Augmented Reality in Field Services

Get augmented reality solutions for field service teams to improve their efficiency and empower them to put their best efforts and do best work in a secure environment.


Boost Your First Time Fix Rates With Augmented Reality Field Services

Improve the effectiveness of your field service teams with AR-powered digital work instructions and remote collaboration to fix all your issues in no time. With Plutomen, your field service technicians can constantly deliver high performance, standardization, and quality while staying safe. So, what are you waiting for? Adopt augmented reality field service solutions today for your enterprise.


Challenges Faced by Workers Working in Field Industry

Increased Machine Downtimes

Increased Machine Downtimes

One of the many challenges that the field industry is facing is increased downtimes of machines. Due to this their daily operations are hampered and they can’t reach their full efficiency and productivity.

Breakdown of Equipements

Breakdown of Equipements

Lack of expert guidance and experienced technicians leads to frequent breakdowns of equipment and machinery. Newly hired workers find it difficult to work on complex machines and troubleshooting issues in real-time.

More Travel Time

More Travel Time

Conducting off-site MROs, audits, and inspections without any guidance from experts becomes a big challenge for frontline workers. Often, they either had to wait for experts to visit. The travel time not only delays the diagnosis but also leaves a hole in your pocket.

Incompetency of Workers

Incompetency of Workers

Another major challenge is to retain your expert employees to train newly hired frontline workers. Not having enough experience with complex machines hampers their productivity and lead to delay of work.

Streamline Industrial Operations With Plutomen

Get expert guidance via call, text, and video call in less than 2 minutes!

Connect, collaborate, and coordinate with an expert to receive guidance in any corner of the world to decrease your TAT. With us, you can resolve your issues much faster with regular MROs and reduce your downtime by half.

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Go paperless with digital instructions to enhance daily operations

Our digitized AR work instructions are literally a step away from your frontline teams. By adopting Plutomen – a no code platform for your field service teams you get access to paperless manuals, digital guides, and step-by-step SOPs to conduct audits and inspections for your enterprise.

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Start upgrading your frontline workers with AR training

Upskilling your existing or newly hired employees can be tough, but not with Plutomen Assist. We offer your field service teams AR training and 3D AR annotations to handle complex machines and different types of equipment.

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Usecase Benefits of
Augmented Reality Field Services



Plutomen helps standardize and optimize quality assurance and inspection procedures. We provide digital work instructions and help frontline workers perform checks that require visual audits, meter readings, etc.

Quality Inspections

Quality Inspections

Minimize impact, improve safety instructions, and create digitized checklists to ensure quality output of your enterprise. Our quality inspections also increase your frontline team’s efficiency and productivity.

Service and Repair

Service and Repair

Decrease equipment setup time and process variability to run your operations flawlessly. We will help you rapidly digitize and augment your field service process, checklists, guides and manuals to ensure that all your equipment services and upgrades are done timely.

Collaboration With Team

Collaboration With Team

Get guaranteed equipment uptime, improved safety, quality and efficiency by connecting to an expert via chats, video calls, or phone calls. Receive their assistance and uptime your daily care routines and MROs.

Improve Your First Time Fix Rates With us!


Increase In Fix Ratios


Increase In Mobile Fix Ratios

Run Seamless Operations with Our Augmented Reality Field Services


Increase In Resolving Issues


Increase In Daily Productivity

Speed Up The Continuity Of Your Business


Increase In Customer Satisfaction




Why Plutomen

Plutomen – a no code platform helps your enterprise embrace augmented reality field service solutions and create a safer work environment for your frontline teams. We help you not only eliminate your downtimes but also increase your efficiency as a whole. With our one-stop AR solution, you get AR visual assistance in real-time, AR digital work instructions, AR training, and 3D AR annotations. Discover the full potential of your enterprise and frontline teams with Plutomen today.

Plutomen for AR Field Service

AR in Field Service
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