This Application is stirring up the real estate industry

Application from Square Connect enables the real estate agents to multiply their opportunities and widen their horizon
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Traditional dry cleaning business transfigured

Green Leaf Cleaners: Mobile application
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Customer Testimonials

  • George B.
    Founder- Past Partner Review

    Plutomen and team were a great group to work with. They are very passionate and knowledgeable about what it is they do. We came to them with our idea and some notes and they were able to bring our dream to life. One of the things I appreciated most about HJ Dimensions is their communication. I have had development and design work done before by other companies and the lines of communication were horrible. Team HJ Dimensions were always available and always took their time to better understand and research things for the best possible outcome. Working with people who truly brand any projects that they work on as one of their own and not just trying to make a quick buck is essential when hiring help in this industry and for that I recommend Plutomen 100%.

  • Obz E.
    Founder & CEO - Hotmix Entertainment

    I am very satisfied with Plutomen, They were very professional, gave me a variety of options, they knows what they are doing, tells me ahead and outlines his goals so they can meet my own goals. Most importantly I trusted him with confidential documents and he lived up to expectation. He is really talented and more importantly a nice guy.

  • Jared M.
    CEO - Healthy Foothold.

    Their team was great and easy to work with. They are knowledgeable and recommendable to others.