Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions about Plutomen Connect, Workflow, or Plutomen Assist? You can start with some of the FAQs listed here. If you don’t find the questions that you want to be answered, you can send us a mail, and we will see how we can answer them.

Getting Started

If you are an Iphone user, you can find the Connect from the App store here and if you are an Android user, you can find Connect from the Playstore here.

Yes, Plutomen Connect features cross-compatibility supporting multiple devices such as Windows, MAC, iOS, and Android. Plutomen Connect needs AR Core to function properly. You can get your device’s AR Core compatibility checked here

The following are some of the Admin features that connect provides:

  • Guest Login: Centralized user management: You can manage user-profiles and roles from a single place.
  • Web Login: Login from the web for guidance
  • Document Sharing: Share documents for easy understanding
  • Drawing tool with custom annotations: AR-based drawing and annotations tool so that you can draw and annotate over real-life objects
  • Freeze Mode: Increases stability and allows you to focus better.

The following are some of the User features that connect provides:

  • Centralized user management: You can manage user-profiles and roles from a single place.
  • Admin dashboard and analytics: Get real-time analytics reports for insights on progress and value measurement overtime.
  • Knowledge bank: ARMS comes with a library of previously resolved issues and knowledge sources, allowing you to resolve and attend to queries better.
  • Access control: Get access control and manage permissions for multiple users.

Plutomen Connect, our visual remote assistance solution, works to empower frontline workers with AR powered HD video call while they try to fix any technical issue. To learn more about how can you use Plutomen Connect, follow the steps mentioned in this article: Getting Started with Remote Visual Assistance. 

Signing Up

When you subscribe to Plutomen Connect. Our team will give you your credentials by using which you can login anytime.

On Downloading from Play Store or App Store, Login with predefined credentials

  • Step One: Go to Playstore or Apple Store
  • Step Two: Download the application
  • Step Three: Log into your account

Recent list will display the incoming and outgoing call details

User Will be able to view the list of recent call along with

  • Date & Time
  • Call duration
  • Call Type: missed/Incoming/outgoing
  • User can call a person By Clicking on the name of person from the list
  • By swiping on a particular name to the left, the User will able to see a cross button from which the User will be able to Remove/delete a name from the list

The guest user access is for the users who are not yet registered with Plutomen Connect . They can join the call via a link or a 9-digit code which is created by a logged in user of the app.

For using guest login features, users have to give some details to join a call as a guest user. Here are the details which app requires:

  • Username
  • Email id
  • Mobile number
  • By giving these details, the user will be able to login as a guest in ARMS but cannot access all the features.