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VR Experience Zone

Walk. Immerse. Experience.

Immerse the users in an incredible virtual world.

Step out of your reality and walk into the world of virtual reality. Immerse yourself in a realistic simulation of a 3-dimensional complete 360-degree environment. VR Zone is the new world of not only gaming and entertainment, but also education, real estate, tourism etc.

Virtual Reality Experience Zone transports viewers into the lives of people around the globe not traditionally met, and places not normally seen. For instance, the VR Experience Zone for students gains immeasurably experience from the enhanced information delivery in 3D and VR digital formats. With the goal of supporting digital participation approach to Digital Literacy, the users can gain hands-on experience to feel and use the VR technology.

Book a consultation with us to share your expectations and also to educate us about the requirements for the VR or MR setup.

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Global gamification market is growing at a CAGR of 46.3%. And real estate industry is one of the lea..

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