Empower Your Production Teams with AR Installation and Commission

Connect your frontline teams to the industry experts to install and commission new equipment, machinery, and technology.


Augment Your Workforce with AR in Installation & Commission Capabilities

Redefine your production processes and maintenance operations to maximize your enterprises value. Our world class assistance platform helps you connect experts to your frontline technicians. With us you can rapidly digitize and augment your installation procedure with minimal errors. We help your off-site workers to visualize vital virtual commissioning information in real-time.


Challenges Faced by Frontline Workers with AR in Installation & Commission

Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)

Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)

Every business or manufacturing unit while evolving its production process, needs to undergo FAT. It is not easy for enterprises to be FAT certified. They need to go through several tests and assure the new system installed and commissioned meets the requirements and specifications of the enterprise.

Secure Knowledge Repositories

Secure Knowledge Repositories

The dynamic ecosystem of many enterprises needs employees to have access to all the information and process extensive datasets. They also need to put time and effort to meet the highest security standards, safeguard the confidentiality of the installing equipment and comply with the internal policies of an enterprise.

Cost Management

Cost Management

Installing and commissioning new equipment and technology in your enterprise can be costly. You may need to incur extra costs for expert guidance – especially if they will fly from somewhere distant. Moreover, rising prices of raw material, staff deficit and production downtimes also have an effect on managing costs.

Management of Competencies

Management of Competencies

The shift to the millennial generation and the retiring of existing employees has led to gap in competencies in many enterprises. Thus, to retain these knowledge competencies and pass them to other generations an enterprise needs to make efficient measures and adequate tools.

Get Technology-Driven Platform – Plutomen for AR Installation and Commission

Get access to remote assistance from experts!

Real-time assistance and guidance await you with Plutomen Connect. Diagnose all your issues in limited team through live video conferences, chats, and calls. Resolve your issues faster by installing your machines and commissioning them on-time.

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Utilize visual workflows to optimize your day-to-day operations

Get an enhanced virtual version of digital manuals, step-by-step SOPs, and paperless guides to define “what happens next”. Our virtual workflows will help you ensure proper installation and commission to make your operations seamless.

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Get AR trainings to execute successful installation and commission.

Don’t let your knowledge gaps be an excuse for your frontliners productivity. Give AR training, 3D AR annotations, remote assistance, and a self-assisting platform to your frontline workers. We help you get better in every aspect!

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Use Case Benefits of Augmented Reality in Installation and Commission

Increased Collaboration

Increased Collaboration

Through online chats, live video calls, and conversations receive assistance from installation and commission operators to resolve issues with reduced errors.

Aggregate Maintenance Data

Aggregate Maintenance Data

Using data collection tools enterprises can collect maintenance data, analyze it to know any discrepancies and the cause behind them. Through this detection process you can improve the time spent on installing machines and plant commissions.

Accurate Installation Support

Accurate Installation Support

The step-by-step SOPs help enterprises to get settled in the dynamic environment with accurate and consolidated instructions and procedures for the entire installation process.

Execute Successful Commissioning

Execute Successful Commissioning

Minimize your downtimes by installing and commissioning the equipment as per the schedule. This helps you to improve your workforce’s productivity and efficiency.

Growth of Commission Market


USD Billion by 2029


Growth at the CAGR of

Resolve Issues Faster with Plutomen!


increase in Diagnosing Issues


increase in Phone Fixes

Fulfil Your Customers Expectations Through


Decrease in Equipment Downtime




Why Choose Plutomen for Augmented Reality in Installation & Commission?

Improve the overall visibility of your frontline operations with Plutomen. It is a no-code required platform that helps you provide AR remote solutions to enterprises. We help you mitigate risks by successful installation of devices and plant commissions. With us you can troubleshoot your remote problems with minimal errors. Not just that we provide your AR training, 3D AR annotations, step-by-step SOPs, digital manuals, and paperless guides to increase your efficiency and productivity.


AR in Installation and Commissioning
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