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Consumer Electronics Sector

Plutomen ARMS


Augmented reality is a futuristic technology that is going to alter the conventional ways of the current market completely. AR-based solutions are getting satisfactory responses worldwide. If we look into the matter carefully, we will get to know that the augmented reality could be helpful to solve almost each bottleneck of the industries that, too, with guaranteed customer satisfaction. From the various AR-based solutions, AR remote assistance is becoming a favourite to resolve some area-specific problems in different sectors. Here, we will discuss Plutomen ARMS by Plutomen Technologies in the Consumer Electronics Sector.

Among multiple industrial usages, here we are going to discuss how Plutomen ARMS could be helpful if used in the consumer electronics industry. The manufacturers of this industry often face issues regarding the production lines, customer engagement, and after-sales services. As technology is changing its projections day by day, consumer electronics manufacturers are in an urgent need of adopting a more creative and advanced solution to solve the following problems:


Challenges faced by Consumer Electronic industry


Production Line failures

We all know that due to cost-saving purposes in almost every industry, only one or two experts are hired in every department. The rest of the team generally isn’t much experienced and works under the instructions given by the senior. In such a scenario, if in case the experienced production engineer is out of the production house or on leave for some industry-related work and a problem arises with the production assembly line. Now, due to lack of time and production deadline, one can't wait till the senior engineer would come back. During such emergencies, we are currently using video conferencing and live video chat like features. But what if all these solutions are not enough to resolve the issue? What if the need for the physical presence of the senior at a site becomes a must? Such circumstances needed to be addressed with advanced and innovative ideas to remove bottlenecks and resume production.


Lack of innovation for customer engagement

Customers of this new era are quite demanding. They rapidly lose their interest in repetitive ways of publicising the product. That is the reason why smart ideas are the need of the hour. Customers are becoming aware and conscious about the quality and features of the product, particularly in this industry. So, consumer electronics manufacturers should introduce alternative ways of customer engagement to retain the eagerness and interest of the customer in their brand.


After-sales services

Once a customer buys a product, we have to respect his/her trust in your brand. Inadequate after-sales services would make the customer switch to a different brand. Conventional customer care support on the phone is slowly declining. Customers need their problem to be resolved on the same day as it rises. Customers nowadays don't have an interest in complaint filing and 'waiting for 7 working days' type of commitments. That is the reason why we need out of the box solutions for the same.

Putting a finger on the Solution


Plutomen ARMS for addressing production line failures

To resolve the problem mentioned above, Plutomen ARMS acts as a blessing. The person attending to the issue at the production house can connect the whole environment with the senior engineer who is far away. Senior would have control of the product assembly line on his/her smartphone screen. He/she can collaborate with the attendee by actually showing her/him the steps to be performed on the machinery to solve the problem in real-time with greater accuracy. Instant production line bottleneck clearance would resume the production and hence would improve efficiency.

Effective customer engagement with Plutomen ARMS

Imagine being able to solve a glitch without long calls and emails instantly. To be able to see and experience a product virtually as if it is in front of us. Today’s customer is evolved and looks for something different. With Plutomen ARMS, one can indulge in this unique and interactive approach that helps in solving issues in real-time. Thanks to advanced visualisation, one can see and better understand how the product exactly is. All such qualities lead to an increase in customer engagement.


Improving after-sales services with Plutomen ARMS

If an electronic item isn’t working, that’s still fine, but what if the service person that was sent there to resolve that problem himself/herself got stuck due to lack of knowledge and experience? To avoid this, Plutomen ARMS can connect the service person with his/her superior for real-time expert guidance. The beauty of using AR-based remote assistance is that the superior despite being far can quickly get into the whole situation and instantly solve this issue. Hence, the complaints of the customer could be resolved more efficiently and smartly, as shown in the image beside:

Opportunity for Impact

Using Plutomen ARMS in the consumer electronics sector is going to have the following effects:

  • Early and instant solution of production line bottlenecks with ease
  • Increased productivity meeting the deadlines
  • Increases customer satisfaction
  • Increment in the brand value of the enterprise
  • Improved quality of after-sales services
  • Enhanced customer engagement would help to gain the market and wider customer base
  • Real-time 3D data sharing would improve inter-communication among industry officials
  • The only concerning facts before incorporating the AR-based remote assistance are higher initial cost, the need for expert-level programming, and the threat of cybersecurity.
  • If these things are taken care of, then this technology will definitely offer more than the expectations.

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