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Hiren Kanani

November 29, 2022 7 minutes to read

How to Increase Worker Productivity in Frontlines?

How to Increase Worker Productivity in Frontlines?

If you’re a high-ranking employee in a company, you’re likely to be well-known throughout the organization. But in reality, it is the frontline employees at the bottom of the pyramid that have the greatest impact on your brand and business operations. They serve as an intermediary between your clients and your business. 

Workers on the front lines do everything from selling and cross-selling products to clients to answering their questions and solving their problems in remote places to providing customer support and carrying out manufacturing activities. In a nutshell, your front-line employees have a tremendous impact on the perception of your firm. They are the foundation of client pleasure and experience. 

So, the answer to the titular question is YES, but what methods can your organization employ to boost productivity and participation? 

Frontline Workers need to be motivated and engaged in order to improve worker productivity and the business’s overall performance. This is no longer a choice; rather, it is becoming an increasingly important task.  

It’s necessary to look at their occupational well-being from every viewpoint, but digitalization and technology tools play the most significant role in developing ways to increase productivity of frontline workers, but also to foster a sense of empowerment in them through operations involving revenue generation, innovation, creativity and growth. Let’s examine the factors that business executives should consider to increase work efficiency of frontline employees. 

Create a setting that promotes increased communication 

There are several ways to increase worker productivity and communicate with frontline workers that work from remote places, but email isn’t one of the more effective methods. When it comes to communicating with your frontline employees, emails are a must, but a digitized communication platform like Plutomen Connect, that unifies all of your frontline employees under one giant umbrella works even better.  

With this in mind, the first step might be to have this AR-based team communication platform, which will allow for instantaneous contact between team members and back-office staff.  

Workers on the front lines can utilize these simple communication systems to keep themselves up to date 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and exchange messages securely and safely via receiving, sending, and replying to instant messages. As a result of this potential, they are able to make better judgments, increase worker productivity at workplace, handle problems more rapidly, and accelerate their time to market. 

Educate and motivate frontliners to make effective use of mobile devices and other technological tools. 

Many front-line workers are millennials, who are aware of the recent explosion in digital technologies and their commercial ramifications. Companies need to comprehend this. That’s why you should push them toward using digital or rugged gadgets and technology that they can use to boost their productivity and efficiency.  

Digital work instruction and training processes will equip frontline staff to carry out their everyday tasks effortlessly, better productivity while eliminating errors, process delays, and even device downtimes.  

Automating mundane processes, organizing daily deliverables, managing shift timings, identifying bottlenecks, and gaining better visibility are all made possible through the use of AR-based platforms and smart devices like smart glasses. Employee involvement will soar by a factor of ten if the company implements an effective digital device training approach. 

For example, augmented reality has proved a lifesaver for a number of teams during pandemics. Workers could virtually collaborate in real-world surroundings and with real-world assets via augmented or virtual reality as well as message video, and transmissions. 

For organizations, the use of augmented reality smart glasses enables unparalleled levels of cooperation. Smart glasses allow engineers to confer with experts located in other cities or even countries thousands of miles away, for example. The person on the other end can see what’s going on and offer aid thanks to the video broadcast from the glasses’ camera. 

Even images and notes can be sent directly to the lenses, allowing the user to see the material displayed before them with a clever AR-based platform like Plutomen Connect. With the help of modern technology, it is possible to collaborate effectively as a team, and increase productivity at work without having to meet in person. 

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Enhance and refine your onboarding procedure 

A well-designed onboarding program is advantageous for encouraging and motivating frontline employees to remain productive throughout their employment. The majority of studies undertaken by business titans concur that the first six months of employment have a significant impact on an employee’s decision to remain with the company and increase employee productivity.

Having a strong onboarding approach increases employee loyalty because it helps new hires feel welcomed, valued, and significant. Typically, an onboarding programme entails the preparation of pertinent training schedules, documents, cheat sheets, how-to articles, and recommendations to aid frontline employees in consuming knowledge as needed. 

