Power Up AR in Audit & Inspection Services in Your Enterprise

Work with skilled professionals to assure quality audits and inspections for all your business processes, operations, tools, and machines.


Monitor Your Enterprise from Anywhere with AR in Audits & Inspections

Track and analyze your company’s information, assessment, procedures, processes, and operations with audit and inspection experts. With Plutomen as your AR support, you are guaranteed secure audit and inspection compliances, business performance, and overall reliability. We help you deliver satisfactory services and products to your customer and faster resolutions.


Challenges Faced by Frontline Workers with AR in Audits & Inspections

Talent Retention

Talent Retention

One of the most crucial challenges is the shortage of talented employees. The audit and inspection field are no inspection to it, with more and more experienced people retiring from the job it becoming a challenge to hire new ones and train them.

Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge Transfer

Every industry has a dynamic work environment, due to which every employee needs to have access to all the essential information. Without a stable connection and communication with your workers it becomes difficult to transmit data, audit and inspection services to your frontline workers.

Skill Building

Skill Building

The auditors and inspectors working in your enterprise need to retrospect and adapt to new changes quickly. Thus, they must have the skill to work in an ever-changing dynamic environment. Their job calls for impeccable skills, awareness about new technologies and innovations.

Remote Work

Remote Work

Industry 4.0 and remote guidance is altering the way audit and inspection officers work. Adapting to these new challenges encourages enterprises to go for quick solution through remote work. They need to embrace new technologies, communication network and remote work to be efficient.

Embrace Quality Products & Services with AR in Audits & Inspections

Be in touch with your expert!

Troubleshoot all your issues with the guidance and assistance from industry experts through live video conferences, chats, and calls. We provide you the best AR solutions to resolve issues faster and run quality audits and inspections.

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Get digitized work instructions to optimize audits and inspections

Be the best in industry by running your operations smoothly and conducting remote MROs, audits and inspections. With us, you serve the best quality of products and services to your customers.

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Embrace AR trainings to optimize your operations smoothly

Knowledge and skill gap can often lead to delay in your daily operations. However, you can easily overcome them with Plutomen Assist. We provide you a self-assistance platform, secure knowledge repositories, AR training, and 3D AR annotations to onboard and train employees.

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Use Case Benefits of Augmented Reality Audits and Inspections



Conduct real-time audits and inspections to analyze and monitor all the issues your enterprise is facing. We provide you with guided work assistance and virtual instructions.

Customer Service

Customer Service

Make your customers feel happier with our top-notch quality audits and inspection. With us you can satisfy your customers, avoid delayed timelines, and diagnose issues.

Field Service

Field Service

Improving the productivity of your field service workers by running your operations flawlessly. We help you conduct regular audits and inspections to handle all your operations effortlessly.

Collaboration With Team

Collaboration With Team

Run remote audits and inspections by collaborating with experts from anywhere and anytime you want. Receive remote assistance and virtual work instructions from experts via chat, call, or video conferencing.

Growing Rate of Audit & Inspection Market


Will reach USD Billion


Growing at a CAGR of

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increase in FTFR


increase in Phone Resolutions

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Decrease in Equipment Downtime


Rise in Digitalization


Why Choose Plutomen for Augmented Reality Audits and Inspections?

Plutomen a no-code, AR-powered platform to increase reach and mitigate risks by conducting thorough audits and inspections in your enterprise. We help you achieve quality in every business operation, process, and procedures. Our AR platform, helps you keep a track of performed procedures to reduce any errors through remote assistance, virtual work instructions, 3D AR annotations, digital checklists, and AR training.


AR in Audit and Inspection
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