Wipro Limited – Digital Design Studio

Wipro is a known name in business process services and information technology consulting internationally.

  • Task Consumer VR & Digital Content
  • Location Ahmedabad

Problem Statement

Wipro is a known name in business process services and information technology consulting internationally. Plutomen was approached by Wipro to render a solution that created a 3D model of their IT estate, rendered OEM-based catalogue customization, and down streamed ERP / CRM integration for billing and invoicing. 


Plutomen developed the Datacenter server room configurator, ‘Wipro Digital Design Studio’.  

The client can select different rack, server, storage and switch and can entirely customize it as per their requirement. Relevant information such as weight, power, model no. and price is mentioned for each device to give a clear picture to the client. They can arrange these servers, storages and switches on rack as per their preference. A detailed information of each rack is also shown. When the client is happy with the configuration been done, the billing details list is then showcased so that the further billing process can be done. They can save the file or delete it. The saved file can be loaded again for any further changes to be done. 

The Process

The strategy


The solution helped as the communication with their clients has become smoother and the process for conversion takes less time with the help of this application. The customers have complete freedom of customization and therefore they can get their requirements cleared by such configuration. It is quick and easy to use and provides brief details of each device alongside with the price. 

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