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Utility Companies

Plutomen ARMS


We are in the era of the fourth industrial revolution, where conventional ways of solutions are going to seem too conservative. We all look forward to novel and creative ways that can change the way we work and make lives simpler. It is now no secret that advanced technologies are the future. Among all those advanced technologies, augmented reality shines the brightest. AR could be defined as the missing piece of the puzzle in almost every industrial sector. AR has multiple solutions, and by incorporating these, we could get help for closing all those loops in practically every area of the economy. Amongst the various solutions available, AR-based remote assistance is hugely trending.
At Plutomen Technologies, we have come up with “Plutomen ARMS" AR-based remote assistance, which we believe can be a significant innovation to solve the most common problems in the industry. Our focus of exploration here would be the utility companies.


Challenges faced by utility companies


Non-viability of the Multidisciplinary Training

We are all somehow aware that training is integral to the induction of new employees, but it does add on to additional expenses on the company as well. Moreover, in utility companies, there are various machineries which gets technologically updated from time to time. That is the reason why it is not viable for any utility company to train all their new employees and juniors about each machinery that too periodically. This problem requires a sound solution that could help the utility companies to get rid of the burden of training expenditure.


Absence of 360 Degree Assistance

Nowadays, it has become the vital need of every industry to cover all the possible ways to provide expert assistance to their new or junior employees performing their duty at some remote locations. Several utility company owners reported similar issues regarding the exploration of all the possible ways to provide 360-degree assistance to their employees in remote areas. Sometimes, due to the lack of such facilities to connect with the site attendee causes severe damage to the machinery and reduces the profit of the company. This is the problem that needs to be addressed with cutting edge technologies.


Physical Absence of an Expert Results in Delayed Resolution of Glitches

Technical glitches in the machinery that are installed on-site or off the site is quite common. In such cases, it is mostly the attendee service engineer who would be able to solve that glitch, but it isn’t a possible scenario every time. In some instances, he/she would be in need of his/her superior’s necessary guidance and advice to reach the solution. Now, if he/she would wait for his/her superior to physically come at the site for the same, it would be an unnecessary delay in resolving the issue. It may result in the loss of man-hours and money both at the same time. That’s something every company wants to avoid but does face as well.

Putting a finger on the Solution


Multidisciplinary training with Plutomen ARMS

Conventional training methods need a unique arrangement of sessions according to the availability of experts at various places. But with solutions like Plutomen ARMS, utility companies may add AR facilities at the headquarters. This would enable them to manage their time to time training of the company employees at various branches at a time that too in an exciting way!! This would eliminate the specific training and would replace it with holistic multidisciplinary training. Also, the training regarding any periodical update in the machine design and its features would also be done without much headache from time by time.

Providing 360-degree assistance with Plutomen ARMS

The 360-degree assistance is a kind of remote assistance that integrates every possible way for the expert to connect with the person who requires support at remote sites. Plutomen ARMS is thoroughly prepared to instantly offer a solution that helps the company to utilise their time and money effectively. It would fill the gap between the site attendee and the expert via 3D real-time data sharing. Hence, with immersive and real-time data sharing solutions like Plutomen ARMS, 360-degree assistance would be one step further over the conventional ways.


Eliminating the expert’s physical need at breakdowns with Plutomen ARMS

We have discussed the situation where we need the physical presence of the expert to resolve the issue while the first attendee doesn’t get to the solution. Plutomen ARMS would ensure that the issue gets resolved without the physical presence. The first attendees can connect and collaborate with his/her expert/senior and grab the guidance as if he/she were physically present there at the site! With this solution, utility companies can increase the number of ‘one visit problem resolutions,’ and it would increase customer reliance on the company.

Opportunity for Impact

Implementing solutions like Plutomen ARMS in the utility companies would aid in taking away the burden of problems in the utility industry. It would have the following positive impacts:

  • Improvement in employee efficiency
  • Human error prevention
  • One visit resolution of the breakdowns
  • Reduces the downtime of the machinery
  • Reduces the cost of training and maintenance
  • Increases the compliance
  • Increased profits
  • Save time and effort
  • Cost-effective
  • Reduced loss of working hours
  • Real-time data sharing would prevent the mismatch of information
  • Remotely located employee of your company would also be able to connect and collaborate
  • with an expert in no time; this would increase the integrity within the company collaborate
  • Periodical and time by time training would boost the confidence of an employee

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