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Manufacturing industry

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With Augmented Reality expected to grow to a market size of 198 billion U.S dollars by 2025, it is rapidly changing the way industries operate as well as creating a workforce that’s unlike what we have ever seen. Gone are the days of paperwork and traditional ways of working. Our industries are changing, and so is the way people work.

Though AR isn’t something new but what’s driving the attention currently is an AR-based remote assistance tool. As an emerging technology, Augmented Reality Remote Assistance is loved by businesses worldwide. Industries have already started adopting this technology, and the results are evident for everyone to see. Here, we will be discussing Plutomen ARMS, an AR-based remote support tool, and the way it can help the manufacturing industry.


Challenges Faced by the Manufacturing Industry


Shortage of Skilled Labour

In the manufacturing sector, where productivity has a direct impact on its profitability, expertise is vital. It is true that the usage of robotics and automation does fill the labour gap, but one would still need the expertise of a human. From examining to finding solutions along with managing the output, we cannot deny the importance of human capabilities. As the baby boomer generation is retiring, there is a vast lack of skilled labour.


Complex Machinery

Like every other industry, manufacturing, too, is continually evolving. The machinery also is going through a drastic transformation. They are turning complex and advanced with time. Though it is great that we are progressing but we would simultaneously need to keep ourselves updated with the latest whereabouts.


Lack of Real-time Support

There’s hardly any industry that hasn’t realised that since they are no more fixated to one place, one needs to be able to offer expert guidance to their employees anytime, anywhere. The lack of real-time support can have an adverse impact on the profit and immense wastage of time.


Machine Downtime

Unplanned machine downtimes are issues that companies have to deal with quite frequently. It is a prime source of extra expenses, decreases productivity, and leads to wastage of time. In some instances, it occurs in remote locations where the lack of physical absence of an expert can lead to delay in resolving the issue. Unless the problem gets solved, everything comes to a standstill.

Putting a finger on the Solution


Instant Solutions

Now, there is no need to put everything on hold and wait for solutions until eternity. With Plutomen ARMS, one can be anywhere, yet the solution can reach the person instantly and help them resume their work without any trouble.

Remote Support

The best part about this technology is that one can be in any location across the world, but that won’t hamper our work. There is no need to send an expert physically to a place that can take hours or days. It allows one to intervene remotely to resolve technical glitches.


Accuracy in Solving Issues

The real-time 3D annotation on objects and the environment assists one to diagnose the problem and find a solution accurately. There is no scope of miscommunication or misinformation, which automatically enhances efficiency.


By eradicating the need to send a person physically to solve an issue can be a massive relief for the manufacturing companies. They wouldn’t have to spend money on travel or transportation. As the solution reaches quickly, there is no unnecessary need to put the work at a halt. This automatically leads to decreases in expenses, and the company can function efficiently.


Opportunity for Impact

  • It minimises the time spent on execution or fixing glitches because it enables one to connect with an expert instantly.
  • With a supreme level of precision and accuracy, the chances of error become almost negligible.
  • Since the expert can connect without having to make a move, automatically, the travel expenses are zero.
  • With instant solutions, there is no wastage of time unnecessarily. One can organise and manage their time in a better manner.
  • The recorded videos can be used later for training, analysis, and enhancement.
  • It offers quick diffusion of skills and information across the organisation.
  • With all the qualities mentioned above, the most noticeable effect is the increase in productivity and profitability.
  • As per a study by Deloitte, there would be around 4.6 million manufacturing jobs in the United States from the year 2018 to 2028, which needs to be filled. The increase in skill gap might lead to 2.4 million positions remaining completely vacant in this time frame of 10 years.
  • The workforce that’s aging and has immense knowledge is retiring too. This leaves us with a scarcity of experts that can share their knowledge.
  • With advanced technology and complex machines knocking on our doors, we actually would need a lot more proficiency to prosper.
  • Thereby suggesting that AR-based remote assistance is a great solution, and enterprises related to manufacturing have started to understand as well as implement it.

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