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Virtual Reality

Visualize. Create. Experience.

Jaw-dropping experiences for your audience with VR

Virtual Reality involves the replacement of the actual world with a virtual one, which is viewed and experienced through headsets and/or VR-enabled closed rooms. Virtual Reality experiences consistently rank among the most memorable for people of all ages, genders and other demographic classifications.

At Plutomen, VR is one of the things we are really unbeatable at. Our team of experts in the field of virtual reality can create virtual worlds that are as you’ve visualized them. VR can be used for experiential marketing, training, learning, healthcare, teleporting (with a proven positive impact on survivors of PTSD) and mind-training applications.

One of the key success factors for a VR application is how realistic it can be, and this in turn is a function of the hardware used. At Plutomen, we have the skill and the expertise to build for every format - from mass-market mobile-mounted headsets to high-quality, highly-interactive setups such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Microsoft Hololens.

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