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Unless you’ve been living under a rock or hibernating, you have probably heard of, or even used this amazing new technology called Augmented Reality. If you have seen many futuristic science fiction movies, you probably have an idea of what some of the goals are for the AR industry. Augmented Reality has applications in almost every field; from healthcare to real estate there is room to implement AR. AR can be implemented in almost any industry, and it’s being done right now!

One of the most modern ways to communicate, teach, and learn is through augmented reality (AR). As an overview, AR utilizes technology to improve upon how our senses perceive things in the real world. So, how will these emerging technology impact customer support? Let’s roam.

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Augmented Reality Support eliminates the common frustrations of remote technical support. Say goodbye to mediocre support calls and improve your response times, lift your first-time-fix rates and lower your service costs. No matter if it is for customer or field support.

The Augmented Reality Support delivers tools that empower the expert to have direct impact on the user situation. The expert can see the user situation in real time and annotate on it to provide the necessary support. All these things are done using a tool called Plutomen ARMS.

Augmented Reality based Remote Assistance

PLUTOMEN ARMS is basically a tool used for remote support using AR. It is a most sophisticated real-time solution for any cases like real-time lack of experience, machine downtime, production dilemma, industry bottlenecks, repairing home appliances etc. Plutomen ARMS can be used in medical, military, manufacturing companies, education, utility companies, consumer electronics brand, aviation, manifold and so on.

With Plutomen ARMS, one can solve problems remotely with smartphone, tablet and smart glasses. AR software allows us to intervene remotely, in real-time, carry out ordinary maintenance procedures or resolve technical failures. Thanks to the use of wearable devices, remote experts can accurately diagnose the problem and find a solution, reduce the time spent to understand the problem and avoid unnecessary travel expenses. The unique aspect introduced by this augmented reality solution lies in the possibility given to remote experts to observe the problem that arises at the location of any customer in real-time, without moving from their desk.

How Plutomen ARMS works?

Implement knowledge where you require it. The knowledge of an expert always becomes a guiding light. The One-button solution becomes a bridge between an expert and a technician. Real-time video support provides you a live discussion desk.

Suppose you have one of your machines stopped and the assembly line too. Now, you can’t proceed further without coming up with a solution. Usually, you will either go with the instruction manual to solve it or go searching for a technical expert. Manuals can’t be of much help always during such problems. And the technicians might take some hours or maybe a day or two to get the problem fixed. You will then instantly call the service engineer to be present at our premise and ask him to resolve the situation ASAP.

What will happen now? It will take a day or two to resolve. During this, the whole assembly line is stuck & you need to bear the production loss. Is traditional problem-solving method works in this hi-tech era? Absolutely not!

For such circumstances, we have Plutomen ARMS. Grab your phone and call an expert. With visual support, the expert will guide you through live indication. This speeds up the resolution process.

To get rid of this traditional problem-solving method, it’s time to implement Plutomen ARMS.

Plutomen ARMS can be used on mobile phones, tablets, PCs and wearable smart glasses.

Which industries are using remote assistance AR?
  • Maintenance:
    It is no surprise to say that Plutomen ARMS is mostly used in maintenance companies. Maintenance has always been an essential component across a wide range of industries. The maintenance sector has seen substantial growth as far back as the 1990s and earlier. In addition, maintenance spending is often the largest part of an operational budget, second only to the equipment’s raw energy costs. As a generalization, any organization that is heavily invested in machinery and equipment will also have a significant portion of their operations budget dedicated to maintenance tasks. This is not only true for private corporations, but for all organizations.Augmented reality is an emerging technology that has already shown great promise for improving maintenance performance. AR essentially allows a user to see the real world, except that this view is augmented with computer-generated graphics overlaid alongside real objects. This augmented view is displayed to the user through an electronic device such as a camera-equipped tablet or a head-mounted transparent display.Augmented reality, in a nutshell, allows users to enhance their field of view with real-time superimposed digital information. But, more than that, it is a valuable solution for many of the challenges which surround industrial maintenance, repair, and operations.
  • Consumer electronics:
    Whether supporting home appliances, smart devices or wearable, customer service agents who provide assistance with consumer electronics benefit from using remote assistance augmented reality. The technology helps agents better support customers throughout the lifecycle of their equipment, from installation and setup to updates and repairs.
  • Insurance and financial institution:
    Forget personal visits for claiming your insurances on devices, vehicles and other things. With PLUTOMEN ARMS insurance companies can check the damages to your devices or vehicles and claim the insurance accordingly. PLUTOMEN ARMS can also be used for customer identification through visual support.Insurance companies have found additional value in visual claims, allowing customers to transmit images and videos of their claims to adjustors for faster and more accurate claims processing, more efficient remote adjustment, better risk classification, improved documentation handling and reduced fraud.
  • Communication service provider:
    A communication service provider delivers a wide range of hardware devices and services to consumers. PLUTOMEN ARMS ensures more efficient issue resolution and less costly hardware replacement.For example, an agent can see the connections on the back of a customer’s set-top box, router, or modem. They can then immediately understand the problem and guide the customer to the correct connections.
Case studies:
  • Boeing cut its wiring production time by 25% and reduced error rates effectively to zero.
  • GE Aviation experiences an average of 8-12% in efficiency improvement.
  • GE Healthcare warehouse workers had a 46% increase in productivity using AR.
  • GE Renewable Energy wiring technicians are yielding a 34% increase in productivity.

