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AR Car Visualizer App

AR-based Car Visualizer App to make all variants and customizations available to customer

The automotive industry suffers from high costs of inventory, especially at the showrooms where models must be kept for display instead of being directly monetised. This, naturally, leads to a situation where showrooms limit the variants for each model for display - but it's a measure that slows down or outright loses a sale for non-exhibited variants. Another problem is that a new model is often launched with a lot of buzz and fanfare, but it fails to translate into numbers on the ground because transporting these new models to every showroom is a costly, time-consuming and often inefficient process.

That's where our AR-based app for the automotive industry comes in. It's loaded with all the features a potential car buyer will want - the ability to see what each color variant will look like, parked in their compound or with them near/inside it, the option of kitting out a chosen model with additional cosmetics like decals, rims and spoilers; information on special features; demos and videos; 360-degree views of the interiors; even virtual test-drives…

For the car manufacturer and its marketing partners, such a tool would be immensely useful in gauging interest and demand, being in touch with potential customers and assist selling without needing to stuff their showrooms with actual models.

A few weeks ago, we did a project for Tesla through one of their partners. For more details, please reach out to us.

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