unproductive workflow and are frustrating for workers and clients as well. But chillax! real-time communication is now possible with remote visual assistance software. Teams can share a real-time view that is happening around them. 

This software reduces miscommunication and increases efficiency; as a result, team members can coordinate with each other easily. It also keeps them updated and helps in solving issues, even if they are not present physically.  

Remote Assistance for Medical Equipment

During the COVID-19 pandemic, on-site training for medical equipment has become incredibly difficult. However, challenges and expenses existed long before the outbreak. Medical equipment requires many hours of training to ensure appropriate usage. And it is big thing to worry if medical equipment training takes place in another country. Because to reach out there is a very difficult task. Hence, remote visual assistance would be helpful in facing these challenges.    

Using remote assistance in the healthcare industry will benefit both trainers and trainees. Moreover, AR training makes work easy and digital workflows. 

Factory Acceptance Testing

FAT is frequently performed at the vendor’s place. In certain circumstances, all the required team members are not available for onsite training, which may cause start-up delays. Moreover, the manufacturer may incur expenses due to the time and physical effort needed for effective Factory Acceptance Testing — particularly if they take more labor work and don’t meet customer needs. Conducting Factory Acceptance Testing with Remote visual assistance software benefits the manufacturer and the user.  

Most importantly, it saves time, and teams can communicate and coordinate faster. It makes possible for both manufacturer and user to make necessary changes in real-time. This ensures that all the corrective actions are addressed before delivery. 

Troubleshoot Issues in Real Time

Usually, at every job site, problems keep popping up regularly. These includes miscommunications, safety hazards, unfinished work, errors, equipment malfunctioning, and many more. Solving these kinds of issues requires expensive job site visits from specialists, and as a result, it causes delays in the project. 

Hence, here comes the role of remote visual assistance to troubleshoot issues in real-time. It increases safety with reduced service costs. With Remote visual assistance, frontline workers can resolve issues by connecting with an expert. They virtually see and guide resolutions remotely, as if they’re actually present on-site.  

Tips to select right remote visual assistance software

Future of Remote Visual Assistance

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, it is necessary for organizations to be open to change and adopt modern technology like remote visual assistance software. At present, many businesses are using this software and exploring the scope of Augmented reality. Truly, remote visual assistance has taken the industry to an all new level.  

With Plutomen’s Remote Visual assistance software, streamline your internal and external employees anywhere, anytime. You are just one click away from connecting with our technicians via mobile devices and wearables. Escalate issues to our experts and get remote assistance as they are physically available on-site.  

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Ravi Patel

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