Since they have the most encounters with your industry clients, it is even more important to excite, engage, and encourage them while exposing them to the company’s culture and connecting them with its vision, mission, and long-term objectives. A wholesome and well-balanced onboarding process will unquestionably foster workers’ productivity and efficiency among your frontline employees. 

For example, Plutomen Assist is the most interactive augmented reality (AR) support and training software ever created. It increases self-reliance, which helps the organisation to streamline and create an atmosphere for knowledge repositories, next-generation training, and digitization of learning.  

Because of its user-centric features, industry specialists can create their own 3D training model of complex machinery. The interactive, step-by-step instructions appear straight before the employee’s eyes. And, as a result, it decreases burden and facilitates processes like assembly, production, quality assurance, and augmented reality (AR) remote assistance. 

Acknowledge what they’ve done and promote what they’ve accomplished 

One of the most effective ways to improve worker productivity is by recognizing and appreciating your frontline employees. That is because it is not only critical to their well-being but it boosts their desire to work harder and improve more productivity, resulting in lower turnover rates and increase in morale. Employee productivity rises dramatically when they receive a heartfelt “job well done” email and other forms of public recognition of their hard work. 

Holding a gathering and highlighting the accomplishments of your top frontliner is one way to go about this task. Examples of this type of promotion include successful sales pitches and workplace milestone anniversaries. Give them cause for celebration and make them feel unique. Thank you notes can be delivered to your staff via digital means if your organization is appreciative of their accomplishment. 

As an additional measure to keep employees’ content, human resources departments can provide perks including flexible work schedules, access to health care services, and other perks. And, if not, you can also do it the Plutomen Way. Yearning to know how? Well, you can reward and acknowledge your front-line staff; train your new field workers, cultivate the appropriate talents in them, and recognize them with certifications. In turn, this will improve worker productivity, morale, and retention by fostering a culture of trust and mutual respect among coworkers. 

It’s a win-win situation for both the business owners (the corporation) and the end-users of the mobile devices if they’re properly supported and managed (employees). 


The more we communicate, the more we collaborate and the more we learn. There are fewer roadblocks to getting things done when there are more people working together. Workers can better adjust to change if they receive better training and are given more context. All of this enables frontline employees to make wiser judgments. So, what are you waiting for? Start establishing a more effective frontline workforce now. 

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Yes, Plutomen Connect can surely increase the productivity of frontline workers by helping technicians in the field solve problems faster and more efficiently by connecting them to specialists via Plutomen Connect and providing remote guidance as they work through the troubleshooting steps.

Yes, Plutomen Workflow is the solution for boosting productivity, since it allows you to build digital manuals for your frontline employees. They can take advantage of no-coding solutions that provide you access to pre-loaded, personalized manuals as well as digital training courses. Secure and intelligent augmented reality work instructions allow you to take notes and keep track of resources.

Yes, regular inspections and audits with Plutomen Workflow increase productivity at work. Routine inspections and audits give you visual job instructions. Your machines and technologies will be more effectively managed and evaluated this way. Keeping your operations up and running will ensure that your front-line employees are continually putting in work.

Plutomen Assist simplifies the onboarding training phase with 3D Modelling and aids in imparting proper augmented reality (AR) training to your staff, hence reducing the likelihood of unscheduled downtime as frontline engineers will be able to handle complicated issues on-site. In addition, it allows highly qualified personnel to demonstrate their abilities and provide instruction over long distances. Real-time instructions can be provided using augmented reality annotations and drawings that experts can see in the field.

Productivity in industry can be improved by recognizing and appreciating your frontline employees. This enhances their desire to work and in turn it improves productivity. Moreover, with AR-based platforms, it is possible to collaborate effectively as a team, and increase productivity in industry without having to meet in person.

The four main factors that increased productivity are to create a setting that promotes increased communication, enhance and refine your onboarding procedure, educate and motivate frontliners to make effective use of mobile devices and other technological tools, and acknowledge what they've done and promote what they've accomplished.
Hiren Kanani

Hiren Kanani

CTO, Cofounder of Plutomen

With 10+ years' experience of Hiren Kanani has helped Plutomen ensure smooth communication between the company and the client for swift project delivery with fewer iterations. He is CTO & founder at Plutomen.

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