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September 2, 2023 8 minutes to read

Best Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Software For Frontline Workers in 2023

Best Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Software For Frontline Workers in 2023

Every industrial process can be divided into a plethora of microtasks. The best thing about these tasks is that there are step-by-step instructions to complete them. But, the con here is that these instructions are physical and paper-based.

Paper-based instructions can be tough to keep along and update during work. Hence, the need for electronic work instructions arises. Electronic work instructions, known as SOPs, are an excellent upgrade to traditional paper-based instructions with remarkable benefits.

To streamline your industrial processes, you must make them easy to undertake. The best way to simplify a task is to create easily accessible, step-by-step instructions. Standard Operating Procedure Software is one of the best ways to ensure these instructions can be created and accessed electronically.

The following sections will uncover some of the best standard operating procedure software!

What is a Standard Operating Procedure Software (SOP)?

An Standard Operating Procedure Software is a tool that helps curate effective procedures to undertake several routine tasks. These procedures are known as SOPs and consist of step-by-step instructions to complete several industrial tasks.

Anyone creating the SOPs should note that they should be in an easy, digestible format. It should focus on how to do things. Lastly, it should be updated periodically, like every 6-12 months, depending on the standards and requirements.

Anyone using the SOPs should ensure that they need to be followed exactly as the steps are listed. It ensures that the organization remains consistent and compliant with the industry standards.

With the use of SOP software across several industry sectors like telecom, manufacturing, training, etc., its market has witnessed a tremendous boost. As per recent stats, the market size of work instructions software will surpass the $1.4 trillion mark by 2027.

There are several reasons behind the massive market size of work instructions software, one of which is its benefits.

Here are some prime benefits of using standard operating procedure software.

Enhanced Efficiency

It may sometimes happen that the workers on the floor may receive an SOP with errors. As SOPs are electronic work instructions, they can be updated and corrected within a few clicks and minutes. Like traditional paper-based instructions, you don’t have to revamp and reprint the entire manual to correct one or two errors.

This quick resolution eliminates process bottlenecks and enables workers to return to work quickly. Thereby boosting process efficiency and worker productivity.

Error Reduction

One of the primary benefits of SOPs is that they can be easily shared with the entire organization quickly. As each organization member can see it, anyone can suggest rectification if required anywhere.

As SOPs are edited and managed online, the errors can be removed quickly, ensuring negligible errors in the final version.

Effective Training

As SOPs can be produced based on the set compliance standards and frameworks, they are accurate. The steps and procedures mentioned in the SOPs are detailed with visual elements. This ensures that no matter if you are training your new employees or upgrading the knowledge of your old employees, there is no chance of any mistake. Thereby making the training process effective.

Consistent Quality

A well-designed SOP of an industrial process or job makes it easy for the worker to handle it. Therefore, whether it is a service-oriented SOP or a product-oriented SOP, it promises supreme quality in the end. Consequently, ensuring consistent quality for the entire chain of products.

Improved Compliance

SOP software can be of great help in ensuring that the employees are following the right procedures. With SOP software, you can send real-time reminders to the employees for the non-completion of tasks, ensuring that employees comply with the set regulations.


With a well-formulated SOP in the smart device, your business’s frontline workers and other staff can handle tasks quickly and efficiently. As they do not need to contact an expert in case of any uncertainty, they can save a lot of time involved in decision-making.

Interactive Elements

Unlike traditional paper-based instructions, electronic SOPs can have interactive elements in various colors. These can help the workers understand the process better, enhance engagement, and boost productivity.

Essential Features to Look When Choosing Best SOP Software

To keep up with the market competition and streamline your business processes, you need to use SOP software. However, the choices in the market can easily perplex anyone.

Therefore, we have curated a list of aspects you must look for in SOP software!

Collaboration Features

As the SOPs are required for the entire team, the SOP software needs to have the collaboration features, such as

SOP software should allow real-time collaboration where all the team members can simultaneously work on it. This can avoid repeated back-and-forth circulation of SOPs for correction and feedback.

Users can suggest modifications and additions to the SOP comments. Therefore making it ideal for remote users.

The collaborative effort of all the users helps in producing a comprehensive SOP.


