Frontline Operations Platform

Simplify the Way Frontline Workers

Studies show that frontline workers need a huge appetite of learning and knowledge transfer. Plutomen gives them an instant knowledge boost with AR-powered remote assistance, work instructions, and training from your most expert technicians, anytime and anywhere.

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Frontline Operations Platform

Take Control Over Your Frontline Operations, Smartly

In a world where everything is digital, industrial enterprises are still holding onto an old-school way of executing frontline operations. With Plutomen, we are determined to change that.

Plutomen is the leading frontline operations platform that enhances frontline capacities by streamlining workers knowledge from 'hire' to 'retire'. Simplify your frontline operations by making your employees equip with the digital tools they need to assist, work, train both on and off-site. Get powerful insights on reducing machine downtime, increasing productivity, and minimizing skillgap.

Frontline Operations

Smart Tools,
for Smarter Frontline.

Our frontline operation tools connect workers across your operations and empower them with on-the-job capabilities that digitize training, accelerate operations, and transfer knowledge smartly.

AR remote assistance

Plutomen Connect

With AR powered remote assistance, your technicians can offer live visual assistance and guide remotely. Eliminate the distance barrier between your expert and technicians so that they can focus on work-in hand. Our product can work on any device, be it smartphone, tablets, or browser.   

  • Turn physical visits into remote collaboration. Connect, collaborate, and fix issues in minutes; 
  • Access secure chat and group messaging for faster resolution; 
  • Seamlessly integrate on AR glasses and operate handsfree. 
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Plutomen Workflow

Create digital checklists, SOPs, and work instructions to simplify your frontline operations. Update, publish, and distribute them to your workers anytime and anywhere. Leverage a powerful dashboard to create real-time reports of the tasks so that you can take control over the performance of your operations.  

  • Bridge employee’s skill gap with a centralized knowledge-base; 
  • Attach text-based instructions and images that can be directly displayed on AR glasses; 
  • Create digital workflows by defining checklists, SOPs, and tasks. 
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AR work instructions
AR Training

Plutomen Assist

Access and import contextual 3D data about the machine, assets, or spare parts so that field workers can make better decisions and resolve technical issues faster. Leverage a library of interactive pictures, text, videos, and digital 3D models, and let your workers self-assist themselves with training knowledge. 

  • Create interactive training materials in hours, not months; 
  • Simplify complex training processes by creating 3-D machine models; 
  • Get rid of printed training materials. Go paperless! 
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Built for Enterprises.
Designed for Frontline Workers.

Empower your workforce as they are your greatest asset. Plutomen’s frontline operations suite is designed & developed specifically for all types of frontliners.

Field Technicians

Let your expert technicians assist, instruct, and train your newly-hired field workers with powerful digital tools.

Technical Experts

Plutomen empower your technical experts with everything they need to track performance of employees from 'hire' to 'retire'.

Customer Service Agents

Troubleshoot customer service issues remotely. Instruct and train your customer executive members from anywhere, anytime.

Frontline Workers in India

Decreased Repetitive Visits for Conducting MROs


Faster Resolutions


Commute Time

Increased Resolution Time with Digitized Workflows


Mobile Fix Rates


First Time Fix Rates

Ensured Workforce Safety with Smart Workflows


Safety of Frontline Teams


Servicing Cost

Frontline operations statistics

Frontline Tools,
Wherever You Need them

Industries We Serve

Experience Security of Data & Knowledge Repositories in Your Enterprises

Security is the core component of Plutomen’s AR powered suite, for it is designed to provide necessary controls that eliminate risk and security hazards.

256-bit Data Encryption at User’s Level

Plutomen encrypts all your data at rest and in motion guaranteeing you the privacy and authenticity you need. We secure data access at the user levels.

Role-based Access Control

With Plutomen’s role-based, finely tuned access control, deployments can be made to groups of users more easily.

Admin Managed Access Permission

Users, groups, and permissions can be created and managed by Plutomen administrators, as well as the content they see on their home screens.


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Enhance your frontline capacities through AR powered remote assistance, digitized workflows, and immersive training.

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