Hiren Kanani

Hiren Kanani

January 24, 2022 5 minutes to read

Improve CX and Reduce Truck Rolls With This Powerful Solution

Improve CX and Reduce Truck Rolls With This Powerful Solution

The increasing need for revisits to solve a service query is the most immediate challenge that organizations are seeking to solve. As per research conducted by Aberdeen Group, over 25% of all service calls required at least one additional visit to solve/troubleshoot queries!

One of the most critical metrics that are utilized for gauging field service performance is First-time fix rate (FTFR). With time, industrial enterprises are resorting to increasing their first-time fixes due to the soaring gap in the workforce skills and scarcity of experts. Increased first-time fixes also result in cost-saving and enhanced customer satisfaction.

In this blog, we have focused on a major aspect of service resolution – truck roll, and how augmented reality helps organizations in decreasing truck rolls.

What is a Truck Roll?

A situation wherein a technician has to visit a customer’s location to perform an installation, reconfigure the pre-existing hardware of equipment or render any other expertise or technical service then it can be called a truck roll. Truck rolls are an indispensable part of field service operations.

The Real Cost of Truck Roll

For every truck roll, there is a significant expense incurred by an organization. There are high chances that the organization is underestimating the amount that reflects the overall cost of a truck roll. The reality is, truck rolls cost way more than estimated. For any event that involves truck rolls, it is most likely to cost that company anywhere around $150-500 per visit.

The truck roll amount is most likely to skyrocket to a double or even more when indirect costs are included – technician wages, administration costs, unbillable travel time, vehicle costs such as fuel cost, insurance, depreciation and maintenance. Adding to this are the opportunity costs that come from technicians that are unavailable for the real activities that generate revenue for the business.

The Problem With Truck Rolls

  • Low FTFRs
    Truck rolls add to the dispatch cost and do not necessarily help with FTFRs. Revisits affect FTFRs and increase cost.
  • High number of No Fault Found (NFF)dispatches
    NFF dispatches are those situations where no fault or issue is detected by the technician after checking the machine at customer location. NFF dispatches hit company costs really hard.
  • Negative customer and technician experience
    Delay in arrival or unavailability of technician adversely affects customer experience. Similarly, technicians may be required to visit isolated locations for minor assistance.
  • Increasing complexity of products
    Travelling long distances and arriving at the service location just to realize the problem is too complex for the technician to solve is a terrible experience for the customer and the technician.

The AR Solution and How It Helps

Our solution, Plutomen Connect – an augmented reality visual assistance solution enables enterprises to visually guide customers and field technicians to troubleshoot problems remotely. With robust features such as live video with annotations, a remote expert can guide anyone onsite to quickly resolve and perform the needed tasks without any reliance on a truck roll!

For situations that demand an expert, Plutomen Connect quickly notifies experts about the query that needs attending for a suitable first-time fix. It empowers them with AR based powerful features that can be effectively used to connect, collaborate, resolve and conclude!

truck rolls replaced with AR based support

AR Assistance From Start to End

When field agents can see the customers’ environment using their smart devices, fast diagnosis of problems and resolution is possible. The following are the benefits it renders:

  • Eliminates 90% of NFF dispatches
  • Enables for the dispatch right technician with right information
  • Expert guidance for remotely located technicians that require additional support

Proven Benefits of AR Based Remote Support

  • Eliminates unnecessary truck rolls
  • Decreases service costs
  • Improves FTFRs first-time fix rates by allowing technicians to solve more problems with less travel
  • Increases Customer Satisfaction
  • Shortens technician training time through instant expert support
  • Frees technicians, enabling them to focus on more strategic matters

Best Remote Assistance Use Cases

Reducing Truck Rolls in Telecom

For the telecom sector, our solution helps in decreasing the tech dispatch rate and increasing the First Contract Resolution rate significantly through real time assistance. It helps in quick evidence reporting, decreasing downtime, cutting resource costs, and upskilling junior technicians.

With Plutomen Connect, company representatives can access fixed lines and inventory from remote locations and guide field technicians for faster and efficient troubleshooting of wiring, cabling, ground network, and electrical supporting structures.

Maintenance of transmission lines, transceivers, multiplexers, etc., can be done effectively with QR markers on equipment and systems like radio, cables, electromagnetic systems, with supportive information like equipment specs, maintenance instructions, date of previous inspections, and repair made.

Our solution is utilized by enterprises to stand apart from their competition through quick service and curb their rapidly increasing costs with decreased tech dispatch.

End Note

If you are looking to gain a competitive edge in today’s market, it is apparent that costs are identified as they are and truck roll costs are no exception to them. Gain the ability to improve your CX through smart digitized approach with our solution that allows you to make use of remote expert support. Click here to request a demo of the product!

Hiren Kanani

Hiren Kanani

CTO, Cofounder of Plutomen

With 10+ years' experience of Hiren Kanani has helped Plutomen ensure smooth communication between the company and the client for swift project delivery with fewer iterations. He is CTO & founder at Plutomen.

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