Simplify the Way Frontline Workers

Plutomen is the frontline operations platform you need to enhance workers productivity by providing “on-the-job knowledge” transfer with remote assistance, digital work instructions, and immersive training.


Enhance Frontline Knowledge and Operations for Maximum Impact.

Your frontline workers are biggest drivers of execution and value in operations. To significantly improve their knowledge and capabilities, it is essential to provide them with immediate assistance, work instructions, and training from top experts. With Plutomen’s cutting-edge frontline operations platform, you can transform your on-site operations into a fully remote procedure, encompassing communication, troubleshooting, inspection, commissioning, training, and reporting. By leveraging our platform, you can eliminate unplanned downtime, bridge the skill gap, and elevate workers’ productivity to new heights.

Frontline Operations

Digital Tools, for Smarter Frontline.

Our frontline operation tools connect workers across your operations and empower them with on-the-job capabilities that digitize training, accelerate operations, and transfer knowledge smartly.

Plutomen Connect

Decrease Time to Resolution with Remote Assistance

Connect experts with frontline teams in real-time, gaining visibility into the field using AR powered smart glasses. Our solution seamlessly eliminates the distance barrier between your expert and technicians so that they can resolve issues faster.

  • Utilize chat, video calls, and live video conferencing;
  • Access a knowledge repository & digital document library;
  • Use across browser, mobile devices, and smartglasses.
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Plutomen Workflow

Accelerate Inspection Operations with Digitized Instructions.

Eliminate paper. Digitize your assembly related audits & inspection checklists. Create, update, and distribute step-by-step work instructions to your entire department silos.

  • Bridge employee’s skill gap with a centralized knowledgebase;
  • Attach text instructions and images that can be directly displayed on assisted reality glasses;
  • Export all the inspection reports with a single click from a powerful dashboard.
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Plutomen Assist

Incorporate Frontline Training with AR/VR

Let your frontline workers self-assist themselves with training that is enhanced with 3D models, step-by-step instructions, audio, videos, and PDF files. Ditch paper & create frontline training materials in hours. Not days; Not months.

  • Get an immersive training experience in AR/VR;
  • Import 3D models and include step-by-step training instructions;
  • Add audios, videos, and PDF files in each step of your training instructions.
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Why Transform with Plutomen?

We are witnessing the future of work, where the power of digital connectivity holds immense promise. Despite the revolutionary potential of Industry 4.0 technologies, many industrial enterprises continue to use outdated paper-based systems and over-burden their workers who lack expert assistance.

The result? Lower productivity, higher-skillgap, and slower operations.

Now, it’s time to seize the moment. With Plutomen, get access to digital tools for your workers so they have the support they need to do their best work.

Manufacturing Defects

Deployable Solutions 

From industry 4.0 to customer service, we’ve got solutions that can be easily deployed across your service value chain.

Improved Sustainability 

Improved Sustainability

We envision a sustainable & safe environment for everyone. Our solutions indirectly decrease carbon CO2 commissions.

Higher ROI

Higher ROI

By using our solutions, you can get higher returns on investments and reduce operational turnover.

Smartglass Assistance

Smartglass Assistance

Our solutions can be easily integrated and used from industry-graded smart AR/ VR wearables with some commands.

Unlocking the potential of our frontline workers is the secret ingredient to increasing our company turnover. It all begins by empowering our employees with the right tools to communicate, work, and train. That's where Plutomen comes in. With their revolutionary solutions, we are equipping our frontline teams with the perfect toolkit to exceed expectations and operate efficiently without breaking a sweat.

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Increased Resolution Time with Digitized Workflows


First Time Fix Rates


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Ensured Workforce Safety with Smart Workflows


Safety of Frontline Teams


Servicing Cost

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Plutomen is a ready-to-deploy AR powered frontline workers operational suite, which empower industrial enterprises digitally by simplifying the way their frontline workers work. Our solutions aim to bridge the knowledge gap of frontline workers who are often dispersed, working remotely, or lack access to proper training and support. Our suite consists of 3 different solutions that empower your frontline workers and make them job-ready.

Yes. Plutomen can be completely customized and integrated with almost all kinds of AR/ VR powered smart wearables like RealWear, Oculus, and Microsoft Hololens. 

Plutomen empower industrial enterprises by bridging the knowledge gap of workers who are deskless and dispersed remotely across various service locations. Our suite consists of AR powered digital tools that can make frontline workers digitally connect with each other and do their job. If you are an industrial based business, Plutomen can help you extend expertise, instructions, and knowledge to your frontline workers in need, when they need. 

Plutomen is a ready-to-deploy software for frontline workers. Our suite consists of 3 different solutions that empower your frontline workers and make them job-ready in days. Not months.

Plutomen offers ready-to-deploy and completely customizable industry 4.0 solutions that can help your workers take advantage of industrial revolution. Connect your frontline workers with experts, create step-by-step maintenance instructions, and augment your workers with on-demand frontline training.  

Plutomen can be used in field service, customer service, inspection process, MRO, production process, etc.  

Take One Step Closer to Digitally Transform Your Frontline.

Fix technical issues on time, without compromising the safety of your frontline workforce.

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