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AR Measurement Tool

Accurate measurements, unit conversion, easy export to floor plans

Measurement of distances and areas of surfaces has always been a difficult task, even with the tape measures / rulers. This is especially true for surfaces that are too far away to place a tool against.

measARe is an augmented reality app that lets you measure distances and areas using your phone. Unlike with a tape measure or a ruler, mesARe doesn't need you to be in physical contact with the surfaces you want to measure. Instead, just open the app and point the camera at the points one by one. It's that simple!

However, with this app, you don't need to be in physical contact with the surface to measure distances or areas. The app's inbuilt calculator can not only convert between different units but also compute the areas contained by the selected points. The app can also easily create floor plans out of these points, which can be used to map layouts.

What's more, you can even use the app to draw highly accurate floor plans with just a series of point-and-click. Now whether you're engaging an interior decorator or building a new house, everything you need to tell your contractor what to build is literally within your grasp!

(Note: Coming soon as part of ver 2.0 will be X-ray vision - you can even measure distances between points hidden from view by obstacles.)

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