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Communication service providers

Plutomen ARMS


Augmented reality(AR) with its multi-dimensional usages has created a name for itself across all the industries. Starting from the product design to maintenance and service, AR has brought in massive improvements and efficiency in every sector. Likewise, AR remote assistance, an extension of the augmented reality-based solution that is transforming the way industry personnel communicates. Plutomen ARMS is a solution backed by augmented reality to solve the hurdles faced by various industries. Our main focus here would be on the Communication service provider or, in other words, Telecom industries.


Challenges faced by Communication Service provider


Inefficient real-time data sharing

"Data is the new oil in the market," as per India's leading business tycoon Mr. Mukesh Ambani and it's perfectly valid in the current scenario. Having data is one thing, and sharing the exact data with someone is completely different. Miscommunication of data is nowadays turning into a massive hurdle for the telecom sector. Lack of innovative ideas for real-time data sharing is causing revenue loss to the telecom sector. This is happening due to the lagging in the data sharing, which adversely affects the further proceedings. Hence, the period for project completion would increase. The solution to such a problem is a must to make the telecom sector more profitable.


Poor technical assistance in remote areas

A telecom company or any company may not afford to put seniors and experts at every location as they have a giant network throughout the country. In such cases, avoid giving higher packages; companies recruit fresh talent at a relatively lower cost, which suits them perfectly, especially in remote areas. This mostly leads to a situation in which the recruited technician is unable to fix the problem raised at his/her site. In such cases, we need a better solution that would allow the fresh employees of the company to connect and collaborate with their respective seniors who are located at the base locations far from the site to receive real-time guidance to resolve the issue.


Time consuming methods of training and maintenance

Training and maintenance of the new employees and installed machinery, respectively, are the two most important aspects of any telecom industry. To arrange training sessions for the training of newly recruited staff for such an extensive network costs a vast amount of money and resources. Also, at the same time, it would be time consuming because by following conventional ways of training, a company would have to arrange sessions at different places, which would almost take months to train the employees. Maintenance of the machinery also takes up a lot of time and effort if no technical guidance of the senior executives could be delivered to the place of maintenance from far distances. Such problems are the main restrictions for the expansion of telecom enterprises.

Putting a finger on the Solution


Efficient Real-Time Data Sharing

Plutomen ARMS will offer real-time 3D data sharing among the employees of the enterprise, which would boost inter-communication within the enterprise and brings in efficacy and a goal-oriented approach. Whereas 3D data would give the receiver an exact idea about the situation that is at some distance from where he/she is located.

Plutomen ARMS for immersive assistance in remote areas

If the junior service technician gets stuck due to an issue at his/her site and is not able to rectify the problem of the machine, he/she would urgently need technical assistance from a superior. Such gaps could be closed in an immersive manner with a solution i.e., Plutomen ARMS. It can connect the employee who is attending the technical glitch to the senior executive who is far away from the site and has the expertise to resolve the issue. This connection will make the expert collaborate with the attendee with real-time three-dimensional aspects. And hence, problems in remote areas could be addressed efficiently, thanks to Plutomen ARMS.


Plutomen ARMS for training and maintenance

Rather than the traditional boring ideas of training sessions, Plutomen ARMS can provide better and interactive training sessions, which will increase productivity and ultimately provide a satisfactory outcome as compared to the currently used ways. Also, the real-time problem handling and the pressure of the consequences due to not resolving the problem in time could be demonstrated to the trainees in a better way. Maintenance of machinery is a crucial part of any telecom industry because of the lack of maintenance activities could give birth to significant problems like network failure in those particular areas. So, proper preventive maintenance is the key to retain the machine efficiency, and Plutomen ARMS is committed to providing augmented communication between maintenance experts with the maintenance technicians and supervisors with real-time data sharing to reach conclusions rapidly.

Opportunity for Impact

Use of such advanced solutions like Plutomen ARMS would lead to the following impact for the telecom industries:

  • Increased productivity of the employees
  • The increased life expectancy of the machinery and instruments
  • Reduced wastage of time
  • Cost-effective problem resolution
  • Preventive maintenance that would not let the unwanted failures happen
  • Customer satisfaction would increase due to the lessening of network failures
  • Effective training would morally boost the confidence of the new employees
  • Chances of miscommunication within the industry would be eliminated due to real-time data sharing

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