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How mobile & web technologies are transforming healthcare industry

Healthcare is a response-based-industry. With mobile and web technology, healthcare can become more proactive

Mobile is becoming a mighty influencer in the healthcare segment. Doesn’t matter if you talk about patients, doctors, or healthcare service providers – mobiles are definitely revolutionizing the healthcare domain.

Healthcare is a response-based-industry. Majority of the patients are administered once something goes wrong. With information at the tip of your fingers, technology provides an opportunity to healthcare service providers and patients to team-up and avoid any last minute delays. This certainly is not an easy task. But, with the right flow of information through the right mediums and to the right people at the right time, it certainly is possible.

A survey of 114 nations undertaken by WHO in 2011 indicates mobile and web based health initiatives have been established to some extent or the other in these nations. But, the adoption of these initiatives varies in large scale. The right technology based healthcare model will make the quality of the ongoing care better, faster along with safer interventions. This would result in healthier lives, fewer acute crisis, reduced cost, and better on-demand management.

Integrating the care

Mobile and web technology enable communication between disconnected care and helps them synchronize their efforts. Transforming the healthcare industry, patients can receive more integrated care, attention and advice before an acute event occurs.

Patient information is collected at each stop and not always shared amongst other teams. Mobile and web technology enables various teams to coordinate and communicate amongst each other. This coordination isn’t just reserved for doctors. Other stakeholders of healthcare industry can also partner with the teams and avoid unnecessary strain on the patient’s. This information when shared empowers patients and helps them evading the needless admissions.

Care From A Distance

Technology can also enable healthcare teams to provide services to new and existing patients from a distance. More integrated and coordinated teams with better capabilities can extend their services to patients. Helping patients consult with healthcare providers from a distance saves time and cost for all the stakeholder. Working together to support the patient, technology improves patients’ access to the right information and right care through a right healthcare provider.

Adding Dynamism to Health Care

With mobile and web technology, healthcare services are becoming more dynamic in nature. IoT revolution also enables connecting numerous devices and sensors together. This facilitates healthcare service providers to collect and analyze real-time data to make an informed decision within seconds or minutes. By tapping into high velocity data streams, service providers can tap into information and take preventive actions and thus respond with greater efficiency. This impacts operational effectiveness, patient, and community support.

Involving Patients

The most difficult aspect of using technology in patient care is involving patients. Mobile & web technologies allow them to play a greater role in their own care. But, yet the acceptance and penetration are low. Mobile and web technology assists patients in gathering important personal health details like insulin levels, blood pressure, weight etc and then share details with the doctor. This gives care teams more accurate information and aids them in taking better care of the patient.

With technology and power to make more informed decisions, healthcare industry has an opportunity to minimize adverse effects, delay dire circumstances and events, and reduce costs.

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