A leading 5G Solution Provider Increases Operations efficiency through Plutomen Connect

Increased Operations Efficiency Through AR Remote Assistance
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Sterlite Technologies Ltd (STL) is a renowned digital technology company known for its expertise in optical fibers and cables, hyper-scale network design, deployment and network software, optical connectivity solutions, and more. STL has operations across 150+ countries, and has a reputation as a reliable supplier to global data networks of CSPs, Telco, and OTTs. Recently, STL has also invested in 5G assembly in India, making them a one-stop-shop for all-in 5G solutions. In addition to its capabilities in optical networking, services, software, and wireless connectivity, STL is also one of the leading integrators of digital networks in the industry. With converged architectures, STL helps telecom service providers, cloud companies, citizen networks, and large enterprises deliver next-gen experiences to their customers. STL is also committed to a green and sustainable digital future in alignment with UN SDG goals, and partners with service providers globally to achieve this goal.

So, what made it tough? 

Sterlite Technologies Ltd (STL) faced significant challenges in effectively understanding and addressing the problems faced by their clients. Despite their expertise and experience in the field of digital technology, the struggle was to quickly and accurately identify the specific issues faced by their clients, and to provide effective solutions in a timely manner. This resulted in delays in project timelines and increased downtimes in operations and maintenance (O&M), leading to significant revenue loss. 

One of the major difficulties faced by STL was the need for unnecessary travel to remote locations for simple problems, which took up valuable time and resources. Additionally, they lacked proper documentation of problem statements, discussions, root cause analysis (RCA), and solution statements, which led to a lack of visibility, accountability and delayed resolutions. This resulted in technicians attending the same calls repeatedly, leading to a further loss of time and resources. To address these problems, STL tried other remote assistance facilities, but they were not able to provide the full range of features and capabilities needed to effectively solve their clients’ problems. This resulted in further revenue loss, as STL was unable to provide the level of service and support that their clients needed. 

In light of these challenges, STL realized the need for a comprehensive and professional remote assistance solution that would allow them to quickly and effectively understand and address the problems faced by their clients, in a timely and efficient manner. This solution would need to provide full-fledged features that would enable STL to provide effective solutions, even from remote locations, and to improve documentation and accountability, leading to reduced downtimes and increased revenue. 

Plutomen Connect: Transforming Problems into Progress 

Sterlite Technologies Ltd (STL) has turned to Plutomen Connect to address the challenges they faced in understanding and resolving their clients’ problems in a timely and efficient manner. Plutomen Connect provided real-time troubleshooting, quality check, inspection, and on-the-job training at production sites and execution installation-servicing fields. This allowed STL to quickly and effectively identify and resolve issues at the source, improving the overall efficiency and effectiveness of their service. 

Plutomen Connect also provided STL with the ability to discuss with clients about their problems, and to identify the specific solutions they need. This includes understanding the current state of field procedures, identifying the root causes of problems, and determining the necessary changes and restructuring required to resolve them. This allowed STL to provide more accurate and effective solutions, and to improve the overall quality of their service. One of the key advantages of Plutomen Connect is its AR-based smart features. These features allowed STL to install and operate at field stations remotely, which reduces the need for unnecessary travel and improves efficiency. Additionally, the senior engineers can remotely guide junior engineers and clients in the field, during the times of troubleshooting, enabling STL to provide a higher level of service and support, and to improve the overall quality of their service. Another advantage of Plutomen Connect is that all discussions are recorded, providing a structured format of data and analytics. This allowed STL to have a clear and accurate record of all interactions with clients, which improved accountability and visibility. With the guided instructions provided by Plutomen Connect, STL’s engineers can focus on more priority tasks, rather than attending the same calls repeatedly. 

Overall, Plutomen Connect has been a game-changer for STL, it not only reduced loss of revenue but also has boosted its productivity by multiple folds. The travel is saved, the engineer’s time is effectively deployed, the data is in a structured manner, and most importantly – project timelines are met and downtimes have decreased in O&M. With Plutomen Connect, STL is now able to provide a higher level of service and support to their clients, and to improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of their service. 


Outcome Summary 

  • Real-time troubleshooting, Quality Check, Inspection, and On-the-job training at production sites and execution installation-servicing fields
  • Ability to discuss with clients about their problems and identify specific solutions
  • AR-based smart features for remote installation and operation
  • Remote guidance for junior engineers and clients in the field during troubleshooting
  • Recorded discussions for structured data and analytics
  • Guided instructions for focusing on priority tasks
  • Reduced loss of revenue and increased productivity
  • Reduced travel and improved efficiency
  • Improved accountability and visibility
  • Improved service and support for clients
  • Meeting project timelines and decreasing downtimes in O&M

"Plutomen Connect helped us decrease downtime and accelerate our operations at the same time. Our frontline workers got benefitted tremendously by using the platform. "

Operations Manager at Sterlight

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