An Augmented Reality Remote Assistance Suite

Empowering Frontline Workers to minimize skill-gap, increase productivity, reduce machine downtime, and accelerate training.

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Boost your Frontline Capacities with AR Powered Remote Assistance

We are one of the top AR companies in India.   The problem we are trying to address is real and our solutions are ROI driven. In a world where we are moving towards “everything digital”, industrial enterprises are still holding on to old-school way of executing operations. As a result, many of these industries are experiencing a growing workforce skills gap. Plutomen 2.0 is an augmented reality remote assistance suite that enhances frontline capacities through remote visual assistance, smart work instructions, and immersive training.

Take a Look at Our AR Products

Our main aim is to utilize augmented reality with deep technologies and prepare enterprises for successful digital adoption. Our AR suite consists of 3 kind of digital products for remote visual assistance, digital work instructions, and immersive training.


Plutomen Connect

Get robust AR-led assistance through video sessions, chats, and calls with global experts. Keep your workforce connected to respond and resolve issues on your fingertips.


Plutomen Workflow

Go paperless and receive digital workflows from experts to assist your workforce better. Get step-by-step SOPs, digitalized manuals, visual work instructions, and more.


Plutomen Assist

AR training and 3D annotations are just a click away! Empower your frontline workers with the best AR training from experts and secure knowledge repositories.

Plutomen Connect

Get live visual assistance and guide remotely. Provide remote support to workers so they can remotely oversee resolutions as if they are actually present on-site. Our AR remote assistance product let technicians resolve problems through HD camera stream, and provide instructions to fellow teammates by handwriting, highlighting, or texting in real-time.

  • Freeze live screen and save it for further inspection;
  • Make phone calls and text in real-time using VoIP;
  • Seamlessly integrate on smart-glasses and see visually.
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Plutomen Workflow

Create visual work instructions swiftly to instruct workers remotely. If a field service technician needs to fill a knowledge or skill gap, or a consumer needs directions to assemble any machine, combine relevant video data with interactive guidance to raise the level of understanding.

  • Prepare, edit, publish, and scale step-by-step instructions to maintain workflow;
  • Streamline workers knowledge with on-the-job digital instructions;
  • Bridge employee’s skillgap with a centralized knowledge-base.
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Plutomen Assist

Access and import contextual 3D data about the machine, assets, or spare parts so that field workers can make better decisions and resolve technical issues faster. Leverage a library of interactive pictures, text, videos, and digital 3D models, and let your workers self-assist themselves with training knowledge.

  • Simplify complex training processes by creating 3-D machine models;
  • Cultivate a safe-environment and identify potential hazards before they happen;
  • Leave the outdated printed training materials behind. Adopt AR training.
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Core Solutions,
Built for all-kinds-of Frontliners

Empower your workforce as they are your greatest asset. Plutomen’s augmented reality remote assistance suite is designed & developed specifically for all types of frontliners.

Field Technicians

Plutomen’s AR suite let you stay connected to your field experts from anywhere at any time. Empower your field workers with MROs, audits, and inspections to resolve issues in real-time.

Technical Experts

Plutomen’s AR suite can be used to collaborate with a technical expert, to make technical fixes easier. Transfer technical knowledge faster among teams and leverage visual instructions for technical maintenance.

Customer Service Agents

Our enterprise-based AR suite enable customer service agents to remotely resolve issues in real-time by with remote assistance. Put customer resolution in hyperdrive with visual instructions and AR-based learning.


Decreased Repetitive Visits for Conducting MROs


Faster Resolutions


Commute Time

Increased Resolution Time with Digitized Workflows


Mobile Fix Rates


First Time Fix Rates

Ensured Workforce Safety with Smart Workflows


Safety of Frontline Teams


Servicing Cost


Remote Assistance,
Wherever You Need it

Industries We Serve

Experience Security of Data & Knowledge Repositories in Your Enterprises

Security is the core component of Plutomen’s AR powered suite, for it is designed to provide necessary controls that eliminate risk and security hazards.

256-bit Data Encryption at User’s Level

Plutomen encrypts all your data at rest and in motion guaranteeing you the privacy and authenticity you need. We secure data access at the user levels.

Role-based Access Control

With Plutomen’s role-based, finely tuned access control, deployments can be made to groups of users more easily.

Admin Managed Access Permission

Users, groups, and permissions can be created and managed by Plutomen administrators, as well as the content they see on their home screens.


Know What Our Clients Say

Have a look to know how we empower your enterprise!

Plutomen has helped us set a standard digital workflow. The AR assistance platform has helped us manage our time more effectively and had a positive impact on the productivity of our business.

I was surprised to see the report from the Development Administration Department. The reports stated the substantial improvements such as faster first-time fix rates, a rise in productivity of workers, and a decrease in downtimes. Adopting Plutomen as our partner in growth has helped us in accelerating our digital transformation.

We are able to see the problem and assist our workforce with expert guidance at lightning speed. With the help of AR-led Plutomen, we can pinpoint problems and get real-time solutions to them. Plutomen has made us more prepared to face issues and that has worked wonders for us and our clients.

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Plutomen let your Frontliners Work more Efficiently & Safely.

Enhance your frontline capacities through AR powered remote assistance, digitized workflows, and immersive training.

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