Accelerating Audits & Inspections in Times of COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented unique challenges for many industries, including the industrial manufacturing sector. In-person audits and inspections can be difficult to conduct safely and may be subject to delays due to restrictions on travel and in-person gatherings. But there's a solution. In our eBook, we have articulated how industries can accelerate audit and inspection checks and stay safe during pandemic.

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Increase Audits & Inspection Checks like Never Before. We’ll show you exactly:

  • How to accelerate your audit & inspection rate;
  • How to mitigate COVID19 related challenges in industrial operations;
  • How AR led remote assistance enable smooth audit & inspection process.
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Accelerating Audits and Inspections with AR

Learn How a Manufacturing Company Maximized Inspection Efficiency with AR

As a manufacturing company, it becomes extremely important to abide by law and perform specific audits and inspections to remain compliant. But here’s a little food for thought: how exactly will you perform audits and inspections amidst a pandemic like COVID19?

Learn how a global manufacturing company facilitated its audits and inspections process remotely, thereby saving huge on travel costs and staff training.

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Why Plutomen?

At Plutomen, we hold expertise in Augmented Reality. By using our AR remote collaboration suite, bring your technicians, workforce, and experts together on mobile devices and wearables with Live Video and AR abilities. Streamline your workflow by using AR-based digital work instructions. Or, create immersive learning experiences for your workforce by integrating our AR training solution on mobile devices and wearables.

Plutomen let your Frontliners Work more Efficiently & Safely.

Enhance your frontline capacities through AR powered remote assistance, digitized workflows, and immersive training.

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