Augment work with
augmented reality for
your frontline workers

AR-enabled instructions to make training, inspection visualizations, and work easier

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The comprehensive,
AR platform for visual instructions

AR-enabled instructions to make training, inspection visualizations, and work easier

Make instructions interactive and engaging
Make instructions interactive and engaging Create AR-enabled visual instructions that make training immersive
Enable Seamless Knowledge Transfer
Enable Seamless Knowledge Transfer Pass knowledge from experts to your workforce and make knowledge accessible across
Unify Workforce Knowledge
Unify Workforce Knowledge Use AI wear to accumulate and analyse the cumulative information and intelligence of multiple users

Self-guided instructions to reduce complexity and risk of errors

Self guided instructions
Handsfree training guides
Dynamic insights

Create, visualize, deliver - as easy as it sounds

Capture assets and create content
Track and map content, validate the experience
Publish and deliver across platforms

Everything you need to conquer
remote collaboration

Smart Templates
Smart Templates Pre-defined templates to get your instructional content live sooner and help you extract maximum value
AR-Enhanced Instruction Authoring
AR-Enhanced Instruction Authoring Easily edit and curate dynamic instructional workflows, checklists, exploded-view diagrams, and help guides
On Premises Support
On Premises Support Availability of our platform is vital for business operations, and costly to be without. We make sure we are present whenever and wherever you might need us.
Cross Platform Compatibilty
Cross Platform Compatibilty We are built for the multi-screen world. Plutomen ARMS is available on Android and iOS for both smartphones, tablets, and RealWear.
Comprehensive Knowledge
Comprehensive Knowledge All our clients have access to our knowledge base that helps your team move forward with ARMS at their own pace, assisting the learning process for your entire workforce.

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