Beginning from scratch can be tough. Thankfully, SOP software comes with built-in templates that can be used to produce SOPs. With some software, you can get over 100 of templates for operations policies, frameworks, etc.

SOP templates can speed up the SOP creation and standardize the look of SOPs.

Knowledge Repository

While choosing the best standard operating procedure software, you should check that your software provides a knowledge repository. Having a central repository where all the necessary SOPs and documents are saved is necessary.

It allows the team members to access all the documents without searching at multiple locations. As all the files are in one location, you can update them all at once.


Using SOP software means storing your data online. In light of increasing cyberattacks, it is imperative that you look for software that has the best data security features.

To keep your data secure from cyber threats, look for security features like powerful encryption, access control, two-factor authentication, single sign-in, backups, and recognized security compliance and accreditations.

Rich Media Content

This is the most significant difference between an SOP and traditional work instructions. If you are looking for SOP software, it is ideal to look for one that has rich media content.

The software should enable you to edit the content with rich media, like adding images, videos, screen recordings, and even voice notes. It will make your SOPs more interactive and easy to understand.

Best Standard Operating Procedure Software in 2023

There are plenty of Standard Operating Procedure Softwares on the web. Therefore, you need to be cautious while picking one for yourself. Here are some of the best SOP softwares in 2023 to reduce your scope of choices.

Plutomen Workflow

Plutomen Worklfow Digital SOPs

Plutomen Workflow is a state-of-the-art tool that assists business owners in creating accurate digital work instructions and SOPs. Using Plutomen Workflow, frontline workers can stay safe and productive and save time on their jobs. Some of the awesome features of this tool are:

  • Create SOPs, Instructions, and Checklists in minutes;
  • Configure excel-based checklists and instructions from a single unified dashboards;
  • Capture real-time location timestamps of your workers;
  • Complete operation and download PDF reports with one click;
  • Integrate your SOPs on LMS and smart glasses.


G2 Rating: 4.4/5
Pricing: Contact for pricing

beekeeper SOP

Beekeeper is the all-in-one frontline success system used to connect and engage the workforce. An app like Beekeeper helps to keep work instructions all in one place, so any team member with a mobile device can access them from anywhere. Beekeeper offers various features to manage SOPs like:

  • Organize digital documentation of any inspection forms;
  • Easily navigate to a specific file or task;
  • Analyze your maintenance processes;
  • Schedule shift


G2 Rating: 4.4/5
Pricing: Contact for pricing


Unlike other tools not specific to any fixed industry, Dozuki is made for the heavy and manufacturing industries. The working of the tool is simple. You have to record the videos; the tool will do the rest. The tool combines the videos and produces the SOP.

  • Automated workflow
  • Interactive inline markups and visual cues.
  • Revision history and team oversight

Fat Finger

G2 Rating: 3.5/5
Pricing: Contact for pricing


Fat Finger offers a no-code method for documenting business processes like checklists, standard operating procedures, and workflows. Fat Finger empowers frontline workers to drive operational excellence. You can easily create unlimited smart procedures with no code.

  • Drag & Drop Smart Procedures
  • Offline Mobile Data Capture
  • Bar & QR code scanner
  • Integrations


    G2 Rating: 4.6/5
    Pricing: Contact for pricing


    Tango is a SOC 2-compliant tool that has the gold standard for security and data protection. The working of Tango is similar to Scribe; you just have to push Capture, and Tango will create the guide to any work instructions you want with text and screenshots as you click further.

    • No code and no flow builders are required.
    • Secure blur feature.
    • Easy to share via link, embedding into the website, or PDF export.
    • Powerful annotations.

    Can Plutomen Workflow Add Value to Your Enterprise?

    All of these tools are excellent for the SOP-making process. However, the tool that can put you ahead of the curve is Plutomen Workflow. Made with a unique vision, Plutomen Workflow transcends way beyond other tools on the market.

    Along with high-detailed and interactive SOPs, it is ideal for producing checklists and digital work instructions. As per the makers, the software can help you significantly reduce repetitive visits, boost efficiency, and enhance the workers’ safety factor.

    If you are planning to digitize your training process and simplify task handling, Go for Plutomen Workflow.

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    Keyur B

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