Hiren Kanani

Hiren Kanani

March 29, 2022 4 minutes to read

Welcoming New RealWear Partner: AnandIT Infotech

Welcoming New RealWear Partner: AnandIT Infotech

This prosperous partnership is Plutomen stepping up our game with leading authorized AR handset hardware players with their rich landscape outreach with popular brands of Industry 4.0. Joining hand and showcasing how Plutomen Connect functions with Realview & Microsoft Hololens 2 handsets gives our enterprise clients a holistic and seamless experience.   

Our Privileged Partner 

AnandIT is an ISO Certified renowned name in the corporate field as a Computer Hardware Solutions provider. They hold a significant position in the market as the All-India Authorized distributor of RealWear, Transcend, ADATA, Patriot Memory, BIOSTAR and Estimote.  They began their journey by merchandising branded memory devices, ventured into providing services like data recovery and solutions for memory devices. Today, they have an expanded business, dealing in the industrial AR/VR solutions for addressing end-to-end remote mentoring, assistance, and training requirements. 

They are a wide-scale distributor AR/VR Devices that include: 

  • RealWear
  • Microsoft HoloLens 2
  • Oculus
  • Vive
  • Magic Leap 1
  • Vuzix

Stepping Up Together: Our Way forward in Partnership 

This partnership not only widens opportunities for our clients to embrace Augmented Reality effortlessly with Plutomen connect. We offer mutually profitable high-impact benefits that broaden your industry’s spectrum to embrace future-ready AR industrial products & solutions.   

AR-based products have found a vital place in numerous industries, enabling expedited fixes, production & maintenance, remote audit & inspection, installation & commissioning, unmatched field service, etc. The partnership between Plutomen and AnandIT Infotech has myriad benefits for the industrial workforce. Realwear with Plutomen connect opens hassle-free opportunities for our clients to embrace AR in this hyper-competitive industrial advancement era.    

High-Impact of Benefits for Industries  

It’s a common practice for industries to have their workforce wear head-mounted devices at work. With RealWear and Plutomen Connect, the workforce can conveniently access AR solutions. 

  • Workforce can focus on their immediate surrounding  
  • Faster access to resource materials  
  • Use both hands for work 
  • Reduced risk of dropping other tools and equipment  
  • Drive process compliance and quality  
  • Use hands-free while wearing gloves  


Plutomen connect assists workers take expert help and collaboration remotely, swiftly, and conveniently with RealWear AR wearables. They can troubleshoot machine breakdowns, detect and rectify issues in the production line, perform scheduled maintenance, install complex equipment and reduce TAT.    


With Plutomen Connect, the frontline workforce can access 3D workflows, compliance SOPs, checklists, and engineering data through RealWear AR wearables to increase productivity and decrease cycle time and quality spills. Mechanics can give expert help to customers for faster and more efficient field service.   


With Plutomen Connect and RealWear, field technicians can troubleshoot hardware, equipment, cable, network, and server on the go, with AR visual instructions. They can easily spot QR markers on equipment and systems like radio, cables, electromagnetic systems, with supportive information.   

Oil & Gas:   

With Real wear and Plutomen Connect, the industry can maintain maximum uptime and remote maintenance and diagnostic. Get easy & instant access to digital checklists for troubleshooting, perform remote gas separators inspections, maintain auxiliary process equipment, and monitor at slide gates. 

Immersive AR Experience for Your Business 

Plutomen is a unique B2B SaaS Product powered by AR technology to empower enterprises with innovative remote collaboration tools for their remote frontline workforce. We’re an agile rising star start-up helping enhance frontline capacities through self-assisting resources and digitized workflows and connecting them with remote collaboration experts. Our platform helps industrial customers improve productivity, enable faster resolution, reduce operational costs, and maximize revenue growth while promoting sustainability and worker safety. 

Grab your RealWear AR wearables and empower your workforce productively with both hands. Book a demo of the RealWear version of the Plutomen products to understand how it works from an expert. Click here to book an expert demo.

Hiren Kanani

Hiren Kanani

CTO, Cofounder of Plutomen

With 10+ years' experience of Hiren Kanani has helped Plutomen ensure smooth communication between the company and the client for swift project delivery with fewer iterations. He is CTO & founder at Plutomen.

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