Gas Furnace Inspections Checklist Saves a Renowned Oil & Gas Producer Rs. 4,80k a Year

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Oil and Gas Industry
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Our customer is a renowned oil & gas service provider, which offer energy efficient oil, propane and gas furnaces and boilers across different parts of India. They offer a variety of furnaces and boilers that run on oil, propane, and gas, catering to different energy needs of their buyers. In addition to this, they also provide cleaning, repairing, and replacement services for oil and gas systems to ensure optimal functioning and extend their lifespan. With their emphasis on quality and energy efficiency, our customer has become a trusted name in the oil & gas industry in India.

The Challenge

Our customer was facing challenges in scheduling real-time inspections for gas furnace systems due to newly hired and untrained inspectors who lacked proper training of the inspection process. The primary role of their gas inspectors was to
examine crucial sub-components of the system such as gas lines, filters, burners, carbon monoxide detectors, thermostats, system vents, and blowers. These gas inspectors also carry out tasks such as cleaning, checking, and replacing minor parts to guarantee that heat generation and circulating systems are functioning optimally. The inspectors working for our customer were struggling to keep track of the various components of the gas furnace system, which made it challenging to identify and address potential issues. This was leading to inefficiencies, increased energy consumption, and higher costs. Such minor negligence of carrying out maintenance tasks such as cleaning air filters were leading to long-term inefficiencies in the system and poor air quality. This further resulted in frustrated customers of the client along with an operations overhaul.

The Solution: Plutomen Workflow to the Rescue

Our customer leveraged Plutomen Workflow to create step-by-step “Gas Furnace Inspection Checklist checklists & instructions” and distribute them to their inspectors. This ensured that their newly hired inspectors had the necessary instructions and checklist to carry out inspections efficiently. As a result, their inspectors were able to access these checklists, instructions directly by using RealWear assisted reality glasses. This greatly helped them inspect and troubleshoot any issue, handsfree. The checklist and instructions were designed to ensure that each component of the gas furnace system was checked and verified, and all minor parts were cleaned, replaced or repaired as necessary.


The Result

After utilizing “Gas Furnace Inspection Checklist“, the gas inspectors were able to complete inspections in a timely manner, ensuring the long life of our furnace systems and efficient operations. The use of Plutomen Workflow’s digital checklists and instructions ensured that the inspectors did not miss any critical components during the inspection process, reducing the potential for system inefficiencies and higher costs. Overall, the solution provided them with greater peace of mind knowing that the gas furnace systems of their customers were being properly maintained, especially during the cold seasons. Using Plutomen Workflow, our customer has inspected over 100+ individual risers, roughly 80% of their entire pipeline network. By utilizing Plutomen Workflow, they have increased their productivity, and decreased errors in their operations. Moreso, they were able to save Rs. 40,000 per month (Roughly Rs. 4,80000 per year) on account of savings resulted from reduced downtime of system and training cost of new hires.

Tangible Benefits

By using Plutomen Workflow, our customer experienced:

  • 65% Increase in Inspection Rates
  • 45% Increase in Productivity
  • 90% reduction in Human Error
  • 65% reduction in Training Cost

Intangible Benefits

  • 35% Decrease in Energy Consumption (A step towards sustainability)

We wanted our inspection process to be digitized with ready-made checklists and instructions. Plutomen Workflow was the solution we never knew we needed. It greatly helped us streamlining our maintenance operations throughout our service areas.

Manager at a Top Oil and Gas Producer

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