Hiren Kanani

Hiren Kanani

December 24, 2019 4 minutes to read

Plutomen Vnotes – Augment your business with annotations

Plutomen Vnotes – Augment your business with annotations

In our personal and professional life, we have been using sticky notes for multiple purposes. Be it a reminder, essential information, or checklist, sticky notes are useful for small text that requires an action. Plutomen VNotes is an AR-based app that allows users to virtually tag notes, images and videos in the real environment to any fixed object. Let’s have a detailed look at VNotes and how it can be used across multiple industries.

How does Plutomen VNotes work?

Using the VNotes app, any user can tag notes, images, and videos to a fixed object and keep it private or share with other team members inside the app. You can also use the tag to create a task and assign it to someone. Let’s have a look at the video to understand in detail.

Once the virtual note is assigned to an object, it can be fixed as per the geolocation and can be rechecked via the AR view. You can locate it, view it back, and update it if required. Let’s have a detailed look at how Plutomen VNotes can be used in multiple domains and various use-cases.

A simple process of 5 steps makes VNotes easy to implement

Using VNotes in any domain is a very straightforward process. First, go to the area or object where you want to put a virtual note, open the app and follow these steps:002

5 step process of using VNotes at work:

  1. Using the app, scan area or object where you want to put the note.
  2. Tag the object, and create a textual note, put an image or video.
  3. You can use the note to create a task and assign it to someone or share the note with anyone,
  4. You or any user who has received the virtual note can locate and recheck it.
  5. You can update the VNote, add information, or update the task status.

Plutomen VNotes is best suited for manufacturing, repair, and operations

Let’s say someone is working as a junior operative at an aluminum line in a large factory. The operator notices that the sheet rolling mill is having some issues and it needs to be fixed by an engineer or machinery expert whos not present at this moment. The operator can scan the machine, attach a note to it and share it with the factory supervisor.

001 1

The factory supervisor can then share the virtual note with the earliest available engineer and assign him a task. Once the engineer comes at the factory, he can quickly locate the faulty machine using the app, fix the issue and update status in the app, which is visible to both manager and junior operative.

Plutomen VNotes is the optimal solution to minimize communication gaps in industries such as manufacturing, maintenance, industrial training, construction, and multiple other industries. The possibilities are endless.

Using VNotes in your business will improve productivity and efficiency

VNotes can be used for quick information exchange, assign the task, and communicate important information. Compared to traditional mechanisms, assigning and monitoring tasks, keeping the track record of updates becomes much faster. Plutomen VNotes increases the productivity of workers and helps them complete tasks quicker with high efficiency. You can visit this link to learn more.

Are you planning to implement Plutomen VNotes in your business?

We are one of the leading providers of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality solutions including VNotes and Plutomen ARMS. Our team is skilled in providing solutions that inspire, inform and educate users. If you are looking for a reliable solution provider for VNotes, contact us or send us an email. We would love to deliver help you improve your business.

Hiren Kanani

Hiren Kanani

CTO, Cofounder of Plutomen

With 10+ years' experience of Hiren Kanani has helped Plutomen ensure smooth communication between the company and the client for swift project delivery with fewer iterations. He is CTO & founder at Plutomen.

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