In the recent technological era, the most popular companies are adopting the AR technology to get the effective way of working and a better understanding of problems.


NASA is using HoloLens AR headsets to build its new spacecraft faster. Lockheed Martin engineers wear the goggles to help them assemble the crew capsule Orion—without having to read thousands of pages of paper instructions.


In the automotive industry, Bosch created a development platform (CAP) that allows for device-independent AR applications. In a field of study at Bosch Car Service workshops, they discovered that the use of AR applications achieved a time savings of 15 percent and allowed mechanics to see the location of hidden components along with instructions and repair guides. This helps to avoid undertaking any unnecessary disassembly and assembly work. CAP also allows for the development of training applications as well.


To assist engineers installing electrical wiring on an aircraft, Boeing developed and tested its own AR technology to provide real-time, hands-free, interactive 3D wiring diagrams right before engineer’s eyes. During the testing phase, Boeing has theorized that the AR technologies have shown a 90 percent improvement in first-time quality and a 30 percent reduction in the time required completing the job.

Some facts & Trivia:
  • India Augmented Reality and Virtual reality Market Set to Grow at CAGR 55% till 2021.
  • The AR based software market is expected to reach $35.22 Billion by 2022.
  • Markets and Markets expect the Augmented Reality market figure to reach $61.39 billion USD by 2023. In 2016 it was valued at 2.39 billion USD, so it is expected to grow at a 55.71% CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) during the forecast period.
What Does Augmented Reality for Remote Support Mean and What Are The Use Cases?

AR remote support means that the technician can remote into the end-user device even if they aren’t there.

The primary use case for an AR remote support solution is to provide routine maintenance and support to your client’s devices. As opposed to attended remote support which provides support to users in need of immediate help, unattended remote support can be used to manage an IT infrastructure, install updates, and even troubleshoot non-urgent issues.

How Does It Work?

Suppose there is a machine downfall at your manufacturing plant due to some technical issue. To resolve the issue you have to call the technicians to get the problem solved that would cost you money as well as the process is time consuming. Now with Augmented Reality based Remote Assistance you just have to follow simple steps:

  1. Connect Call with the expert using the AR based remote assistance app through your mobile device or tablet.
  2. Tell them the issue.
  3. Once they diagnose the whole issue they will guide you through the overlapped animation to show you how to fix the entire issue without moving away from their desk.
  4. That’s it. Your problem is solved. You’re all set to use the machine again.

Remote assistance levels up your customer service by allowing your support to access the faulty machines right off the first interaction. This speeds up resolution and leaves the customers satisfied.live remote 2 1

Benefits of Remote Support:
Instant support

Probably the most important aspect of adopting this system is the capability to provide instant support. Your IT team can quickly provide technical support to customers, suppliers, and employees on demand. It doesn’t require installation and complex set up operations for end users to perform.


This software provides an efficient solution for remote support. Almost every aspect of the network can be monitored and managed in real time from a single location. It provides easy access from anywhere in the world and also empowers your staff to work remotely.


Hiring a remote technical support service will cost you less than employing more full-time, on-site staff who provide the same type of service. By having a remote support software, technicians can work remotely. Additionally, it eliminates the cost of travel—both the time it takes to reach the customer’s location and the transportation expenses—by providing a prompt response to a support request.


When visiting your customer’s location, you have to be dependent on a time that’s convenient for them. Agreeing on a schedule involves a back and forth of available time. By using the remote support unattended access, you can provide technical support even when the client is not available.

Less intrusive

Providing technical support remotely doesn’t disrupt your client’s schedule. Some of them may not even want technicians to travel to their location, but it would be a challenge to effectively fix the technical issue by providing step-by-step guides alone, especially with no visual cues. Hence, using a remote support solution ensures you don’t get in the way of your client’s work or day. Furthermore, you get to provide a solution in your own controlled environment with access to resources you need. You may even handle multiple clients at a time.

Features of Remote Support:
  1. Remote control and screen sharing
  2. Annotation
  3. File sharing
  4. Transfer session
  5. Unattended remote access
  6. Remote mobile device camera sharing
What does the future hold?

With Goldman Sachs predicting that AR will be an $80B market by 2025, the future seems promising for forward-thinking companies who implement remote assistance AR. In fact, the 2018 Gartner Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies names augmented reality as an emerging technology mega-trend, showing promise in delivering a high degree of competitive advantage over the next 5-10 years. It suggests that enterprises and technology innovation leaders explore AR to understand the future impacts to their business. As Apple CEO Tim Cook told analysts during a fourth-quarter earnings call, “AR is going to change everything.”

Power your people with Putomen’s Augmented Reality based Remote Assistance Solution. If you have any questions or need further details, simply fill out the form or email us info@pluto-men.com and we will get back to you within few days.