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Smart Communications for Smarter Machines

Enhances training to bridge the skills gap between new workforce and industry experts

machinARie aims to eliminate all obstacles for employee training. Using machinARie, you can build a detailed AR-based 3D model of the machine.

Later, you can place a paper in front of the camera, see the 3D model of the machine, and explore all the little parts of the machinery.

This way, you don’t need the actual machine and still explain the functionality machine parts to the employees and trainees

machinARie will empower your sales and marketing team

When you’re into sales and marketing of heavy machineries, selling a product becomes confusing and complicated.

Customer may struggle to understand machine’s functionality and usefulness via booklet or brochure. Also, carrying a heavy machine is inconvenient.

Using machinARie, you will have an AR-based 3D model of your machine and you will be able to explain all the machine parts in detail to your potential customers. Also, our application will contain videos to help your customer understand the product better.



All the details related to the machinery are explained in a clear and simpler terms



Ensure that customers get a never seen before experience of the products.



The unique and creative aspect of the application makes the whole process quite engaging for the customers.

Benefits of using machinARie


Easy Demonstration

It becomes simpler to explain the intricate details of machinery without much fuss and doesn’t require the machine to be carried physically to different locations.


Empowers the Sales & Marketing Team/ Empower Your Team

By using this application, people in marketing and sales can make the entire process of meeting and explaining the nuances about the machinery interesting as well as engaging.


Saves Time and Cost

As there is no need to carry the machines physically, it saves one a lot of time and expenses that otherwise one anyhow had to carry on with.


Decreases Cognitive Load

As the tool is self-explanatory, it offers a clear, unique and uncomplicated process of elucidation. This automatically reduces the cognitive load of the team.


An Unusual Approach

With huge competition in the market, ingenious is the need of the hour which you can easily get through this application.

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