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Renewable Energy Sector

Plutomen ARMS


Augmented reality is expected to be a 198 Billion US Dollars’ market by 2025. The way it has entered in various sectors and the way it has been proving its intelligence in the market, it would not be a bluff to say that the next technological era could be named as “Era of AR.” Out of many uses of AR, here, we will discuss “AR-based remote assistance.”

Plutomen ARMS is a perfect solution that can help as AR-based remote assistance in the following ways.

We know that non-renewable energy resources are gradually declining. In such a scenario, renewable energy is only the future option that should be explored much to get rid of the fear of scarcity of energy resources. Currently, renewable energy is facing some issues that we are going to discuss here. And we will see that how Plutomen ARMS can help us to solve them.


Challenges faced by renewable energy sectors


Lack of Productivity

Manufacturing renewable energy-based components are not as simple as manufacturing the other components. The production of such instruments demands a higher level of accuracy. The ancillary parts of the final products need to be as per the specifications mentioned in the design; otherwise, the final product may not serve the intended purpose.

In such a scenario, the workmen associated with the production line would need of continuous guidance from production engineer or manager, but still, the problem with this is that the production engineer or manager may not be available all the time at the production line as he/she would have to do lots of tasks. And that is the reason why productivity would suffer as no worker would be in a position to let the production line continue without the guidance of superior. Such circumstances reduce the productivity of the enterprise and are in need to have better solutions over traditional solutions.


Utility and maintenance

As a sector, renewable energy is still a concept that we are getting to know about. In the upcoming years, the maintenance of renewable energy instruments and machinery will play a crucial role in our lives. This energy would be extensively used, but the reality is that we still have a long way to go. There’s still a lot that we need to learn and get to know regarding this sector. We will have to create experts and specialists who have a vast knowledge of this field. This is why utility and maintenance in this field is a huge challenge.

Putting a finger on the Solution


Improving productivity with Plutomen ARMS

Workers or supervisors at the production line could be connected with their superiors wherever they are with Plutomen ARMS. This connection would not be just like a video call; rather, it would be completely immersive. The production superior would guide the supervisors or workmen at the production line as if he/she were there only! Such solutions like Plutomen ARMS could increase Productivity by connecting the solution-seeker to the solution-giver and removing day to day bottlenecks faced by the production team. Increased productivity in particularly the renewable energy industry, would have a positive effect on after-production activities.

Effective maintenance with Plutomen ARMS

Maintenance is a vital part of any organisation, and the same goes for the renewable energy sector. With the usage of a lot of machinery and equipment, a considerable part of the expenditure goes into it. Plutomen ARMS is an amazing solution for several such difficulties, like industrial maintenance, repair, and operations. It ensures speedy diffusion of skills and information across the organization. Other than that, it ensures the knowledge that the expert has reached quickly and accurately. This way, the entire enterprise has updated information and instruction the moment it is available.


Opportunity for Impact

Use of advanced technology usually has a positive impact on the business. Especially in the sectors which are not much popular like renewable energy. Using Plutomen ARMS can have the following results:

  • Increased productivity would improve the business statistics of the enterprise
  • Some glitches regarding the production of renewable energy machinery and instruments would be addressed in an advanced manner
  • Customers’ complaints would be addressed in an immersive way by the company’s authorised service personnel
  • ‘Connect...Collaborate...Conclude’ theory of Plutomen ARMS will reduce the delays in the service sector
  • Loss of the customer due to service delays would be saved
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • It would increase the brand value of the enterprise
  • Operating cost after one-time investment in such a system will be reduced
  • Cost-effectiveness of the enterprise will increase

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