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Square Connect

Enables the real estate agents to multiply their opportunities and widen their horizon.


Real estate industry in India is expected to reach 180 Bn USD by 2020. It even contributes to whopping 5% of the total GDP of India. The retail, hospitality, and healthcare sectors are showing significant growth as well, giving real estate sector a well-deserved push.

With this growth, the marketing industry for real estate industry is growing as well, where the real estate brokers play a significant role. From collecting the information about the latest projects to sharing information with the potential buyers; From managing home loans to tracking booking details – A real estate agent has to wear numerous hats.

For a long time now this sector has not be seen any innovation or drastic changes. For too long, real estate marketing was not automated. Our client wanted to reform the real estate marketing sector through a mobile application which would serve as a single platform for all the required information.

Plutomen Technologies provided technology solution and support to the Square Connect team. Working closely with Square connect team, Plutomen developed the mobile platform and management access portal of the application.


  • Run marketing campaigns using images, e-mailers, brochures. Share them instantly through Facebook, e-mails, WhatsApp, etc.
  • Access to free leads
  • Team up with home loan experts
  • Strengthen relationships with clientele base through post-transactional advice and shared industry expertise
  • Simplify the tracking process of all the transactions and commissions earned
  • Get equipped with the latest information on new projects, industry developments, and latest financing schemes

5 reasons why you should get your business a complete application suite…

  • Better customer engagement and relationship management
  • Better business management with real-time data
  • Easier to grow, expand or pivot business
  • Higher RoIs on marketing efforts
  • Deeper understanding of customer behaviour

Technology Used

  • Portfolio Technologies
  • Portfolio Technologies
  • Portfolio Technologies
Square Connect

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