Introduction to Remote Assistance: How Plutomen Connect Works

Imagine your field technicians having access to expert advice and guidance, no matter where they are. With Plutomen Connect, your remote experts have real-time access to preview images from your technician's AR glasses during a call. This enables them to provide precise guidance and support, both verbally and visually. No more guesswork or delays - just seamless collaboration between your team and remote experts..

In this demo video, learn how to:

  1. 1. Boost First Time Fix Rates (FTFR) and OEE operations with Plutomen Connect
  2. 2. Eliminate the distance barrier between your frontline workers on site and experts located far away
  3. 3. Streamline data sharing and messaging with secure cloud storage

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  • Brief Introduction to Plutomen Connect – AR Remote Assistance Solution
  • How Plutomen Connect Works and its Uses

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