Plutomen’s CEO Keyur Bhalavat Explores Meta Connect’s Cutting-Edge Innovations

We are excited, elated, and proud as our CEO, Keyur Bhalavat, is representing Plutomen at the Meta Connect event. The much anticipated and awaited event of the year, where we get to know about the latest advancements and innovations by Meta. Plutomen was invited on the basis of our innovative solutions, specifically Plutomen Assist, to deliver immersive training. 

“It was an exhilarating experience to attend the Meta Connect Event. Watching Mark Zuckerberg unveil some amazingly cool stuff was inspirational and eye-opening. We are going to integrate some technologies of Meta Connect to improve our Plutomen Solutions and Products.”
– Keyur Bhalavat, CEO at Plutomen

We are here to share our CEO’s first-hand experiences and provide an overview of all the cool stuff unpacked at Meta Connect. 

Mixed Reality Represented with the New Meta Quest

Keyur Bhalavat - Plutomen CEO at Meta Connect 2023

Meta Quest 3 has become the highlight of Meta Connect. Presented 30 minutes before the keynote speech by Mark Zuckerberg, the new Mixed Reality (MR) is the most powerful headset by Meta until now. 

This device is powered by a Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2, has an Infinite Display with a resolution of 2064 x 2208, and works independently of a PC or console. Sitting there while enjoying the event, Mr. Keyur realized how the new Meta Quest 3 can become an integral part of the Plutomen Assist. 

With 10x additional pixels than its predecessor, the Meta Quest 3 boasts a 110-degree view. As the Meta Quest 3 is launched, the Plutomen Assist team is already working on the integration part, with the motive to upscale our offerings.

Meta Quest for Businesses

Meta Quest for Business presents a comprehensive solution to modern-day businesses where they can access solutions to make Meta Quest ready for business. It consist of features like;

  • User management
  • Customer App management
  • Device management
  • Customer Support

At present, Meta Quest for business is only available for business in the US, the UK, Canada, and Japan. But we are hoping it will become available for businesses operating in other countries across the globe.  

Venture into the New with AI Llama 2

Llama 2 comes with a pre-trained dataset that can be used by developers to create chatbots. Trained on a whopping 2 trillion tokens, Llama 2 is an open-source AI training model and can be used for commercial use as well. 

Meta and Microsoft have come together to build and launch Llama 2, which has 40% more data than its predecessor. One thing we love about Llama 2 is its open-source nature. Using the wide array of datasets available in Llama 2, we can improve more inclusive solutions and services for our clients. 

Meta AI | AI-Powered Bots

Meta AI represents a new leap forward in the domain of chatbots and real-time assistance technology. With the goal to improve Augmented and Artificial Reality, Meta AI chatbots boast a host of advanced features. 

The same Meta AI will be used in Meta Quest 3. Some of the applications of Meta AI include;

  • Engage in group chats with friends and family. 
  • Get answers to general questions in real-time. 
  • Get results from the web with Microsoft Bing. 

In addition to this, Meta Connect launched AI Studio, which can be used to build AI chatbots for a wide range of purposes. Using AI Studio, businesses can create exclusive AI systems that will reflect their brand’s values and deliver better customer experiences. 

Meta AI also works as a live-interaction assistant that works with Llama 2 technology and gets real-time information. Moreover, EMU is also built into the Meta AI assistant, allowing users to generate high-quality photorealistic images. 

Emu for Generating Images from Text Prompts

Meta has built and launched Expressive Media Universe (EMU), an image generation model allowing users to generate images and stickers from text prompts. Moreover, using the same technology, users can also create customized AI stickers to make interactions more dynamic and lively. 

Using the same EMU technology, Meta will bring two new features to Instagram to transform their photos and co-create new images with friends through AI. 

  • Restyle: Using this, we can reimagine and revisualize the existing images according to the styling instructions. 
  • Backdrop: It can help change an image’s background or scenes with the Segment Anything Model. 

Meta has built an AI Studio wherein users can interact and play with all the AI products and services available for use. The users can interact with the AIs built in the AI Studio, create their profiles on Facebook and Instagram, and even chat with them on WhatsApp. 

Cherry on the Cake | Ray-Ban Smart Glasses Powered by Meta

Ray Ban Glasses Meta Connect

Who would have expected that Meta would bring out an incredible invention? The Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses will represent a mix of style and functionality fused together into a single frame. 

From getting answers to your questions (like how to fix a leaking faucet), translating text, or knowing what you see, these smart glasses can also let users live stream hands-free. So, there is no need to take out your phone for live streaming; simply give the command to switch to smart glasses, and you can go live on Instagram, YouTube, etc., with your followers. 

Being at the Meta Connect was an overwhelming learning experience for our CEO, Mr. Keyur Bhalavat. At Plutomen, we are at the forefront of recognizing the technologies that can transform the user experience and help us build innovative solutions for the benefit of our clients.